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Svyaz-Bank in the 30th largest banks

Vnesheconombank is the main holder of the stake in Svyaz-Bank. The Institute has the status of a financial institution. The regional network consists of one hundred points of sale, which are located in 53 large cities of Russia.

Svyaz-Banks priority activities include:

Serving private and corporate clients.
Credit direction.
International activity.
The financial institution successfully works with domestic and foreign investment institutions. The Bank is a member of the national payment service Mir. The organization ranks 26th in terms of assets among 100 large domestic banks. The Institute provides financial services:

To individuals.
To legal clients.
Small and medium business.

Private Customers A Priority Goal

The provision of services to individuals is the responsibility of Svyaz-Bank. These include: deposits, mortgages, insurance, brokerage services, SMS banking and other popular offers. The most popular are the remote service system and debit cards.

Service "Megapay" provides remote customer service on the Internet. The system is available at any convenient time if you have access to the virtual web. For work, software installation is not required.

When connecting to Internet banking, the client is endowed with benefits in the form of:

Round-the-clock access to Svyaz-Banks account and cards online.
View information on movements on the account and the residual balance on the map.
Credit information.
Opportunities to pay for the services of providers.
Receive newsletters about current offers of the bank.
In order to ensure maximum security, logging in to Megapay is possible by entering a login / password pair and a session key, which is used to confirm transactions. Access to the resource is performed using the secure SSL protocol. To connect to Internet banking, you must contact the nearest branch of the bank and fill out the necessary documents. You also need to do it when receiving a debit or credit card of Svyaz-Bank. Institute staff will issue a box with a login card and user manual. Connection to the Megapay service and annual service is free.

Mobile banking is also a prerogative of remote customer service. Holders of mobile units with Android and iPhone systems can use banking functions anywhere, with mobile Internet. Connection to the offer within the framework of Megapay Internet banking allows customers to:

View the amount on the balance of the account, card or deposit.
Receive up-to-date information on Svyaz-Bank offers.
Make a transaction.
Pay for services.
Perform non-cash conversion.
A banking institution offers customers to order Visa, MasterCard, JCB or World cards. The payment tool of the World service consists of three types of cards:

Debit. Annual maintenance will cost 90 rubles.
Classic debit. Service for the year is 450 rubles.
Premium debit. Using a card for a year will cost 2000 rubles.
Credit and financial organization was one of the first among the banks of the Russian Federation, which joined the Mir system. Map World Bank Svyaz-Bank is an innovative payment tool that was created with the support of the Russian government. This banking tool allows you to:

Make instant financial transactions.
Withdraw cash.
Pay for purchases in online stores.
Make payments outside the territory of the Russian Federation.
Currently, the card is valid in Russia and is a completely domestic project. In the near future, it is planned to launch it on the territory of foreign states. The Central Bank of the Russian Federation acts as the settlement guarantor of the system. Soon, all social payments and salaries will be transferred by Svyaz-Bank to the online financial instrument World. In July 2016, the Svyaz-Bank World card was among the three leaders in the rating of debit classic cards.

Corporate clients and services

Such customers can take advantage of special offers from a banking organization. These include:

Brokerage service.
Jewelery operations.
Cash management.
Legal entities that often leave the homeland are provided with a Round customs card. It is intended for online payments:

At customs points. Such posts are equipped with special devices for receiving a Svyaz-Bank card. Payment can be made using terminals that are pre-installed in offices.
Remotely. When you activate the section "My Account", you can get access to many customs resources.
The Round card is not intended to pay for goods and services, as well as cash withdrawals. The advantages of a payment instrument include: the absence of overpayments at customs, the use of a card at numerous posts, control over executed transactions and balances on the clients account.

To guarantee the fulfillment of bilateral obligations under the contract, you can use the online bank guarantee service. The Sviaz-Bank offer is relevant for government procurement participants. The service ensures the fulfillment of obligations under an agreement for a period of more than 1 year, in which the transaction amount does not exceed 10 million rubles. You can get a guarantee without visiting a bank and bypassing the opening of a current account by a client. The interest rate is 2.5%.

Small and medium business at the epicenter of offers

Representatives of small and medium-sized businesses in the presented range of services will be able to find those that are intended for their financial support by Svyaz-Bank. Currency control, notary deposit, salary projects - this is not a complete list of possible services. Consider some of the popular ones:

Trust management. The institute offers companies to transfer assets and securities to the management of a team of professionals. A businessman is given a choice of one of the strategies for such management. The minimum amount for transfer is 500 thousand rubles. It is worthwhile to familiarize yourself with the risk declaration on the official website of the Svyaz-Bank online institution.
Issue and maintenance of Visa Business cards. They are intended to ensure the economic activity of firms. Combine the advantages of Visa International plastic cards. They allow you to control the implementation of spending money. The issuance of a payment banking instrument will allow you to safely operate the companys funds.

A huge variety of services will appeal to individuals and legal entities. The range of offers is replete with services: from cash and settlement services to leasing companies and from mobile banking to the issuance of Sviaz-Bank cards of domestic production.