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The Robokassa system is a kind of integrator of various payment systems and is designed to organize the online payment acceptance by sellers of goods and service providers. The developers of the service claim that it allows you to solve most of the issues that arise in the process of receiving payments from customers.


Service History

For the online store to work productively, its owners must not only offer potential customers competitive products or services, but also provide feedback in the form of order processing, payment acceptance and quick delivery. Today, an increasing number of people purchasing goods on the Internet prefer to pay for them there rather than spend time and money sending money to the seller.

Robokassa system was created to optimize payments for goods and services. It is mainly focused on sellers, as it makes it possible to accept payments.

The service was launched in 2003, but for a long time remained not very popular. However, with the development of the electronic currency market and online marketing, the system has acquired an increasing number of customers, and today has more than 30 thousand users. The services of the service are used by individuals and legal companies, regardless of the value of turnover and types of products or services sold. Making a payment at Robokassa is beneficial for both large enterprises and small and medium-sized companies. The reliability and effectiveness of the system is confirmed by the fact that among its customers there are many foreign online stores.


System features

Service, in essence, is an intermediary between seller and buyer. Since intermediary services have a certain cost, the resource removes a certain commission from its customers. Only sellers of goods and services pay it, no additional costs are provided for buyers.

Thanks to this service, the seller can offer his customers a wide variety of ways to pay for services or products. Customers can make payments at Robokassa in more than 40 different ways:

Cards of various banks.
By transfers through Internet banking.
With the help of electronic wallets of various payment services.
Using self-service terminals.
Through mobile applications on iOS and Android platforms, and many others.
Among the main advantages of the service, the following innovations can be distinguished:

Lack of a regular monthly fee.
Free connection.
no commission for the buyer.
Reliable system protection.
A wide range of opportunities for customer payment of goods and services.
Mutually beneficial partnership.
Favorable tariffs, taking into account the financial turnover of the client.

Service Connection

The management of Robokassa cares about the welfare of its customers, therefore, separate tariff plans have been developed for individuals and legal entities. The amount of commissions for various companies depends on the level of service provided to customers and cash flow.

In order to connect your online store to the system, you need to follow these steps:

Register your resource on the service.
Choose one of the platforms or modules and download the code.
Select the desired operating parameters using the “Technical Settings” section.
Send a request for activation of the Robokassa service.
After the activation is completed, submit to the bank (by mail) the original application for accession, customer profiles, technical readiness certificate and certified copies of constituent documents. Previously, scans of all these documents should be sent from your personal account in the online store using a special form.
An individual needs to register on the systems website, create a personal account and in the Settings section, go through the identification procedure. After that, you can choose the most convenient way to withdraw money from the account. Then you will need to configure the functions of the online store and send an application for activation of the Robokassa system.

The official website of the service contains detailed instructions that will help to correctly carry out the script connection procedure.

If during the connection process the client has any difficulties, he should contact the technical support service. The easiest way to do this is on the main page of the site, where the "Support" window is located. In a separate pop-up form, you must select the type of problem and write its detailed description.

The support function can be used not only for problems with user registration, but also in all cases of incorrect operation of the Robokassa service, which includes problems with the platform modules, difficulties with payment processing, lack of support by the online store system, temporary malfunctions.

Both a newly created store and a well-developed business can connect to the system. Connection fee is not charged, and there is no monthly fee.

The size of the service commission for legal entities will depend on the chosen tariff plan. Work with individuals is carried out on the basis of an offer for the exchange of electronic funds. Therefore, the commission of the service depends on the internal conversion rate of currencies.

After termination of work with the Robokassa service, all funds remaining in the account will be withdrawn at the request of the owner at the bank details indicated by him.


How to pay through the service

Lets see how a private individual can make a purchase in an online store that is a client of the Robokassa service.

First, in the "Pay" section, among the payment methods proposed by the seller, you need to select the "Robokassa" option. After that, the page of the official web resource of the service will open.
On it, you must select the payment system with which payment will be made.
Next, you should fill out the proposed form, correctly indicating all the required information in it and confirm the payment in Robokassa.
In order to protect yourself from failures in the payment process, it is advisable to register on the Robokassa service and conduct operations in your own account.


Reliability and safety of service

It is very safe to make payments in the system, as the developers of the service have applied the latest data encryption technologies. Information provided by the buyer during the payment process is stored on separate services of the system. For reliability of information storage, it is regularly backed up, which will quickly restore data in the event of a system failure. Unauthorized access of cyber fraudsters to data storages located on Robokassa servers is excluded, since they are not accessible from the Internet. Service security is provided by:

Regular monitoring of payments made in the system for unauthorized access or unauthorized use.
SSL data encryption protocol.
Immunity to interruptions in communication.
The system confirmed compliance with the PCI DSS standard, which guarantees the safety of all personal information of cardholders and the highest level of security.

The Robokassa system will help optimize the work of a website store, make it more comfortable and significantly increase sales due to the convenience and reliability of the resource.