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The year 2008 was the starting point for the new electronic payment system Qiwi. Its main feature is the implementation of mutual settlements “online” and “offline” on a single platform. The eve of its formation can be considered the “Mobile wallet, which appeared in 2006, and by 2010 it had transformed into a Qiwi-Wallet. This service is popular with citizens of Russia and many countries of the former Soviet Union. Qiwi has a wide range of services in the field of money transactions: payment of mobile communications, purchase of goods, loan installments, utilities, money transfers between network members and beyond, electronic currency exchange.


Qiwi electronic marketing policy
By the time a full-fledged Qiwi payment system was formed, a real competition between competitors began in the virtual space. Due to the correct policy, the administration of the service managed to attract almost half (43%) of the instant payment market.

As part of a sensible marketing strategy, a brand upgrade was conceived. There was a development of a new style, modernization of technological equipment. The interface has been improved. For all these purposes, 300 thousand dollars were spent from the companys budget.

Plans for a flexible, affordable Qiwi system have been successfully implemented. Now it is represented by a huge network of specialized terminals, it can be easily and freely used without leaving your home. The main "horse" of Qiwi - the implementation of cash transactions instantly and to this day attracts millions of users. They are impressed by the ease of registration, mobility and multifunctionality of the service.


Functionality of the electronic service Qiwi
The user base is represented by various categories: businessmen, office workers, housewives, ordinary people of various statuses and ages. Due to the availability and high speed of payment transactions, Qiwi money equally attracts business people and ordinary people. Some people value time too much and are happy to save it, others save their energy and dont really like to strain. The functionality of the service is so diverse that it can satisfy the needs of the most biased customers.

Qiwi users can solve a lot of problems thanks to a huge range of services:

Replenishing a Qiwi wallet in various ways.
Exchange of funds.
The withdrawal of electronic money in cash.
Payments for goods and services.
Payment of fines.
Purchase of tickets: air, railway, as well as theaters, cinemas, circus.
Payment of tourist tickets.
Qiwi money transfer to accounts of other virtual systems, bank cards, mobile phone.
Reminder of a mandatory regular payment with a notification on your mobile phone.

Qiwi wallet: replenish and exchange
To become a full user of the service, it is not enough just to register and create a Qiwi wallet, it still needs to be filled. There are many ways to do this, here are some of them:

Through the terminals.
Money transfer systems.
Through a banking institution on a Qiwi wallet.
Bank card.
Payment systems of electronic payments: WebMoney, Yandex.Money.
Through a Qiwi Visa plastic card.
Often there is a need to exchange funds equivalent to Russian rubles to American dollars and vice versa. To do this, add a dollar account to the Qiwi wallet.

You can exchange for title units of other virtual systems, bank accounts using special exchange services. There are so many of them on the Internet that its easy to get confused. You can recommend a more profitable service It offers a wide range of exchange options with subsequent cash withdrawals.

Qiwi payment system collaborates with many well-known companies, which contributes to the development of its capabilities to satisfy customer requests.

Qiwi Money: Convenient, Simple, Instant
The key points that guarantee time savings in handling Qiwi are the ease of registration and the convenience of managing your wallet. Registration will require no more than five minutes. It is worth going to the official website of the company and following the instructions. Enter the necessary data in the fields presented on the page: mobile phone number, create a password, agree to the terms of service and confirm the operation. Next, a Qiwi wallet is created and the ruble account is automatically opened. If you wish, you can create an account in the dollar equivalent of electronic currency.

The growing popularity of Qiwi every day is due to the presence of the main advantages:

Practicality and versatility. The network user is given ample opportunity to carry out all types of cash transactions instantly.
Collaboration with other virtual payment systems, electronic stores, companies providing all kinds of services.
Reliability and safety. Qiwi money guarantees the protection provided by automatic binding to the wallet of a mobile phone number (it is the number of an electronic wallet). After each completed transaction, an SMS message arrives with confirmation that it is a reliable means of hacking.
The ability to get virtual and plastic cards Qiwi.

Visa Qiwi wallet mobile application
The convenience that the integration of Qiwi and Visa brought is not doubted by the one who felt it on himself. The creation of such a tandem gave the user even more comfortable conditions. To all the advantages of the Qiwi system, new ones have been added:

No commission for depositing and withdrawing money Qiwi. Now the client does not pay interest for goods purchased in virtual stores.
The program does not require a large amount of memory.
With a virtual card, you can make payments online. With a plastic card, you can carry out cash transactions through terminals, ATMs. Recently, the network of ordinary stores has expanded significantly, where they accept a Visa Qiwi plastic card.

Visa Qiwi Wallet: A Convenient Freelancer Tool
Bright minds have already come up with so much useful and convenient for a person that our ancestors did not even dream about. Could you imagine a couple of decades ago that you do not have to queue to make a purchase, and you can do without cash to complete the payment. But that is not all. The Qiwi electronic payment system not only allows you to make settlements, no matter where the user is located, but also gives a chance to receive additional income on Visa Qiwi Wallet.

The service serves as a convenient means of payment for the performance of remote work. As you know, the Qiwi system can be used not only by residents of Russia, but also by CIS countries. This is a unique opportunity to provide freelancers with the receipt of earned money instantly, even if the customer is in another country. One has only to open an additional account in US dollars so that an employer who does not live in Russia has the opportunity to pay for the work done in foreign currency. If the recipient is a Russian citizen, he will instantly convert dollars into rubles and dispose of them as he pleases. If you need cash, there is no problem. Qiwi money equivalent to rubles can be easily withdrawn to a bank card or use an exchanger. As mentioned above, there is a convenient and reliable resource for this. It has enough advantages, is easy to use and guarantees the implementation of a profitable exchange in the shortest possible time in different directions.

Can I make money on Qiwi Jack?
A small but real income in the Qiwi system can be obtained using exchange services. The essence of this method is simple: to develop a scheme for “scrolling” funds on a Qiwi wallet, exchanging them for other types of currencies. In accordance with the change in course, you can get a small profit.

An electronic voucher, otherwise known as Qiwi Eggs, with a face value of one to 15 thousand rubles can also be used as a tool for profit. It can be sold or exchanged, having taken advantage of the moment of change in the exchange rate. This method has pitfalls, if the service gives too big promises, this should be in doubt. You need to be extremely careful and choose only reliable sites for exchange, otherwise you can lose not only profit, but also money spent on the purchase of a voucher.

Due to the fact that electronic supporters of Qiwi are attracting more and more supporters, because the number of users is in the millions, you can try to open a business - your own exchanger or Qiwi terminal. By receiving commissions from each completed transaction, you can get additional income.


Types of Doubtful Earnings at Qiwi
The most common types of earnings on Visa Qiwi Wallet, causing deep doubt, are investment projects: doublers, hypes and matrices.

The principle of the pyramid on which they are all built is notorious, it is considered fraudulent, because there is vivid evidence for this. It is enough to recall the sensational MMM pyramid all over the world.

No matter how reliable the Qiwi doubler may seem, even if it does not work for two or three days, but for a longer period, it will disappear sooner or later. The pyramid system is designed in such a way that at a certain stage it destroys itself. However, many people are too greedy for the promises of a quick, easy and big profit, continue to believe in a miracle. It is undeniable that the first participants in such projects manage to make a profit, and quite a solid one. But the doubtfulness of this kind of earnings consists in its instability and hopelessness.

Investment projects in the Qiwi system, called HYIPs, are also classified as unreliable. The Internet is replete with a mass of attractive offers. Such projects exist in the Qiwi system. They are more suitable for people who are gambling and short-sighted, who are quite happy with a one-time profit. That is basically what happens. Hypas are the same pyramids, which means that they have the same fate as the previous ones. There are varieties of them: with a low percentage of profit, medium and high. Anyone who agrees to this type of earnings should remember that the risk of losing invested funds is very high.

Qiwi matrices - to participate in such a project you need to register and create a Qiwi wallet, then go through the procedure according to the proposed scheme. The project is working on the algorithm of the referral system. The participant is given referral links where they attract new partners. The matrix, as an analogue of the previous ones, requires an initial capital of about 250 rubles. Particular caution and composure should be shown at the moment when fabulous bonuses in the amount of several million rubles are offered.

The developers of the electronic payment service Qiwi are constantly working on new projects, set the goal of creating more advanced programs. They give new qualities to real life, which is increasingly intertwined with virtual reality, new facets are opening, from where an endless prospect of new opportunities is seen.