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TransCapitalBank - proven reliability over the years

Reliability of TransCapitalBank is the main priority of the financial institution. The organization was founded in 1992. The Expert RA rating agency assigned TransCapitalBank A + rating, which corresponds to a very high level of reliability. The institution provides financial services to private clients, small businesses and large companies.

Private customers - new opportunities

For individuals, a credit institution provides a full range of banking services. Among them: mortgage and consumer loans, car loans, savings deposits and plastic cards (credit, debit, bonus).

The types of savings that the bank provides to customers are divided into deposits:

With the maximum rate. TransCapitalBanks popular type of deposit is “Growth Time. Summer". Interest rate up to 11.5% per annum. The minimum amount for accumulation is from 20 thousand rubles. The benefits of savings include: interest payments every 92 days, promotions and remote maintenance of TKB Express. The offer is presented in 3 currencies: “ruble”, “dollar”, “euro”.
With the possibility of replenishment. The “Universal” deposit allows you to replenish your account during the entire validity period. It also provides for the calculation of monthly interest and the possibility of its capitalization. Advantages include: attractive interest and the opening of TransCapitalBanks deposit online, as well as a partial withdrawal of the amount.
With the possibility of partial removal. “Universal Premium” has incorporated all the advantages of the “Universal” deposit with a clear advantage. It consists in the ability to deposit an additional amount to the clients account, without restrictions.
With the possibility of capitalization of interest. One of these contributions is the "Rentier". The optimal terms of placement, interest capitalization and their monthly payments are among the advantages of the offer. Contribution can be opened remotely.
The financial institution offers several types of plastic cards for various purposes. TransCapitalBank card is a universal payment tool that is valid all over the world. Banking tool meets the needs of customers in the following categories:

To make purchases and conduct transactions.
For savings.
To use the funds on the loan.
Cards are credit, debit, with a profit on the balance and bonus. In each individual case, the user will be able to choose the best option. The institutes exclusive offer is a premium card with a credit limit and a high level of service. The features of such a TransCapitalBank card include:

Bonus program and discounts in the food, trade and tourism industries in every part of the world.
Developed insurance package for those who like to travel.
Visa Infinite cardholders receive an insurance limit of up to $ 3 million.
Free round-the-clock assistant.
Medical and legal services.
Loyal program "Golden Mile".
The advantages of a premium card include: privileges that are available to Visa Premium card holders, Gold cards and SMS banking at no cost.

TransCapitalBanks preferred debit card is the Golden Mile. The card allows you to accumulate funds for future trips around the world. All that is needed is to pay for purchases using a bank instrument and receive bonuses on the card in the form of miles for this. It can be used to pay for tickets, hotel rooms or a rented car. At the initial registration of a banking instrument, the client receives welcome miles in the amount of 1000 pieces. 2% is returned to the card for every purchase made with its help. Significant advantages of the card: a SIM-Travel SIM card with a free account of $ 10, a grace period of up to 60 days, a credit limit of no more than 300 thousand rubles, the possibility of using PayWave contactless payment technology.

Remote services for individuals

TransCapitalBanks online services include:

Telebank. You can get information about the balance of the clients card at any convenient time in automatic mode. The service is provided free of charge.
TKB Bank. Universal online banking for a huge range of services. With it, you can open a deposit and gain access to personal accounts. The system has a high degree of security. You can join the offer yourself. To do this, visit the official page of the site and fill out the form. All information must be entered correctly in the special fields. The form must indicate the last 6 digits of the TransCapitalBank card, as well as the passport data of the user.
SMS banking. You can control card transactions at any time of the day. The service is activated in the bank branches.
ATM machines. They are within walking distance of customers. With their help, you can pay for the services of providers without visiting the offices of the institute.
Contact center. Center specialists are ready to answer all your questions at any time of the day. The user has the right to find out information about the readiness of the card, block it, find out the balance, check completed transactions, request a statement on the TransCapitalBank account, and also receive consulting services on working with a banking instrument. To connect to the contact center, you need to dial the free number 8-800-100-32-00.

Help in the work of small business

The list of offers is quite extensive. We highlight some of them:

Booking an account online.
Settlement and cash services.
Currency control.
Operations on financial exchanges.
Plastic cards.
Internet banking for entrepreneurs.
The iBank2 Internet Banking system allows entrepreneurs to send banking documents to TransCapitalBank from anywhere in the world. You can activate the service in the institutes departments. To work in the system, you must have a USB token or Smart card. To receive them, the business manager must fill out and sign an agreement to connect the system. The agreement must be certified with a seal and transferred to the service office.

To help small businesses, the institute has developed 3 types of bank cards:

For payments of partner companies.
For example, a customs card allows you to make customs payments 24/7/365. TransCapitalBank Institute allows you to pay bills online. Payment can be made on the day the declaration is submitted. It also provides the opportunity to issue several banking instruments at the same time. The user can connect SMS informing about transactions.

Services for corporate clients
The financial institution offers such clients favorable rates, an individual approach and a quality assessment of the business. Companies that work in the field of IT-technologies are the prerogative of the bank. Clients of the institute have already become regional organizations and distributors of electronic information. A banking institution offers large firms guarantees, letters of credit, financing and deposits.

TransCapitaBank cards, collateral lending, as well as unsecured, optimal interest rates, attractive terms of service allow expanding the circle of interested real and potential clients of the institute.