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Visa is a global payment system. Cardholders can make electronic payments in more than 200 countries. Nothing prevents the Russian from paying for purchases in Australia or vice versa. The Visa service itself is not a bank and does not issue payment cards, but it successfully works with most financial organizations that provide various types of financial services to the population. Service management declares the ability to process up to 47 thousand transactions per second, which allows the system to occupy leading positions and reach the maximum target audience.


VISA Security

Visa security is guaranteed by the payment service. Without the direct participation of the cardholder, stealing money will not work. The service provides a free “Verified by Visa” function, which everyone can use. This function is used to pay for purchases in online stores.

Brief instructions on how the service works:

The cardholder must contact the bank that issued it and establish the verification method.
A financial institution will offer you 2 ways - verification via SMS or using a password, select the appropriate option.
After Verified by Visa is connected, the card can be used in all online services with additional security.
We recommend paying for purchases at verified stores. So cardholders will be able to protect themselves even more, since the service acts as a guarantor in such transactions, and if necessary will defend the interests of one or another side.

The Visa service, like other analogues of the payment system, for example, MasterCard or Maestro, equips cards with a security code (CVV2 code).

In most cases, it is applied next to the clients signature, on the back of the card. This is a unique code generated by the system, which allows you to protect the money of the client.

Visa has done everything possible so that the code is neither sufficient nor necessary to make various kinds of payments. But many banks refuse to fulfill this condition and do not accept payments / transfers without specifying CVV2. Payment systems work on the same principle, for example, paying for purchases through LiqPay without specifying a code will fail. Users are forced to adapt to such conditions, and services provide separate security guarantees.


How to apply for a Visa card?

Getting a card is so easy that you dont even have to worry about it. Procedure:

Visa card can be issued at any nearby bank branch.
The user must provide only a passport or any other identity document.
The card can be both settlement and credit. Banks also offer salary, debit and other cards, choose the appropriate option in the department.
Financial organizations offer to issue cards with interest on the balance of the account. This is a great option for those who want to protect their savings from inflation.
Gold and platinum cards guarantee additional security for holders.
Each user can also issue Visa Wallet - this is a virtual card provided by Qiwi payment system, which allows you to feel the maximum security when paying for purchases on the Internet. In principle, cards are issued everywhere today, so there will be no difficulties with the design. The only thing is that a citizen will have to provide solvency guarantees in the event that he decides to get a credit card.

How to get a Visa Wallet?

You can evaluate all the advantages of Qiwi payment system only in the process of working with it. The system is truly unique and popular with citizens of Russia and countries of the former Soviet Union. Thousands of sites to pay for purchases, thousands of partners, the availability of discounts, a multi-currency wallet and much more - just a short list of what is available to users. The Visa card issued by the service has several advantages:

The user pays only with a virtual card, his real bank accounts are securely hidden.
The card is available immediately after registering the wallet.
The holder can pay with it in all stores and partner sites of the service, as well as on services that do not work with Qiwi.
Using a card is as simple as a classic Visa.
The most important advantage is the ease of access to the service. Registration in the Kiwi system takes no more than 1 minute. All you need to do to access Visa Wallet:

Enter the phone number on the Qiwi home page.
Create a password.
After registration, the user must log in to the system. The card itself is not immediately visible in the wallet itself, however, when you click on the "Bank cards" button in the upper panel, a new window will open in which only part of the card information will be written. More precisely - there will be only the first 4 and last 4 digits of her number.

To use the card, you need to click on "Send details". All information, including the CVV code, card number and the date of issue will be sent to the phone number indicated at the time of registration.

For Visa security, we recommend that you keep information at hand - in a notebook, for example. So if you lose your phone number, you will not lose the opportunity to pay bills. We also recommend that you go through identification in the Qiwi payment system itself, so that if you lose your phone or block a card number, you can access your wallet and money. Without identification, the system will not allow you to change the phone or send a password for payment to any other number.

Although, in principle, Kiwi allows you to work without identification with an account - the user can transfer money to bank accounts / cards, to other users, using payment services and systems, as an option, Registering Visa Wallet will open up new opportunities and prospects for you.


How to protect yourself?

Work with any payment systems requires attention from the user. Many fraudulent websites are trusted by consumers and debit money from their accounts without the direct involvement of the cardholder. To avoid becoming a victim, follow a number of rules:

Avoid obviously suspicious sites - on which there are dozens of banners and ads on each page, a lot of pop-ups. Try to make purchases on proven services.
The security of Visa directly depends on the CVV code, therefore, do not tell it by phone to people who introduce themselves as employees of a bank or any other organization. Also, do not dictate to anyone the full number of the card, its validity and answers to secret questions.
If you use a virtual Visa card in the Qiwi system, be sure to go through verification and activate the “Notification to Phone” service. For only 19 rubles per month, you can find out about the receipt of funds on a Qiwi card or account, or about the expense.
If you lose your card, immediately contact the nearest branch of your bank or contact him by the phone numbers indicated on the website of the financial institution.
Visa card offers a full range of financial opportunities for its holders, the number of which is growing every year. The main thing is to pay for purchases only on reliable sites, do not pass on your PIN codes to anyone, and monitor the balance using messages.