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Swedbank - benefits and comfort for customers

The history of the bank Swedbank dates back to 1820, when the first savings banks began to appear in Sweden. Since that time, a banking culture has begun to emerge and develop, aimed at achieving the well-being and comfort of people.

Today, Swedbank is the largest credit and financial institution serving individuals and legal entities in the markets of Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Sweden. The main customers of the institution are ordinary citizens and companies of different levels. For 2016, the bank serves more than half a million corporate customers and about ten million individuals. The institution is represented by more than three hundred branches in Sweden and 206 branches in the Baltic States. Branches were opened in many other cities of the world - Moscow, St. Petersburg, Oslo, Marbella and others.

Services from Swedbank for individuals

The management of the organization knows that it is easiest to win the hearts of customers with a wide range of services, favorable conditions and reliability. For this reason, each individual who has visited the bank receives wide opportunities in the following areas:

Invoices and payments. Opening an account is available at Swedbank online. It is enough to go to the site and enter the required information in a special electronic form. After creating the card, SMS is sent to the phone number, after which you can come to the bank branch with a passport. Upon opening an account, customers are given the opportunity to use more than two hundred services. There is no payment for opening an account. Also, customers get access to the following services - telephone banking, Internet banking, payments within the institution, international payments. Ways are opening for transactions within Latvia and the use of a Swedbank payment card. The presence of a card allows you to make purchases on the network without worrying about the safety of personal funds. But more about that below.
Payment cards are a reliable assistant when making purchases. With this “plastic” in your hands, you can withdraw cash from ATMs, make purchases and even use a card to identify you. It remains to make a choice in favor of one of the options - a credit or debit card. The most popular services of Swedbank in the card sector are credit cards for daily purchases, cards for large purchases, plastic for travel, and a credit card for young people. The advantages of all the services presented are in favorable conditions, ease of receipt and ease of use.

Swedbank online. Internet banking has long been a part of the banking system. With the help of such a service, it is much easier to keep track of your account, to transfer funds. Through the global network, you can contact a bank employee with a sore point at any time. In addition, the bank has created a mobile application with which it is possible to find out the balance in the account, make payments, replenish accounts on the phone and much more. The advantage of Internet banking is that the service works always and everywhere where there is Internet. At the same time, there is no commission for conducting transactions. To get access to such a service, you need to become a bank customer - open an account, take a loan or get a Swedbank card. Such a service opens up endless possibilities, which are not at least silly not to use.
Loans and leasing. In a banking institution, the lending sector is well developed. The following services are provided here - car loans and transport on lease, opening a credit line, issuing loans for training, providing credit cards, issuing consumer loans and so on. All credit offers of the institution are in demand and are in great demand among customers. So, a loan for training is an additional opportunity for the client. The advantages of the service are obvious - a favorable interest rate and its fixation for the duration of the training, high speed of consideration of the application, the possibility of changing the university and so on. At the same time, both working and non-working students can count on a loan.

Car loan is a unique opportunity to get transport with zero down payment. In this case, the issuance of CASCO or registration of collateral are not required. The interest rate on a new car from the passenger compartment is only 1.99%, and you can draw up an agreement through Swedbank-online.

Savings and investments. Each client gets a chance not only to borrow, but also to invest, making a profit. Moreover, the bank provides a number of popular services. For example, the creation of savings allows you to realize any goals, having accumulated a sufficient financial reserve, and pensioners get a chance for a secured old age. Along with Swedbank credit cards, institution deposits - an urgent, dynamic or private portfolio - are no less popular. Also, experts conduct effective and profitable transactions with securities and work with investment funds.
Insurance is another service that makes life more secure and comfortable. The banking institution has open access for home, travel or life insurance. It is also easy to insure a car through the bank or take out OSTA insurance.

Services from Swedbank for legal entities

Swedbanks business clients, who have at their disposal no less range of services, did not stand aside:

The ability to open accounts, make payments and receive profitable plastic cards. Here, each of the sectors has its own branches. So, in the section of accounts, clients of the institution are available balance reports and summary statements. The payment sector paves the way for group transactions, international or regional payments, and the preparation of a list of orders.
Swedbank cards, which are available for companies and online purchases, are no less in demand. As in the case of private individuals, the services of corporate clients are provided by the Internet banking service through a mobile application.

Acceptance of card payments. It does not matter in what area of business the client works. The financial and credit organization will do everything so that its customers can pay by card on favorable terms. By installing a card terminal, the user receives a number of additional features - a chance to reduce the level of expenses and simplify the process of managing their own funds. At the same time, seven days of service is provided for free.
Leasing arrangement. A profitable leasing service is available at a banking institution, the object of which may be a car, agricultural machinery or commercial vehicles. In addition, the client has at its disposal such services as insurance, factoring, the possibility of obtaining a bank guarantee and so on. At the same time, access to the Swedbank online system is always open, which allows you to monitor and control the account.
Investments and deposits. Clients of a banking institution get the opportunity to increase capital on favorable terms. All that remains is to choose the right service and use it. Moreover, funds can be accumulated both on the account and on the Swedbank card.
Also, clients are available services in the financial markets sector and international services.