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The Rapida system was established in 2001. The purpose of its creation was to service legal entities and individuals in the field of settlements, transfers, payments and other financial services. Since 2015, Rapida has been part of the Qiwi electronic payment system group. Customers can be confident in the safety of their money, as this system has a state license for financial transactions issued by the Bank of Russia. And this means that all financial transactions go through the Bank of Russia system. In addition, Rapida is equipped with a personal processing center, which is connected with billing systems of companies receiving payments.


Advantages of the Rapida payment system

Despite the availability of other electronic payment systems, Rapida stands out for its features and privileges for customers. Consider them:

No need to visit a banking institution, any payment can be made without leaving home, online.
A fairly extensive range of services provided by the system.
Ability to create an individual payment schedule. The resource will deduct money from the account at a frequency specified by the user.
The ability to use all the services of the system without opening additional accounts in banking institutions.
The value of the card that is paid can be combined or divided at the discretion of the client.

Registration system in the payment system

To carry out various transactions through the Rapida payment system, you must first go through the registration procedure, which is carried out in several stages. First, you will need to indicate the current email address and mobile phone number, which will be used later as a login to enter your personal wallet. In the next step, the system will prompt you to enter a password and confirm it. Further, it is necessary in the proposed form to fill out brief information about yourself - passport data, last name, first name, middle name and place. At the last stage of registration, an activation code will be sent to a cell phone or electronic box, which must be entered in the appropriate form. Now you can safely use all the benefits of the Rapida system. But there is one more small nuance. At each subsequent visit to the electronic wallet, you will need to specify a session key, which will also be sent to your mobile phone or email account.

Cash transactions in the system

In order to replenish your electronic account in the Rapida system, you must purchase a plastic card, which is issued in various denominations for the convenience of the client. Buying this card is not a problem, it can be ordered with delivery to any address, or purchased at distribution points (their addresses can be viewed by going to the official website of the resource). In addition to the nominal, the system offers its customers the issue of a non-nominal card as an additional option. All payment instruments are developed in accordance with the requirements of the popular international Visa or MasterCard systems. This card allows you to pay on the Internet without revealing confidential information.

However, if someone is not comfortable using the card, there are other options for replenishing your account in the system. There are several of them:

Account replenishment using the terminal.
Money transfer by mail.
Transfer of funds through a system of partner banks, such as Absolutbank, Prombusinessbank, the Bank of Moscow and other credit institutions, a detailed list of which can be found on the Rapida online resource.
Rapida system allows you to quickly manage your finances. The maximum term for crediting funds is three hours, the minimum is a few minutes. If the system is overloaded, which is extremely rare, crediting is possible within one day.

Withdrawing funds from an electronic wallet also involves several options. The first is the transfer of money to a current bank account. The second option is payment by electronic money of various services. Moreover, the system does not accept payments on loans and payments formed in other payment systems.


Payment for using system services

In the Rapida payment system, there is no commission for replenishing an account. To transfer money between users of the system, 0.5% of the transaction amount is charged. For all other operations, various commissions are provided depending on the nature and methods of implementation. The official website of the system has published detailed information about all payments and payment for making them.


Payment System Security

The security system of the Rapida payment service is quite complex and reliable. This service, like all others, uses a secure https connection. But besides this, a complex identification system is used on the resource for the purpose of customer security. In order to log into your personal account, in addition to the access password, you must enter the session key each time. Having replenished the account through the card and for further logging into your wallet, you must fill in the details specified by the user when registering the profile. It must be remembered that if the data of the card through which the replenishment of the electronic account was lost, it is practically impossible to restore access to it in the system.

Rapida payment system is a service that works around the clock. Taking care that users do not spend their personal time in queues, but can instantly send everyday payments is one of the main priorities of developers. About three hundred well-known organizations of various profiles work fruitfully with this resource, among them there are those that provide paid television services, mobile communications and broadcasting companies. System users can not only pay utility bills and other services, but also transfer funds within the system or to a bank account.

Another nice bonus is that payments in this system can be sent not only via the Internet, but via SMS notifications.