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Z-Payment System

Система Z-Payment

Everyone has heard about the Russian electronic payment systems Qiwi, WebMoney or Yandex.Money, but Z-Payment is something new and unknown. At least most network users have not come across this system and do not know what functions it performs. Despite this, Z-Payment is used by many online resources and helps automate the acceptance of payments.

The reason why most users are not aware of the system lies in the fact that the functioning of the service is aimed at entrepreneurial activity. Each owner of an online store knows how difficult it is to make payments manually, and if a point of sale is popular and more than a hundred purchases are made per day, additional tools are needed to facilitate the work. The Z-Payment payment system, in this sense, is an ideal tool for automating the acceptance and processing of payments for trading platforms on the Internet.


Advantages of Z-Payment

For individuals, that is, ordinary Internet users, the system also provides favorable conditions for cooperation. Z-Payment client has the ability to:

Buy goods at the best rates available on the electronic payment market today.
Replenish your balance in the system in different ways.
Withdraw money to electronic wallets of other electronic payment services.
Become a seller of certificates (internal currency of the Z-Payment system).
As for legal entities and trading companies, the following options are provided for them:

A wide list of payment methods for company services: using bank transfers, electronic payment systems, plastic cards, terminals, money transfer services and mobile payments.
Full automation of payment acceptance for virtual trading floors.
Quick system setup (about 20 minutes).
Individual tariff plans provided by the certificate.
High-quality payment acceptance automation scripts embedded in the source code of the online store.
The service works around the clock, so you can enter the Z-Payment-wallet at any time of the day.
Round-the-clock technical support that will help solve problems or answer all your questions.
Service security is ensured by up-to-date protection systems, which are improved daily.
The system has its own internal currency (Zp-certificate), equivalent to the Russian ruble. Certificates can be purchased in any available way, including electronic money systems, bank accounts, plastic cards and money transfer resources. The only negative is that the system does not have the function of direct withdrawal of money to bank cards or current accounts, but only for customers with a confidential certificate.

Many users are wondering why the Z-Payment system is needed at all if money cannot be withdrawn? The answer is simple - the system involves withdrawing money to wallets of other electronic payment services. The online platform was created to facilitate online business, and about the withdrawal of money - today there are a sufficient number of payment systems that provide users with similar services. In addition, the direct output option opens automatically after the user receives a personal certificate or higher, which implies an increased level of access to the system capabilities.

How to connect an online store to the Z-Payment system

At first glance, it might seem that to connect an online store, or other trading platform on the Internet, special programming knowledge is needed. In fact, the Z-Payment payment system is easy to use, just follow the connection instructions. If there are problems, the client can contact the specialists of the resource who will point out errors and help connect the online store to the service, which automates the process of receiving payments.

Before you start working on the service, you need to register a new account:

We go to the appropriate section to register new customers.
In the first three cells we enter the name, surname and middle name.
In the next box you need to specify a valid email address, protected by a complex password.
Indicate the phone number in international format, but without the “+” sign in front of the number.
Password to enter the Z-Payment-wallet.
The number from the picture (captcha).
If you create an account at the invitation of another client of the system, then indicate his electronic wallet.
And finally, you need to read and agree to the rules for using the system.
If problems arise during the registration of a new user, then there is a link to the video instruction below, which shows step-by-step registration and solutions to problems that may arise during filling out the questionnaire. Video can be downloaded to a computer using the local file downloader.


Certificates in the Z-Payment system

Obtaining a certificate in the Z-Payment system opens up access to a wider range of tools and capabilities. In many ways, the procedure for obtaining the coveted document confirming membership in a certain group of users is similar to identification in the WebMoney system.

After registration, a new client is issued a temporary certificate that provides access to the main features of the resource. There are only 40 different certificates in the system, unified for specific conditions of use and customer needs. But they are all divided into three main groups:

Alias certificate. It is issued to all users automatically after registration.
A personal certificate in Z-Payment is issued only after the client has written and notarized an application for receipt of a certificate. All necessary documents, including passport, TIN and application form, are sent to the Certification Center, where they will verify the information. Assignment of a personal certificate, as a rule, occurs within a day. A personal certificate is used by most online stores, as it provides access to almost all the features of the system. Also, a personal certificate can be assigned automatically if the client has an account in the WebMoney system, and the certificate is not lower than the initial one.
The certificate of the store in the Z-Payment payment system is assigned to legal entities that have concluded an agreement with the official regulator, Billingsoft Ltd. For customers with a store certificate, a whole range of opportunities opens up, including additional tools for legal entities.
It is worth remembering that each of the certificates opens up a certain access to the system of building tariffs and commissions for services. For example, if the user has an anonymous certificate, then the commission for the purchase of Zp-certificates will be from 0.5 to 3.9% (depends on the method of entering money into the system), and if the client received a store certificate, then the commission may decrease to 0, 1% of the amount of money transferred to a Z-Payment-wallet. Similarly with other functions, the VIP-client will be offered preferential terms of cooperation, involving partnerships for a long period.

Most customers use a personal passport and its variations. The possibilities that open up to the user in this case are completely enough for effective work with the script for optimization and automation of payment acceptance. Tariffs for all types of services are medium in size and profitable when compared with the terms of tariffing on other similar resources. For regular customers a system of discounts and preferential offers. The automatic payment acceptance resource Z-Payment is an ideal service for optimizing the operation of online stores and other trading floors in the network.