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UBRR - how beneficial is it to cooperate with this bank?

The Ural Bank for Reconstruction and Development, abbreviated as UBRR, has been providing financial services to its customers for twenty-six years. For the first time, a credit institution opened its doors in September 1990. Today, the bank is a member of the mandatory deposit insurance system. A financial institution provides a fairly extensive list of diverse services. So, customers are available several different lending programs. It is also possible to issue a deposit on favorable terms. Among the banks customers there are many commercial structures. In addition, the credit institution is a fairly active player in the securities market.

The main office is located in Yekaterinburg. In addition, UBRR Bank has opened more than thirty branches in all regions of the country. To service credit card holders, more than two hundred ATMs have been installed.

Lending terms from UBRR

Currently, a financial institution offers its customers a loan in the amount of from fifty thousand to one million rubles. The minimum loan term is one year, the maximum is four. As for the interest rate, its value is determined depending on the totality of certain factors. These include the amount of the loan, the duration of the credit relationship, as well as the identity of the potential borrower. By the way, an application for a loan at UBRR Bank can also be submitted online. If it is approved, the client will only need to visit the office to complete the contract.

For military personnel preferential conditions are established: if there is an appropriate certificate, the interest rate is automatically reduced by one percent. Clients are entitled to repay loans ahead of schedule. Moreover, no commission for depositing funds in a larger amount is provided. If the debtor violates the terms of the agreement, the financial institution may apply penalties. Its value is 0.5% for each day of delay. The base for the accrual is the amount of overdue debt.

The most popular among customers is the UBRR bank credit card. You can order it online. The term for consideration of the application does not exceed two hours. But if the client claims to receive a large loan in the amount of six hundred thousand to one million, then the corresponding application is considered for a duration of two business days.

Lending programs from UBRR

The banking institution has a lot of interesting loan products in its arsenal:

program “Minute business”. Its conditions provide for the issuance of a loan in the amount of up to two hundred thousand rubles at 17% per annum. A loan is issued on the basis of a passport, no certificates are required to confirm employment and the amount of income received is not required. UBRR issues money under this program for up to two years. Moreover, the decision on the application is made within fifteen minutes.
Under the terms of the Open loan, the client is entitled to expect to receive a much larger amount, up to one million. The loan is considered unsecured, so the interest rate on it starts at seventeen percent. In addition, given the amount, the potential borrower will have to document the amount of his income. The application review process is also extended and takes at least two days.
UBRR Bank offers special conditions for pensioners as part of a special program of the same name. The maximum loan amount reaches six hundred thousand. From the documents you need only a passport. But the interest rate is increased to 22%.
Salary clients can also count on obtaining a loan on favorable terms. They have access to funds in the amount of six hundred thousand at 17% per annum. This interest rate is considered one of the lowest in the market. Another plus is the minimum package of documents. Those who are interested in obtaining a loan need only provide a passport.
Persons who have already collaborated with a financial institution may be credited under the “For Bank Customers” program. They are entitled to fill out an online application for a loan at UBRR Bank up to one million rubles. At the same time, they do not need to submit a certificate confirming the income received. The only condition is the absence of outstanding loans at the time of application.
Under the terms of the Car Loan program, the minimum contribution is ten percent of the cost of the car. Moreover, funds are provided for up to seven years. But there are also disadvantages - the obligatory "CASCO" and the presence of a permanent residence permit at the location of the bank.

Credit card: conditions for receiving

Clients of a financial institution can obtain UBRR Bank credit card on favorable terms. Moreover, the credit limit for it is quite an impressive amount of three hundred thousand rubles. The interest rate depends on the size of the loan and starts at 27%. There is also a grace period of fifty-one days for a credit card. During this time, the client uses borrowed funds, but he is not charged interest for this.

Registration of a credit card is quick enough, the application review period does not exceed thirty minutes. To access this product requires a minimum package of a document that includes only a passport. But the main advantage of a UBRR bank credit card is the minimum amount of obligatory payment. So, every month the client must repay at least three percent of the amount owed.

What criteria should a borrower meet?

A financial institution has developed certain criteria that a potential borrower must meet:

The minimum age for starting a partnership is 21 years. With regard to the maximum limit, a person can claim the role of a client who, at the date of completion of the contract, will not be older than 75 years.
The presence of a permanent job. Moreover, by the time the application is submitted, the length of service must be at least three months.
As a rule, UBRR cooperates with customers who can document the amount of their income. So, to obtain a loan of up to six hundred thousand rubles, a potential borrower must have a salary of at least six thousand. And if he claims to receive a larger amount, then his minimum earnings should be from fifteen thousand.
Permanent residence in a community designated by a credit institution.
The presence of a mobile and landline phone. The applicant must provide his personal cell number. As for the landline phone, you can submit your home or work number to UBRR Bank. It is not allowed to provide two identical telephone numbers.
Also, the potential borrower must give written consent to provide information about the issued loan to the credit bureau.
If a private entrepreneur is applying for a loan, then he must have a properly registered tax service at the place of his residence. In addition, at the time of applying to the bank, the entrepreneur must work in the market for at least one year.
The potential borrower does not need to personally visit the office of the UBRR bank to apply. He may well arrange it online from his home or work computer. And only after approval of the request, you need to contact the department to receive cash. In general, the UBRR lending system is considered one of the most profitable in the market. After all, customers get access to significant amounts of borrowed funds on the basis of a minimum package of documents. Moreover, the interest rate is very loyal to borrowers.