Russian Agricultural Bank: more about online services and credit cards
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Today, the Agricultural Bank is one of the largest financial institutions in Russia. It offers its customers a wide range of various financial services. New products include online services and virtual cards that enable online payments.



The Russian Agricultural Bank in its activities focuses on lending to agricultural enterprises, from where it got its name. In 2013, the share of loans issued by banks to legal entities in this industry exceeded 74% of the total number of investments in agriculture.

In addition to agricultural enterprises, the number of clients of the Russian Agricultural Bank also includes individuals. Bank employees are constantly expanding the list of opportunities offered to customers, improving products and applying new technologies and techniques.

The bank was established in 2000 and has since been steadily increasing its assets. The entire block of shares is owned by the state.


Online Services

For those users who would like to use the products offered by the bank, but do not have the time and opportunity to visit the bank branch, this institution has developed a remote access system called “Internet Office”.

Using this system gives the Bank Rosselkhozbank customers the following advantages:

Ease of use - you can enter the system both from a stationary computer and from any mobile device connected to the Internet.
Round-the-clock work - the banks client can receive all the necessary information 24 hours a day for seven days, without lunch breaks, weekends and holidays.
Profitability - the commission on payments made using this system is significantly lower than the cost of similar services provided by other payment systems.
Efficiency - any operation is carried out in the current time mode,
A wide range of services - the services of the Agricultural Bank allow online money transfer, payment of various types of services, restore information about previous operations.
Security - modern information protection technologies ensure the safety and security of transmitted data.
To connect to this system, the client will need to visit the bank branch, where it will be possible to draw up a service contract. After registration, the visitor will be provided with a special device that generates one-time passwords for entering the system - after which customers of the Agricultural Bank will be able to conduct transactions online. Clients who have connected using an ATM will be given access to M-Token banking, which can be used to manage money transfers using SMS messages sent to a mobile phone.

Users who have connected the Internet-office system can use the following bank services:

To control movements on all accounts opened in the bank.
Track loan repayment.
Pay for utilities, telephony, television, Internet and others.
Make money transfers to accounts of individuals or legal entities.
Order or close various cards of the Agricultural Bank.
Transfer funds from an account to Visa / MasterCard cards.
Conduct operations related to currency conversion.
Set limits on your own payment cards.
Open deposits, replenish and close them.
Activate the SMS notification service on account movements.
Settle loans and deposits using online calculators available on the banks website.
As you can see from the list, in the Internet office you can pick up and order a credit card of a certain type, with the most convenient tariff plan. With the types and conditions of various credit cards Rosselkhozbank we now get acquainted in more detail.

Credit cards

The Bank issues various types of credit cards, each of which has its own terms of service and tariff plan.

Bank customers can order any credit card from the list below:

Amur Tiger - this program is specially designed to preserve the population of these wild animals, which are becoming smaller every year. With each payment made using this card, the bank transfers a part of the funds to a special center that studies and preserves the tiger population. Each client of the bank can contribute to saving endangered animals. For this type of card, Rosselkhozbank set standard limits: 250 thousand rubles and an interest rate of 23.9% per annum.
A classic card is the most common and common type of credit card. This card is serviced all over the world, in addition, it has a grace-free interest-free period of 55 days. Limits and interest rates are standard.
Instant card - has almost the same conditions as the classic, but differs in the speed of emission. The cardholder will receive it on the day the application for issuing the card is created.
Country is a very convenient card for paying for purchases on the Internet. Those who like to travel around the country with this Rosselkhozbank card will be able to withdraw cash at partner banks ATMs on favorable terms. In addition, this card also has an interest-free period of 55 days, a limit of 250 thousand rubles. and a rate of 23.9%.
The Master Card is a product with standard conditions that will make all purchases more profitable thanks to the Cash back function. A certain percentage of the purchase amount is returned to the card if the owner pays it in stores, pharmacies, restaurants, entertainment centers, gas stations and other enterprises of the sales and service network.
Gold - a card with a higher cash limit - up to 600 thousand rubles and a lower interest rate - 22.9% is provided to premium customers of the Agricultural Bank. For owners of such cards, there is a system of promotions and discounts in stores, restaurants and hotels around the world. A list of such establishments can be found on the Visa / MasterCard websites in the Favorites sections.
The premium card emphasizes the high status of its owner and guarantees its financial reputation. Each such card is assigned a personal consultant. This type of card is serviced all over the world; an even greater number of promotional and preferential offers are available to its holder than holders of a gold card. The credit limit reaches 1 million rubles, and the interest rate is the lowest of all current offers of the Agricultural Bank and is only 21.9%.
The user can choose for himself the most acceptable product from a large number of banking offers. It is more important for someone to teach a card with a low cost of service, for others - with a high manufacturing speed, an acceptable interest rate. Any credit card can be issued online and then received by mail. It is enough to click on the button “Issue an online card” on the banks website and indicate in the application form your personal data, postal address, phone number and current e-mail. Within a few days, the card will be sent to the future owner.

The number of online products offered by Rosselkhozbank is constantly growing. This allows its customers to find new interesting and profitable offers.