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SKB-Bank: available products.

Bank SKB-Bank is one of the largest private financial institutions in Russia. International agencies assigned him high ratings, which appreciated the desire for continuous improvement of the products offered and the development of the scope of services provided.


The bank was founded in 1990. Three years later, he was granted a general banking license. Having started its history with Yekaterinburg, already in 2011 received the status of a federal bank, having expanded its branches in all districts of the country and increased the number of branches to several hundred.

In 2003, SKB-Bank issued the first loan as part of the state program of mortgage lending.

A year later, he became a member of the system of compulsory insurance of individuals. In the same year, the bank was associated in the Visa system.

At the end of 2011, the bank was among the 50 largest financial and credit institutions in the country in terms of assets, and the next year won the prize "The Best Bank of the Russian Federation."

Experts note an intensive growth of the bank is assets. If in 2005 he was 129th in terms of assets, then five years later he climbed to 46th in the ranking.

In addition to financial activities, the bank actively participates in charity programs, sponsoring concerts, sports, and children is contests. The Bank is management pays special attention to helping children with disabilities, orphans and those who have lost parental care.

The bank is customers include large industrial corporations in the Ural region: pipe and metallurgical plants, and automobile and railway transport manufacturing enterprises.

Since 2006, the bank regularly receives positive ratings from leading world rating agencies confirming the high creditworthiness of this financial institution.

Products Offered

In its activities, the bank focuses not only on corporate clients, but also on individuals. Today, SKB Bank serves more than 1.5 million individuals, and their number is constantly growing.

The following products are offered to corporate clients:

Different types of loans.
Settlement and cash services.
Serving salary projects.
Currency operations.
Consortium (syndicated) lending.
Securities transactions.
Support of foreign economic activity.
Lease of bank cells.
Remote maintenance.
For individuals, the bank offers such programs as:

Deposits in various currencies on the most favorable terms.
Opening and accompaniment of SKB Bank cards.
A variety of loan programs (consumer and mortgage lending).
Money transfers.
Credit card issuance.
Currency conversion operations.
Lease of bank cells.
Brokerage services.
Securities market operations.
Internet banking.

Online Services

In order to simplify access to personal financial information and funds to its customers, the bank has developed and implemented remote maintenance services that allow you to carry out various operations on SKB accounts online.

3S-bank system is offered to corporate clients, and 3S-client is offered to private users.

The use of these services provides the following benefits:

Reliability and security of data exchange.
Convenience and ease of use.
The speed of operations.
Remote control services provide not only the mobility of access to the account and the ability to obtain the necessary information at any time of the day, but also guarantee the security of all operations and data exchange.

In the process of conducting electronic transactions, all information, transmitting SKB-online, is sent in encrypted form. For this, the bank obtained from the FSB an appropriate license to service and use modern cryptographic technologies.

In accordance with the current legislation of the Russian Federation, the bank has developed and implemented an electronic signature system, which confirms all documents in remote service systems.

To connect to the bank is remote services, customers need to contact the bank is branch and fill out an appropriate application, as well as provide a package of required documents.

SKB-Bank is Internet banking services allow you to perform the following operations:

Make payments in Russian rubles or foreign currency.
Conduct currency purchase and sale operations.
Receive statements on foreign exchange transactions.
Exchange official documents with the bank.
Make requests for extracts.
Receive regular exchange rates regularly.
In automatic mode, update the BIC directory.
Create templates for regular payments.
Send reports to the tax office.
Connect the "electronic assistant" service.
Exchange documents with counterparties.

Cards of SKB-Bank

SKB-Bank card is a popular and widespread product. An increasing number of people prefer non-cash payments, given their convenience and reliability. The lack of cash helps to avoid losses and thefts, but at the same time do not deny yourself the pleasure, purchase the goods you like or pay for any service. SKB-Bank strives to meet modern trends and offers its customers reliable bank cards with a variety of tariff plans and favorable conditions. Despite the fact that the client is money is in the bank, he always has access to it thanks to his card. SKB cards are accepted for payment not only in the country, but also abroad.

Types of cards:

iCard is a quick release card with free service and the possibility of replenishment without a commission deduction. The PayPass function allows you to identify the card without contact with the terminal. If the amount of purchases made during the month exceeds 1 thousand rubles, then interest will be charged on the balance at a rate of 7%. When paying by card in partner stores under the cash-back program, the owner returns 0.5% of the purchase price.
Charity “Card of Goodness” - allows you to engage in charity, even while shopping. A certain percentage of each payment is transferred by SKB-Bank to a special fund, from where the funds are distributed to those who need them most. And since the good always returns, the cardholder is awarded with a pleasant surprise - according to the cashback program, part of the money is returned to the card.
A credit card allows you to quickly and safely pay for services and pay for goods on the Internet. Such a card provides for a grace-free interest-free period of up to 62 days. The amount of available credit does not exceed 300 thousand rubles. A commission of 23% is charged on the balance of the debt, and 1% of each purchase is returned to the card using the cash-back program.
Visa Virtuon - a virtual card for secure payments on the Internet. Issued without visiting the bank, the issue time is a few minutes. You can replenish the card at the ATMs of the bank or through the SKB Internet banking service in online mode.
VisaClassic and VisaGold - cards for settlements in stores, service networks, the Internet and for receiving cash at ATMs and cash desks of the bank, to which you can connect the SMS-information service. These cards can be protected by a microprocessor chip.
When paying by cards, the bank asks its customers to be vigilant and not fall for provocations of fraudsters.