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Perfect Money

Perfect Money

Perfect Money is an international payment system that has been successfully operating in many countries around the world for 10 years. The creators of the service pursued good goals, took into account the mistakes of their predecessors and potential competitors and made a really high-quality product.

Today, there are practically no negative reviews about the system. Transactions are carried out in most cases instantly, for verified users, minimum commissions are provided, the reliability and safety of payment data is guaranteed. According to most users, Perfect Money has only 1 drawback - the inability to cancel operations. However, you need to be more careful when filling out the withdrawal form. Then there will be no problems.


TOP 5 advantages of the service and 2 small disadvantages

Before proceeding with the registration of a wallet in a payment system, you need to understand how interesting and advantageous this offer is. Benefits:

The minimum commission. Users can use the service to the maximum for only 0.5% of the transaction amount. But to access such pleasant tariffs in PM you need to go through verification. For users without identification, the commission is 2%.
Become a bank or use its services. Each user within the system can both issue loans and arrange them. It is profitable and convenient, as well as profitable.
Keep and be rich. Each user who stores funds in the system receives a monthly percentage (4%), all as with deposits in large banks.
Forget about obligatory payments. All system participants can use the “regular payment” service. Money, Perfect Money will automatically be charged to the replenishment of the Internet / phone, credit card and so on.
Replenish / withdraw money in various ways. System users are offered dozens of exchange / withdrawal / replenishment methods. There is an internal monitoring of exchangers with the selection of the most profitable courses. But users can easily use proven and reliable exchangers. Among these are There are many options for withdrawing (to YaD, Qiwi, Sberbank, and so on), as well as one of the most favorable exchange rates for PerfectMoney for other currencies.
In addition to the irreversibility of operations, there are 2 more disadvantages:

Lack of ruble accounts.
Need pay for password recovery.
However, for people who want to use the system as an intermediate stage between the customer and the bank account, most likely, the question will arise about too high a commission. A bank transfer will cost $ 50 + 3% of the transaction amount. Therefore, it is better to use another intermediary - an exchange office. So, the user can withdraw money, taking into account the minimum commission of 0.5% of the amount (or 2%) to the exchangers account from the PM account, and there you can already choose the card of Sberbank or any other bank in the world. This is the only way to minimize losses.

Accounts in the system are multicurrency. Funds are credited to the account in USD, EUR, GOLD, Bitcoin. Perhaps, due to the high audience reach, they will not expand the list of currencies, because at the moment the service offers a choice of 22 languages, respectively, residents of different countries can use it.


Registration Instructions

The instruction does not imply something voluminous and difficult to do. Do not be afraid - Perfect Money-wallet can be registered in just a few seconds. For this:

We open the site of the payment system.
In the upper panel we find the “Registration” tab.
In the window that appears, we come up with a name for the account, fill in the full name without abbreviations, indicate the country, address of residence and zip code. Further, the system suggests choosing the type of account. If the user creates a wallet for the organization, then you need to select "Business". In cases where the purse is necessary for private use, select "Personal". By clicking on "Business", an additional window will appear in which the Perfect Money system will require you to enter the company name, field of activity and, if desired, the website address.
The final part of registration will be the password entry and confirmation, as well as the users consent to the terms of service. The registration procedure is confirmed by sending a letter to the specified e-mail address. More precisely - two letters. In one of them, the user will be able to find out their unique ID, in the second, the creators of the service will describe in detail all the principles of working with the system. After that, the user gets access to all the features of the payment system. Log in to Perfect Money wallet using a unique ID and a user-created password. It is better not to store this secret information on the desktop of a computer, much less to leave it in a letter in the mail. Just copy it onto a piece of paper and store it in a drawer.

Account Statuses Perfect Mani - why are users divided into groups?

The work of the service is really in many ways similar to the principle and structure of the banking system. There are several levels for users:

The first type of account is available to newly registered users. By the way, you cannot use Perfect Money to persons under the age of majority.

The second type of account will be available only after a year of use or if the user replenishes the account with an amount in excess of $ 50,000 / euro.

One does not even have to dream of a third. It is assigned only to selected users at the discretion of the system manual.

Users are interested in increasing status. The fact is that this move automatically guarantees a reduction in commission. The longer the user is in the system and the more he invests, the more favorable the conditions. All this can be called the principles of standard competition between companies.

Perfect Money allows you to store money in different currencies, the user will immediately have 3 wallets and the ability to register several more.


How and why to undergo verification?

Confirmation of identity is not only in this system, but also in most others. Only, this resource allows you to work without identification, which attracts many new users. The network often spread rumors that one day a user who has not passed verification will not be able to get into his account. So far, this is only the speculation of the forum users (and maybe rumors specially circulated by the PM service itself).

Passing identification increases the degree of trust of the administration of the resource to the user. This is the status of the payment system itself, because a large number of real users are much better than “faceless” accounts.

"Buns" for users for passing the test:

Reduced percentage for withdrawal to 0.5%.
The ability to withdraw money to a bank account.
Simple and very fast password recovery for access to your account.
There are several ways to authenticate. The system offers verification:

The name.
So that the user can safely and at a reduced commission withdraw Perfect Money money to his accounts, he can go through any of the identification options. For the first method, a loaded scan of a document is suitable. If the user does not have a passport, then he needs to attach the correct translation together with the Russian document, of course, in English.

To confirm the address, the user of the system must forward his photo. A document confirming the fact of a citizens residence at the address specified during registration, for example, a scanned receipt for paying utility bills, is also suitable.

The easiest way is to check the phone. The user in his Perfect Money-wallet enters the phone number in the international format (taking into account + 3 / + 7 and so on). The system immediately sends a code, entering which verification will be considered passed.

When registering, immediately enter the correct values, because the data provided during verification should fully coincide with them.


How can I replenish my account and withdraw money?

Topping up accounts can be done in several ways. The user can use a bank transfer, but only after filling out an application on the site to receive a depositary order (the system will issue the details). Please note that the minimum replenishment amount in this way is $ 1,000.

e-Voucher is an electronic voucher that allows you to recharge at any convenient time. It is a unique code that is generated for each user creating a virtual card.

Users can also use Pecunix or one of 200 certified service partners (exchange points). Most often, this method is the most popular. Only payment terminals can compete with him.

You can also withdraw money in several ways:

The leading positions are held by exchange offices. It is profitable, simple and convenient. And most importantly - quickly and without $ 50 commissions.
e-Voucher and Virtual Visa allow you to pay with online stores and users of other systems.
In the last place is a bank transfer. It is available only to authenticated users, and the minimum amount is $ 100.
Manis perfection is one of the most reliable services, which, so far, is not very popular among residents of the CIS countries. The service has the maximum reach of the target audience in the West, but soon everything can change.