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Sberbank is the largest financial and credit organization in modern Russia, the history of which dates back to the 19th century, during the reign of Nicholas I. The direct predecessors of a major player in the domestic financial sector is Sberbank of the USSR. It was reorganized and received the status of a joint stock company, and in 1991 became the property of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation.

In 2012, the Central Bank of the Russian Federation sold part of the shares (7.6%) to the ownership of private investors. At the moment, Sberbank continues to remain within the framework of the PJSC, the main shareholder of which is the Central Bank of the Russian Federation.


Basic information about Sberbank

Savings Bank is the main banking organization in Russia. If we talk about the company in numbers, the results are as follows:

Leader in net assets. Serves 1 million accounts of legal entities.
Monopolist by the number of private deposits.
The bank makes salary payments for more than 11 million people, and pension payments - more than 12 million.
Issued in circulation over 30 million plastic cards.
It has an extensive network of ATMs - 19,000 units.
Sberbank serves its customers throughout the country. The number of additional offices is more than 19,000.

The work of departments and branches

There is no exact schedule according to which all branches and additional offices work. This is explained by the fact that all specialized units have their own schedules, which may be unlike the work schedule of the neighboring department. All these are separate structures with their own management and schedule. In addition, the bank has duty departments with its own special schedule.

Usually, the work schedule of a particular branch is approved by the banks head office. This can be explained by different time zones, as well as various financial opportunities and needs of the population.


Bank services

We can say about Sberbank that it is the largest service provider for its customers. This can be explained by the fact that the company always introduces modern technologies and takes maximum care of its customers.


The main activity is credit services to individuals and legal entities. Here, each client can choose the best loan product. Each season is characterized by new offers and promotions.

In addition to servicing credit programs, the bank issues and maintains bank cards, conducts money transfers both in Russia and abroad. In addition to the basic range of services, customers can use safe deposit boxes, operations with precious metals, lotteries and other additional services.

Sberbank offers to receive all the services it offers via the Internet using Sberbank Online Internet banking.


Plastic Cards - Overview

With a high level of competition, all credit organizations try to provide their customers with the most profitable products with additional services and capabilities. In this regard, Sberbank also compares favorably with its competitors and has a large selection of regular, bonus debit and credit plastic cards.

Ordinary Debit Cards

Cards are made with electronic chips. Supported by payment systems, such as: VISA, MasterCard Maestro. Currently, the domestic payment system Mir is being actively developed. Validity is 3 years.


Debit Bonus Cards

Sberbank Bank offers promotional cards from Aeroflot. With their help, you can accumulate savings, and then exchange for a ticket. The annual service fee for Visa Gold and Visa Classic cards is 900 rubles.


Premium debit cards

Users of the Sberbank Premier service can become the owner of such a card. If desired, customers are able to issue up to five Visa Platinum or MasterCard cards with free service. Contactless payment technology will also be available. The cost of annual maintenance is 10,000 rubles.


Credit cards

A similar service can be issued by a citizen who has a permanent registration and a permanent place of work for the last 6 months. Age requirements are 21–65 years. In addition to standard conditions, regular customers can count on special individual conditions of delivery. When using the card, a grace period of 50 days is valid.


Classic credit cards

Also support payment systems Visa Classic and MasterCard Standard. Interest rates are 25.9–33.9%. The credit threshold reaches 600,000 rubles. Sberbank charges 750 rubles for annual servicing.

Youth offers apply. Credit thresholds are up to 200,000 rubles, and the rate is 33.9%. 750 rubles are charged per year.

The joint program of the Visa Gold charity foundation and Give Life offer cards of the same name. They have a limit of up to 600,000 rubles at a rate of 25.99–33%.


Credit Award

Such cards have credit thresholds of 600,000 rubles. The rate is from 25.9 to 33.9%. 3000 rubles will be deducted per service per year, and if a personal offer is really valid, then the service will be free.

If we compare the offers, then we can say about Sberbank that the cost of receiving and servicing plastic cards is lower than that of competitors. The above options are given in the form of initial offers with a minimum price of service. Among other things, there are programs for youth and senior citizens.

Individual bank offers make particular products particularly attractive. When personalized, it becomes possible to become a user of the most comfortable option with minimal investment and free terms of service.


Bank deposits

Settlement accounts are required for both individuals and legal entities. They are needed for cashless transactions or the accumulation of cash. In this capacity, Sberbank also provides the necessary services.

Before coming directly to the bank and opening an account, you need to understand which account and which currency unit is needed on it. So, the accounts are current, deposit or card.

Current - is necessary for the placement and storage of funds. No interest is accrued on the remaining money. The main nuance is that for operations it is necessary to appear in the department.
Card - usually just contacts the current one and allows you to carry out operations using plastic cards. We have already talked about Sberbank as a leader in the field of servicing bank cards.
Deposit - is necessary for the accumulation of money. Interest is accrued on the balance of funds. It differs from the previous two in that it will not work to use the money until the expiration of the concluded contract. Work with deposit accounts, at the expense of interest on deposits, provides the account holder with protection against inflation.

Contact center

In addition to basic or individual banking services, each client in any branch, or without leaving home, can call the hotline. Operators will help to resolve any issue. A call center is available for calling by phone number 8-800-555-55-50. Also, a variety of information about Sberbank can always be found on the official page of the company.

If you need to resolve any issue, you should prepare minimum information about yourself that will help the operator identify you.