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Paybox service

Сервис PayBox

The service, which represents a transit account in Russian banking institutions and is designed to help in accepting payment of ruble transfers in the traditional way, has the laconic name PayBox. The payment resource was founded in 2004, the representative office is located in the northern capital of the Russian Federation. This system is a complex for the integration of modern payment methods and their technologies, which include a single service.

Resource PayBox cooperates with customers in the following areas:

Receive transfers in a virtual network.
The performance of exchange operations.
Deposit and withdrawal of funds to other digital services.
Making transfers in a given direction.
Settlements with partners through PayBox-Online.

Transfer transfer for sellers and buyers

Entrepreneurs who work on a commercial basis, when using the system, will be pleasantly surprised by the possibility of introducing a centralized reception of transfers from buyers of a virtual network using:

Postal money orders.
Bank payments.
Plastic cards.
Virtual cards.
Resource of cash payments.
This system works on the principle of erasing the boundaries between seller and buyer. When a customer visits a commercial site or online store and wishes to make a purchase, a wide range of different payment methods for purchases through the PayBox service will pop up in front of him. The seller has the ability to accept more than ten types of different payment options.

It is noteworthy that the system works around the world, in almost every point on the planet. The introduction of the resource in the entrepreneurs online store will automate the acceptance of transfers from private individuals and make currency conversions. Transfer provides the ability to view the funds received to the clients account. When concluding a cooperation agreement between a businessman and a system, clients and business partners will receive unlimited ways to transfer money in various directions.

When opening an account with PayBox, an entrepreneur will be able to accept more than 30 types of transfers using popular world currencies. Thus, the payment service does not provide intermediary services, it directly solves the problems of paying bills between sellers and website buyers.

Payment Acceptance Specifics

Connecting to a resource consists in going through the registration phase on it. After this procedure, the online store will join the participants of the payment system. Customers will be able to pay for purchases through Russian banks. The money received for payment in automatic PayBox-Online mode will be transferred to the sellers specified bank account: bank or virtual.

Some people prefer payment methods through banking institutions, post offices or plastic cards, so virtual stores that work only with digital payment systems in the ruble currency lose a significant target audience. The service offers to undertake obligations to accept all kinds of transfers in favor of a businessman.

The general interaction scheme consists in accepting payments from customers to the resource account. The money received to the PayBox service is transferred to the entrepreneurs working account, whether its the address of the WebMoney system, Yandex.Money or bank transfers. The administration of the resource encloses a statement of the payment made, which includes the name of the buyer, the purpose of the transfer, its cost and date of purchase.

Users of an online store or website do not need to delve into the process of connecting to a payment resource. The seller is required to create a unique current account, which will be indicated in the column “Purpose of payment”. To do this, you need to develop your own sample receipt.


The attractiveness of some activities

Money is transferred to the PayBox account in the currency in which the payment was made. This money can be converted into a convenient currency, then withdraw using any of the available methods. You can set up an automatic exchange of money in the desired currency upon receipt of funds. Traditional payment options will expand the turnover.

Transfer is especially attractive for the sale of digital goods, PIN codes, electronic documentation and literature, as well as software. This is due to the quick setup of the resource for automated trading. The principle of its action is to receive goods or services without the active participation of the seller, provided that payment is received on the invoice.

The PayBox-Online software module will check the crediting of funds, the purchase price, open the official website of the entrepreneur and create a new account. After that, the client will be given a link with a password to access the businessmans website or to download software. The service is so flexible that it allows you to configure the module for an individual entrepreneur. When you install it, you can give preference to pay commissions: the seller or the buyer.


Billing and payment deadlines

All payments in a single resource are processed, which can last up to 1 business day. If payments were made to digital systems, then the transfer processing on the PayBox service will be carried out online. When money is introduced, a fixed commission fee rate is assigned, and there are no fees for withdrawing money in almost all cases. The resource is constantly striving to develop relations with banks and financial firms. Holders of online stores, Internet providers, credit companies and advertising agencies join the list of service providers.

The resource provides an enormous scale of interaction between the buyer and the seller without intermediary services, without high commissions with free installation of software (wallet). All the advantages of the resource can be appreciated if you use PayBox intensively.