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East Express Bank - everything for customers

East Express Bank is a popular financial and credit institution in Russia, the main activity of which is aimed at the retail sector. The organization is engaged in attracting deposits from the population and providing loans. In 2015, the banking institution was one of the thirty largest banks in terms of assets. The main offices operate in Moscow and Khabarovsk.

Bank East Express Bank has been operating since 1991. During this period, the organization has earned the trust of customers and has opened many branches and offices in Russia. In 2015, many branches in Moscow were closed, but in 2016 the restoration process began.

Services of East Express Bank for individuals

Clients of a banking institution can count on a wide range of services, including loans, credit or debit cards, payments and transfers. In addition, beneficial deposit conditions, insurance services and profitable online services are available to individuals. Each of the proposed areas is worthy of attention and is represented by a wide range.

Loans One of the most popular areas in the work of a financial and credit organization is the issuance of loans to the population. Today this sector is represented by the following services:

Car loan. Bank customers get a chance to buy a car by paying a minimum down payment. The size of the loan is up to one million rubles, and the loan term reaches five years. Loan processing is available at East Express Bank online, which saves time and money.
Loan up to 15 million rubles. Customers who need to receive a large amount can get a loan of up to 15 million rubles. Moreover, funds are issued for a period of up to 20 years at a rate of 16%. This is a profitable option for making large purchases.
Equal pay. The service paves the way for comfortable debt management and the availability of convenient repayment methods. Moreover, the size of the credit limit is up to 200 thousand rubles, and the commission for early repayment is only 0%.
Receiving funds under two documents. This is a profitable service that allows you to get a loan, having only two documents in hand. The total loan amount is up to 300 thousand rubles. At the same time, the presence of a second document is a chance to achieve a better bet. Lending period - up to 3 years. Funds can be transferred to the account or card of the East Express Bank.
Receiving funds for one document. If you have only one document (passport) on hand, then this is enough to make the necessary purchase. The size of the loan is up to 200 thousand rubles, and the term for processing the service is up to 3 years.
Credit cards. One of the most popular services is the issuance of bank credit cards. The following tariff plans are available today:

The main advantages of all cards provided by East Express Bank are its high processing speed, minimum loan interest rates, the absence of fees and an impressive credit limit.

Deposits Today, individuals can count on the following offers from the bank:

The “Practical” deposit is a great way to increase your capital. The size of the deposit is from six months to two years. At the same time, there is the possibility of replenishment and withdrawal of funds without loss of interest charges. Equally important is the fact that the funds in the account of East Express Bank are insured by the state, which guarantees the safety of savings.
East deposit is a service that allows you to open an account for a period of a month to three years. This is one of the best short-term deposits, allowing you to increase the amount of funds for a short time period. The interest rate when making a deposit is up to 9.7 percent per year. Deposit currency is rubles.
“Summer mood” deposit is a type of deposit that opens the way for additional profit due to special offers. The deposit of each client is insured by the state. You can put funds for any convenient period - from a month to three years. You can control funds and replenish your deposit through the East Express Bank online system.
Savings book - a type of deposit that allows you to accumulate funds on a regular basis. Replenishment of the deposit is possible for any amount and at any convenient time. The term for which you can open a deposit is from six months to two years.

The East Express Bank debit card is a convenient tool in the hands of each client. The advantages of the service are as follows: accrual of 7.5% on the balance of funds, the availability of a refund service when making a purchase (up to 1.5 percent), the provision of Internet banking services, as well as the ability to withdraw cash from all ATMs.

Of course, the range of services for individuals is not limited to the services listed above. Profitable insurance, convenient online services, transfers and payments are also available to customers.

Bank services East Express Bank for legal entities

East Express Bank pays special attention to business representatives who can also count on an individual approach, favorable conditions and, of course, a wide range of services. Among the most popular offers it is worth highlighting:

Settlement and cash services. This category includes opening and maintaining accounts, customer service, receiving and issuing cash, conducting settlement operations in national or foreign currency. In addition, the RKO category includes payments for collection, currency transactions, currency exchange, rental of cells for storing personal belongings, and so on.
Credits for the development of entrepreneurship at East Express Bank Bank - an opportunity to receive the necessary amount for business development. Moreover, the size of the loan can reach three million rubles, depending on the type of business and the profitability of the enterprise. When making a payment schedule, the seasonality of the business is taken into account. An important plus is the flexible requirements for collateral when applying for a loan.
In addition, overdraft processing is available to customers of the bank - a service that allows you to get the necessary funds for working capital. Overdraft advantages - minimum requirements for a package of securities, high speed of decision-making, interest payments for the use of credit funds.

Deposits for legal entities. Another popular service is deposits for legal entities. Their advantages are favorable interest rates, the ability to control deposits at East Express Bank online and a wide range of services. The most popular offers include:

"Time is money" - a short-term deposit, which implies the placement of personal funds for up to 29 days. In this case, profit is accrued daily. The disadvantage of this contribution is the absence of extension.
Sberplan is a replenished type of deposit with the possibility of withdrawing part of the funds while maintaining the interest rate.
Other deposit offers - Treasury, with the possibility of premature withdrawal and East.
In addition to the above, the institution has profitable salary projects and partnerships in lending. One cannot fail to note the cards of the East Express Bank, which open up broad prospects for the development of entrepreneurship.