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The Unikarta virtual payment system was founded in 2011, and belongs to the Latvian (Riga) company SIA Baltic Financial Systems with representative offices in the capitals of Russia and Ukraine.


Unikarta payment service - convenient and profitable

This payment service involves a simple and affordable option for electronic payments. With Unikarta, you can quickly pay for goods in online stores, pay for services, send money transfers for various purposes. Card users can replenish the bill for using a mobile phone, cable TV. Unikarta system provides an opportunity to pay for Internet connection services, online games, all kinds of paid services and entertainment.
Cardholders can exchange funds for various types of currencies. By the way, you can also use the new Baksman resource for exchange, which recently appeared on the Internet and has already established itself as a profitable and high-quality service.


Unikarta system and mobile application

Unikarta payment card can be used not only through a computer, but also using a mobile phone. If you need to carry out a cash operation, being outside the house. To do this, you need to download a special application from the official website and install it on your smartphone.

An additional convenience is the ability to bind Unikarta to an email address. This will allow you to manage the card, receive up-to-date information on innovations, reports on money transactions conducted by mail.


How to receive and replenish Unikarta?

To get Unikarta you need to go to the official website of the company, choose the necessary type of currency, place an order using the recommended method. This type of card with zero balance is absolutely free. You can buy a prepaid card on other virtual resources.

You can top up your Unikarta account through online stores, as well as through exchangers, in particular, service.

You can also make a refund through a bank account, VISA card or exchange the necessary amount for another type of currency.

Unikarta system offers very advantageous offers to customers - zero or minimal commission charges:

Free receipt of a new card.
Money transfers within the system - 0%.
Transactions from Unikarta to a mobile phone - 0%.
Payment for purchases in online stores is 0%.
Exchange Unikarta of one currency to a card of another - 1%.

Billing Unikarta as a gift

This service offers users a unique opportunity to use Unikarta as a gift. It can be sent by e-mail, via courier service or delivered in person.

The recipient of a Unikarta payment card can use the gift in parts to make various payments, receive the desired product or exchange it for cash.

Such a gift makes it possible to receive any product or service at one of the enterprises of the system partner. The holder of such a unique gift is not limited to choosing one thing he likes at one shopping center, he has the right to use the services of several enterprises of the partner company.

Unikarta - a check with a secret code

Unikarta is easy to get through a payment terminal. People have known these devices for a long time, so most have learned to handle them. Having chosen the item “Other services”, further “Unikarta”, you need to deposit a certain amount into the bill acceptor and click “Pay”. The terminal will issue a check, it will contain all the necessary data (card details).

To make various kinds of payments through the terminal, you need to follow the prompts on the screen.


Accepting payments with Unikarta is beneficial to the recipient

The owner of the online store can accept payments from customers through the Unikarta system, this implies a number of advantages:

An inexpensive way to accept payments is minimal or zero commission.
Turns international traffic into domestic cash payments in 30 countries. Attracting customers through the free choice of payment.
No one-time and monthly payments, free integration.
Minimum fees for cash transactions.
Instant payments. Lack of rolling stock.
A reliable system of protection against cyber fraud, in particular regarding returnable cash transactions.
Intuitive interface, accessible information for beginners, report on transactions made, easy integration.
Increase in sales due to inclusion in the catalog of the Unikarta payment system.

Payment procedure in Unikarta system

- The first step is to familiarize the buyer with the details of the payment transaction and the procedure for entering card details.

- If all the data entered is true, the client confirms the consent to make the payment.

- After confirmation by the buyer, through a special form of the payment result, the Unikarta system server sends the payment data, a notification is sent to the email address.

- The sellers page automatically opens in front of the client, where the successful payment is reported.

At this stage, the payment procedure should be considered completed. In case of failures, a notification about the unsuccessful payment will appear on the screen. Then you have to go through the whole procedure again.


Unikarta Service Affiliate Program

Unikarta payment system offers users the opportunity to earn extra money on a referral program. It can participate in online stores, electronic currency exchangers, social networks, entertainment services, financial, payment networks.

The company encourages additional revenue for attracting new customers. The administration takes measures to further popularize the service, expand the range of services, improve technology, create convenience, comfort, which allows customers to save time and money.