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The Leader transfer system is a dynamically developing payment service that has won the recognition of users from 132 countries of the world, and is now expanding in the markets of Asia and Africa. The service actively interacts with participants in the financial system of Russia and the CIS countries.



This service was created in 2003 under the name VIP Money Transfer. All 100% of the shares of the system belong to the Russian Incredbank. The central office of the company is located in Moscow. A little later, the company name was changed to "Leader International Money Transfer System".

In 2015, the Leader monetary system won the status of a payment service of national importance, and in 2011 it became a laureate of a competition for payment transfer systems in Ukraine. Today it is one of the five largest payment services in Russia.

The Leader system administration aims to make the service a financial assistant for all Internet users in the CIS countries. The chairman of the board of directors of the system O. Vilkul noted “we want our application to be installed on all mobile devices and tablets and actively used by their owners when making financial transactions.”

Initially, in its development, the leadership of the Leaders monetary system was guided by labor migrants who came to Russia to earn money and periodically sent remittances to their relatives. Analysts of the system note that recently the flow of transfers from the countries of the East has significantly increased: Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, UAE. The dynamics of transfers through the system has been continuously growing for five years.

Today, the service focuses not only on money transfers, but also accepts payments to various organizations that provide services, including representatives of the public sector.

The emergence of new electronic devices and applications for them stimulates the development of the electronic money market. Therefore, the Leader system intensively develops digital technologies, which allow to expand the scope of the service.



The system actively cooperates with various banking institutions, insurance and brokerage companies, taxi services and other legal entities whose activities include making payments or receiving funds.

The service pays great attention to cost optimization and security. Manual monitoring of large transactions avoids losses from fraudulent interference.

In addition to the payment service, the Leader money system is intensively developing the payment sector. Leader system users can perform the following operations:

Pay bank loans.
Top up your mobile phone account.
Make payments to the budget (for example, traffic fines, taxes).
Pay for satellite television, telephony, Internet providers.
Get airline tickets.
Pay for the services of tour operators.
Make payment for utilities.
Replenish electronic wallets of various payment systems.
Pay for games and applications on social networks "My World", "VKontakte", "Classmates".
Do charity work.
The Leader system provides its customers with a wide range of different payment methods. You can transfer money using:

Internet banking.
Self-service terminals.
Bank cash desks.
communication salons.
mobile applications.
The main advantages of the system are:

The ability to conduct addressless transfers, which can be obtained at any of the points of issue of funds.
Low tariffs on money transfers, the commission is in the range of 0.45-1.5% of the amount transferred.
No commissions for the recipient.
Instant transfer.
The ability to track the status of a translation online on the Leaders translation system website.
A large number of points in the system.
A powerful and efficient support service, in many countries with free customer service phone calls.

Making payments

The service accepts dollars, euros and national currencies of the countries where the partner banks are located for transfers. The company conducts its activities in strict accordance with the current legislation of the states where the senders and recipients of payments are located, which is why certain restrictions are possible during financial transactions.

The standard rate of the Leader system for senders is 1.5% of the transfer amount. However, the Exclusive tariff plan provides preferential conditions for transfers to certain destinations using the services of certain partner banks.

For residents of Russia who wish to transfer funds to other citizens of the Russian Federation, there are no restrictions on the amount of transfer. If a Russian citizen wants to send money abroad, then the transfer will be carried out under the following conditions:

The amount of a one-time transfer for residents of Russia should not exceed 5000 US dollars or their equivalent in another currency at the exchange rate on the day of departure.
The sender of the funds must present an identity document.
The transfer should not be associated with commercial or investment activities, the purchase of real estate.
To make a transfer, the client of the Leader translation system needs:

Fill out an application for transfer of funds with the operator, indicating in it the country of residence of the recipient, his name, point of issue (optional).
Deposit money and pay the commission specified by the operator.
Get a card with a ten-digit number to control the transfer.
Report the transaction number to the recipient.
The recipient can pick up this transfer at any point in the service a minute later, after its execution. In those points that are not connected to the Internet, a transfer can be received within one or two banking days.

When making a payment, the operator will ask you to indicate the mobile phone numbers of the sender and recipient of funds to inform about the transfer. The SMS-informing services are provided by the Leader free of charge. Instead of the mobile number, you can specify the email address to which the corresponding message will be sent.

If desired, the money transfer can be accompanied by a free comment up to 20 words long.

In the event that the recipient has not yet received the money, the sender can review the transfer. After filling out a special form, the funds sent will be returned to him, minus the commission paid.

In addition to recalling a transfer, you can forward it. The possibility of changing the surname, name and patronymic of the transfer recipient is provided. There is no additional fee for changing the details of the Leader service.

To receive a transfer you need:

Show the operator the transfer number, indicate its amount and name of the sender.
Verify your identity with an appropriate document.
Sign the application for the issuance of funds.
Recipients of transfers do not pay any fees!

At the request of the recipient, the money can be credited to his bank account if all the necessary details are indicated.

The Leader system with its dynamic development and quality of services fully lives up to its name, conquering an increasing number of users.