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Raiffeisenbank: Stability Above All

Райффайзенбанк: стабильность превыше всего

Raiffeisenbank is one of the leading banks by some indicators and is included in the TOP-15 of stable financial organizations. For over 20 years, many Russians have been receiving credit cards, mortgages and consumer loans on the most favorable terms. The number of lending programs and deposit offers is steadily growing. Each client can choose the most suitable offer for specific needs. Foreign capital allows a financial institution to “survive” economic crises without significant losses. In this publication on our electronic currency exchanger well talk more about this bank ...


Buy apartments without fear and risk - mortgage from Raiffeisenbank

Raiffeisenbank Bank offers favorable conditions for mortgage lending. A loan can be obtained in a few days (the maximum decision period is 5 days), of course, if you have a full package of documents. One of the significant advantages for couples will be the ability to account for joint income, even if the relationship is not officially registered. This is a really rare offer.


The rate of 11% per annum depends on the lending program.
Customers are offered the opportunity to purchase real estate in new buildings and in the secondary market, taking into account government programs, including the use of maternity capital. Refinancing programs are operating on favorable terms.
In Raiffeisenbank online, you can leave a request, and the decision can be obtained by telephone. With the help of Internet banking, you can easily repay a loan without leaving your home.
The maximum loan term is 25 years, and the down payment in most programs is 15%, but subject to the use of maternity capital, this measure is canceled.
The maximum amount that can be received is 26,000,000 rubles. If the client needs funds secured by the existing apartment, then he will be able to receive up to 9 million rubles. Moreover, Raiffeisenbank quite often offers promotional lending programs through direct cooperation with developers.


Urgently need money? We make out a consumer loan!

Consumer lending programs, as always, are primarily focused on salary and VIP clients - here will be the most favorable conditions. In both the first and second cases, the minimum rate will be 15.9% per annum, and you can count on 2 million rubles.

A loan for new customers of the bank can be issued in the amount of up to 1.5 million rubles at 18.9% -26-9% per annum. You can repay the debt for 60 months.

Requirements for borrowers Raiffeisenbank sets quite stringent:

Age from 25 to 65 years.
Experience of at least 6 months. Of course, we are talking about the current place of work.
Good credit history.
A loan can be issued with a passport and a document confirming solvency. For example, you can provide a certificate 2-PIT. It is also necessary to provide a copy of the work book (or any other document confirming that the client is indeed officially employed).

Raiffeisenbank: cards that will make your life much easier

The financial institution Raiffeisenbank offers cards to all its customers, because the conditions on them are really favorable. In total, the bank issues 6 types of credit cards at the moment. Each of them has certain advantages and opens up a number of opportunities for the client. The main programs:

# All At once - a universal card with many features. The rate is from 29% per annum, directly depends on the category of client. The maximum limit on the card is 600 thousand rubles. At the same time, you get: 5% cash back, accumulation of points for 1 for every 50 rubles and gift 500 points on your birthday. In the future, Raiffeisenbank allows you to exchange bonuses for airline tickets with discounts on the accumulated amount, spend them on Yandex.Taxi or simply send them to charity. You will have to pay 1,490 rubles a year for servicing the card, and if you choose a unique design, the cost of services will increase to 1990 rubles.
A "cash card" differs from other products in that no fee is charged for withdrawing funds. This is extremely convenient for those who use the card not only as a credit, but also as a settlement one. The rate is 29% per annum. Service fee - only 890 rubles per year.
“Plus purchases” - a Raiffeisenbank card, for the servicing of which, in the event of spending in the amount of more than 8 thousand rubles per month, no service fee is charged. The rate is the same as in previous offers, the issue is instant.
These are the three standard products of a financial institution. Getting cards does not take much time. The cash withdrawal fee (valid for the first and third cards) is 3% of the amount and 300 rubles. If you withdraw funds from ATMs of other financial organizations, the commission increases to 390 rubles. This bank has not established restrictions on the withdrawal of credit funds, that is - you can withdraw the entire amount immediately after receiving the card.

In Raiffeisenbank online you can get not only a consumer loan, but also a card. You can leave a request in a few minutes, after consideration, a bank employee will contact you by telephone and inform about the decision. This procedure is more convenient than standard card issuing at a financial institution branch.


Gold cards of Raiffeisenbank: for the most successful!

For VIP clients, the bank prepared 2 offers:

RaiffeisenTravel Visa. Card for travelers.
Gold Package MasterCard. It is issued only in batch.
The main advantage of the first card will be a unique bonus program that allows you to accumulate miles for every perfect purchase over 30 rubles (1 mile). At the same time, Raiffeisenbank provides gift 500 miles for those who spend more than 25 thousand rubles a month on a card. Of course, you will find a birthday present in the form of 1000 miles.

The card can be obtained on the day of treatment. New customers can count on a limit of up to 600 thousand rubles. The grace period, like other bank cards of a financial institution, is 50 days. The rates for cash withdrawals and the rate for use do not differ.

Gold card from MasterCard is included in the "Gold Package", within which you can get up to 5 debit and 3 credit cards. This is ideal for families who need to pin multiple cards to one account. Raiffeisenbank cards within the package have the same advantages as other products of a financial institution. You wont have to pay for the issue, but the service will cost 3,000 rubles on the main card, but free of charge for all additional cards. The annual rate is from 29%.

A financial institution offers to draw up deposits on favorable terms. For example, under the Triple Gain program, you can store money in dollars, euros and rubles at the same time. This is a very correct strategic move, because there will always be the most “top-end” currencies in stock. The rate on ruble deposits reaches 8.3%, which is an extremely favorable indicator at the moment. For dollar deposits, the rate reaches 2%, provided that the funds are invested for a minimum of 2 years. You can find out deposit rates at Raiffeisenbank online or at your nearest branch.