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A payment service called PayAnyWay is designed to provide the most comfortable work of Internet resources. Its capabilities make it easy to connect the selected payment system to any trading platform. In addition, he has a number of other advantages, thanks to which, customers save their money and time.

Strictly speaking, a resource is a payment aggregate rather than a payment system in the narrow sense of the word. In other words, it assists trading floors in organizing the acceptance of payments. Moreover, the proposed method in any case is simple, convenient and most importantly, safe. Due to the high quality of the services offered and the active use of advanced technologies, the PayAnyWay payment system has gained a solid reputation in the market in just a few years of operation.


How to connect to a payment unit

Any company can become a client of the service, regardless of the volume of its operations and activity. But historically, it has already developed that most of the partners operate in the financial sector. These include banking institutions, dealing centers, investment funds, credit organizations.

The connection procedure is considered completely uncomplicated and consists in passing a simple registration for integration into the system. First of all, you should decide on the type of tariff by choosing “Mutually beneficial” or “Everything for the buyer” from PayAnyWay. The reviews show that after activating the corresponding link, the client needs to familiarize themselves and confirm their agreement with the terms of the offer. Only after that access to the registration form will open, in which you need to enter information about the company. This process should be treated as carefully as possible in order to avoid difficulties in work in the future.

Upon completion of the form, the system generates a statement, which should then be printed and signed, and then sent to the legal address of the payment unit. Its employees will check the correctness of the entered data, after which the client will be able to take advantage of PayAnyWay.

As soon as personal information about the client is verified, an email will be sent to his email with the access details. After clicking on the link, access to the system will open. All that remains is to make a technical connection. The partner can execute it independently through Moneta Assistant, or use the ready-made module for connecting - Joomla or HostCMS. By the way, experienced users recommend changing the password immediately after the first visit to the resource. A prerequisite for connecting the payment system is the placement by the partner of the banner of the PayAnyWay payment system on its resource.


What is the advantage of a payment system?

The payment unit compares favorably with its competitors in the following advantages:

Lack of registration fees in the system.
Low commission for making payments.
Existence of several interfaces for work with various functionalities.
A convenient mechanism for the rapid formation of billing statements.
A wide variety of payment methods. In fact, the resource contains all the popular deposit options today.
Convenient withdrawal procedure.
The lack of a monthly fee.
As PayAnyWay customer reviews show, a feature of the system is the ability to disable unnecessary methods of receiving payments. In addition, one of the defining points is the security issue, the consideration of which is presented in a separate chapter.

What about security

Today, when choosing a payment system, the issue of security plays a key role. Service developers approached its solution very responsibly. All payment transactions made on the resource are protected by a multi-level security system. The rules of the system provide for daily monitoring of operations. To protect payments made using credit cards, the innovative 3D-Secure technology is used.

In addition, PayAnyWay offers all interested parties another effective tool to ensure transaction protection. This refers to double authentication to gain access to the personal site of the client. The security level meets the international PCI DSS standard.


Ample opportunities for asset management

The service is constantly improving and expanding the range of financial instruments offered to customers for financial management. Currently, organizations that cooperate with the resource can receive payment from their customers through a bank card or electronic money. If cooperation with a client involves making regular payments, you can enable the automatic charge-off function.

According to feedback on the work of PayAnyWay, a very convenient option is the ability to return to the buyer the deposited funds if the ordered product is not in stock. Collaboration of clients with trading platforms is greatly facilitated by automatically storing the entered data. Moreover, the security of such an operation is ensured by encrypting the input information. Separately, it is worth mentioning payments with holding, which allow the organization to check the availability of funds from the customer immediately before sending him the goods.

PayAnyWay payment system creates for its customers optimal conditions for the development of their business. Moreover, cooperation with her does not imply any additional costs in the form of a monthly fee. In general, the financial and organizational solutions proposed by the resource are optimally suited for various business areas. And today, among the clients of the service, there are quite large players and relatively small trading floors.