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Services of a financial institution VTB North-West

VTB North-West Financial Institute provides real and potential customers a tremendous variety of financial services that meet international standards. Corporate clients can take advantage of a range of banking offers. Today, VTB Bank, which ranks second in the ranking of Russian banks after Sberbank, is represented by the sole owner of the financial institution.

The priority areas of VTB North-Wests work in the field of providing services to customers are:

Corporate business.
Financial institutions.
Let us consider in more detail what these services are and how much they are in demand by a wide range of people.

History of the Institute

Previously, the institute was called Industrial Construction Bank OJSC. In the spring of 2007, the banking institution was given a company name. In autumn 2008, VTB24 completed the consolidation process and became a 100% shareholder of VTB North-West. The entire network of ATMs and doing business were transferred to VTB. Serving corporate clients who own medium and large businesses is a prerogative of VTB North-West Bank in the territory of the corresponding region. The loan portfolio and customer base were subject to diversification. In the spring of 2011, the financial institution was transformed into the VTB Northwest Regional Center.

Banking management is a guarantee of a successful business

A banking institution offers legal entities a huge selection of services:

Cash settlement.
Mobile business finance operations.
This is not a complete list of bank offers. Today, the number of real clients of a financial institution exceeds 40 thousand people. VTB North-West also provides online services. These include the “Client - TeleBank” system. Using this offer, a businessman will get interaction with a banking institution through a virtual network. “Client - TeleBank” solves problems in the preparation and delivery of a package of documents to the institution and their further processing.

The client has the right to submit requests to the institute for the provision of the following services:

Reception and processing of documents.
Comprehensive technical support.
Implementation of account statements and other legal information.
Exchange of electronic files 24/7/365.
All services of a financial institution, as well as the Client-TeleBank system and the VTB North-West plastic card, which will be described below, have reliable protection of information from fraudulent actions and third-party access. In the proposal under consideration, security was created on the basis of the FSB Crypto-KOM.

Using the system requires minimal computer knowledge. To carry out the activity, you will need to independently install the Inter Pro Client software on a computer device. Working with software involves the use of a personal digital signature. The service allows you to operate accounts that can be created in several departments of a financial institution.

The North-West Regional Center of VTB Bank North-West, within the framework of remote servicing services, offers to open deposits. It is also possible to make several contributions. The client has the right to exercise control over the stages of processing structured documents that were previously sent to the bank.

Plastic cards for law firms

Such a banking tool, throughout the entire existence of the bank, allows customers to independently operate with money: replenish, withdraw, pay for services. VTB North-West Banks corporate plastic card will become an indispensable tool for any company in the matter of settlements and payment of company expenses (travel expenses and representation).

Opening the card allows the organization to use the modern protection of the settlement service. Functions of a payment instrument:

Providing cash in Russian currency for settlements and payment for the company.
Payment of travel expenses and representation expenses in foreign currency outside the territory of the Russian Federation.
The use of bank cards reduces the risks of the client upon receipt, collection and storage of funds. The VTB North-West card allows you to make online payments in Russia and abroad. In case of loss of a banking instrument abroad, the client will be able to receive cash or a new card. The introduction of a limit on the limitation of spending money allows you to control the costs of employees of the organization. SMS messaging service is also available.

Acquiring - trade services

The market for acquiring services is familiar to employees of a financial institution firsthand. For 16 years, he has been accepting cards of popular payment resources Visa, MasterCard, AmericanExpress and others. The VTB North-West institution carries out settlements on the cards of large retail chains, supermarkets, restaurants and other business areas. The advantages of using the service are:

Maximum calculation speed. The Bank provides a 100% guarantee on the reimbursement of funds until they are credited to the account. The processing center is located in the Northern capital of the Russian Federation, which significantly increases the speed of money transfer.
An individual solution for each client. The colossal experience of the employees of the financial and credit institution and the flexible terms of tariffing help the businessman decide on the payment scheme for the service.
Round-the-clock technical support of VTB North-West. The service carries out its activities on multi-channel communication lines and quickly eliminates problems in the services.

Bank cell rental - security of securities

Bank safe is a reliable tool for saving an important package of documents and precious metals of the client. The rental price is calculated based on the term of operation. Minimum operation is 48 hours. You can use the cell: individually, jointly, simultaneously by several participants and by access condition. Access to the safe is possible on bank working days throughout the lease term.

Other lease services of VTB Bank North-West Bank include: providing an office for negotiating, verifying the authenticity of printed signs and counting money as a cashier.

Serving financial institutions

The Banking Institute offers the participants of the North-West Regional Center settlement services, as well as operations related to banknotes and conversion. The client network includes more than 2 thousand credit companies, which are located in 110 countries of the world. The Bank is one of the top major institutions of the Russian Federation and provides customer service in national and foreign currencies. VTB North-West settlements with foreign countries are carried out online.

Conversion transactions can be carried out with most convertible currencies and those with a limit on conversion. The conclusion of the contract is subject to certain conditions: established restrictions or daily prepayments. Banknote offers are divided into the following categories:

Acquisition and sale of cash foreign currency.
Reception of dilapidated or non-paying foreign bills.
To start cooperation, the parties must sign an agreement on the implementation of operations.

Summing up, we can note the fact that the services of the institute are used mainly by legal entities. This collaboration allows businessmen to simplify the business of the company. VTB North-West card will be a significant addition to the package of services for an entrepreneur.