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UralSib - loans and deposits on favorable terms


UralSib has been providing financial services to the population for over 20 years. The bank has established itself on the positive side. A lot of lending programs, constant seasonal promotions, favorable rates on deposits - all this allows you to maintain a position in the "TOP-30" of Russian banks. Today, the bank can issue a mortgage, consumer and car loans, credit or debit cards. Several different programs allow you to choose the best product for each particular case. The bank also works with currency exchange.


The car is not a luxury! Favorable loans from UralSib Bank

Becoming the owner of your own car is much easier if UralSib Bank is your partner. A financial institution offers several lending options:

According to the program of the bank.
On the car Lada.
The general conditions for both programs are the same. Loans are issued in rubles in the amount of up to three million. The borrower is required to make a first payment of at least 20% of the cost of the car. The term for which you can get a loan is from 1 year to 5 years.

The advantage of acquiring cars of the domestic manufacturer Lada is a more favorable rate. Overpayment will be a maximum of 18.5% per annum. An application for purchase can be made online on the UralSib website or left at the nearest branch of a financial institution.

If the client wants to get a loan to buy a new car, then the rate will be 20.5%, and you will have to pay 3% more for a used car. In principle, these are quite favorable conditions.


We solve all problems with the help of a consumer loan.

Consumer credit in a financial institution can be obtained for any purpose, whether it is vacation or repair in an apartment. The bank offers several programs, basic conditions:

The rate is from 17.5% per annum.
Amount from 35 thousand to 1.5 million rubles.
The term is up to 5 years.
UralSib Bank provides an opportunity for early repayment of a loan. Reduced rates are relied on to reliable borrowers with a good credit history. To apply for any loan, the borrower must meet several requirements - be over 21, but less than 60 years old (before the last payment), have stable work in an organization that has existed for at least 12 months (experience of 6 months), be a citizen of Russia and have registration in place of registration of the loan. For large cash loans you will have to provide a surety or collateral. In the case of car loans and mortgages, the acquired property is pledged.

We buy an apartment in a few days - mortgage lending from UralSib

UralSib gives its customers the opportunity to purchase real estate at competitive rates. A financial institution offers standard and promotional programs. For example, within the framework of the Mortgage for Parents campaign, the rate will be reduced by 0.25% for each child in the family, and within the framework of the Expanding Borders program, elite real estate can be purchased, because the loan amount has been increased to 50 million rubles.

Standard programs are based on the following conditions:

The rate is from 11.5% for the purchase of housing under construction from developers-partners of the bank. For the purchase of an apartment in the secondary market, the minimum rate starts at 12.5%.
The UralSib card will help you only if you need up to 1 million rubles. In other situations, you need to draw up a mortgage, within which you can get up to 15 million rubles.
Lending periods depend on needs - at least 1 year, maximum - 30 years.
To obtain a mortgage, the client must submit to the financial institution a full package of documents, including the spouses consent to the transaction. The Bank makes it possible to use the property of third parties as collateral for some programs, which is extremely beneficial (for example, the newlyweds can use the parental apartment as collateral).


UralSib cards - unlimited opportunities for everyone

Issuing a card in UralSib online is easy. The application process takes no more than 10 minutes. The conditions for almost all credit cards are the same:

The size of the limit is up to 600 thousand rubles.
The rate is 28% per annum.
Validity - 3 years. All products have the option of reissuing a card.
But the rest, each card has unique capabilities. Special programs:

“A decent home for children.” Issuing and maintaining this card will cost almost 3,000 rubles (per year). The bonus program allows you to send 0.5% of each purchase to charity.
The UralSib “Telephone” card allows you to top up any mobile account of your choice monthly. Up to 3% of the amount of purchases will be transferred to the account. This is an extremely convenient program for those who love communication. The issue will cost 900 rubles, the same amount will be debited annually for maintenance.
LUKOIL is a card with a bonus program. Issue will cost 900 rubles, as well as maintenance. Bonuses will be awarded during refueling in the Lukoil network or other networks at the rate of 1 point for 50 rubles in the first case, and 1 point for 75 rubles in the second case. Balls can be used to refuel the car in the future.
UralSib Bank offers several standard Visa and MasterCard cards. Here is a complete set of optimal conditions for the beneficial use of this financial instrument. Release and maintenance will cost only 450 rubles.
The grace period for all bank cards reaches 2 months. During this time, you do not have to pay interest on the use of funds. The conditions for withdrawing money are the same for all cards - you have to pay 3.99% and 300 rubles. Therefore, it is profitable to withdraw only large amounts. SMS informing is also charged - the cost is 69 rubles per month, but in some packages (with more expensive services) this measure is canceled. All cards can be issued on the UralSib information resource online.


Best for the best: premium credit cards

World MasterCard Black Edition is one of the premium cards for VIP customers. Maintenance and release will cost 6 thousand rubles. For cardholders, there are many possible bonuses and benefits, the most important of which is contactless payment technology. Of course, a separate line of communication with the personal manager has been created for the holders, assistance will be provided in emergency situations, life insurance is provided. When paying by card, you can get discounts up to 30% in the partner stores of the bank.

UralSib Visa Infinite PayWave card will cost 21,750 rubles annually. The same amount must be paid for its release. The cardholder receives comprehensive insurance, VIP services, many discounts and the most favorable conditions for the accumulation of funds.

A financial institution offers some of the most favorable deposit conditions for individuals. The rate reaches 10% per annum in case of the opening of ruble deposits. This is a seasonal promotion. The basic tariffs for deposits with the possibility of replenishing the account and access to it at any time are 7.67% per annum. On dollar deposits, the average market rate is 1.31% per annum on average. For deposits in euros, the maximum you can count on is 0.4% per annum.

UralSib regularly develops promotional offers; this is especially active during the season changes. Hurry up to get a loan on the most favorable terms!