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OTP Bank: loans and deposits for people

OTP Bank is the largest financial and credit institution in Russia, which is part of the well-known OTP Group. A credit institution offers a wide range of services, and both individuals and legal entities act as clients. In the spring of 2016, the institutions capital reached 25.2 billion rubles, which is one of the most solid indicators among other banks in Russia.

Consumer cash loan from OTP Bank

OTP Bank is constantly evolving, offering customers more profitable and interesting services. The main differences of the organization are reliability, favorable interest rates and a high credit limit. If we consider the best offers, then it is worth highlighting a consumer loan in cash.

In life, there are situations when money is urgently needed, but there is no time to get a standard loan. In such cases, the best solution is to get a consumer loan. The maximum loan amount is 750 thousand rubles, and the interest rate is slightly lower than 16 percent. The main advantages of the service are the quick receipt of a bank decision (within 10-15 minutes), the ability to pay off debt through the OTP Bank system online or directly at a branch of a banking institution.

The process of obtaining a loan takes several steps - filling out an application online, waiting for a call from the operator, as well as receiving funds on comfortable conditions. For convenience, a loan calculator is provided on the loan registration page. If you enter the loan amount of interest and the period for which funds are taken, the system calculates the interest rate and the monthly payments.

Application for a loan implies the following data:

Name of the recipient.
Mobile phone.
Date of birth.
The city where the loan is made.
Features of labor activity (work on the labor device, contract, individual entrepreneur, senior citizen).
Credit history (information regarding current loans).
After filling in all the fields, it remains to talk with the consultant and solve all issues with the subsequent execution of the loan.

Loans in stores from OTP Bank

Having an OTP Bank card greatly simplifies the shopping process in stores. But this is only one of the services of the bank. Today, millions of people need to make certain purchases in stores. One needs funds for repairs, another for treatment, a third for school, and so on. A banking institution gives everyone this opportunity.

Among the partners of a financial institution, such well-known points as:

A lot of furniture.
Yulmart and others.
If you wish, you can get a loan for the required product at OTP Bank for a very large amount - from 2 to 300 thousand rubles. At the same time, there is no need to collect a large package of securities or wait long for the approval of the application. All that is required is to contact the representatives of the banking institution and buy the product of interest. Also at retail outlets you can get a plastic card of a banking institution.

To get the “plastic”, it is enough to apply and get a solution in 10-15 minutes. You can pay for purchases at any store using the received OTP bank card. At the same time, one should not forget about a number of requirements for the loan recipient. Among them:

Permanent registration in the region where the branch of the banking institution operates. In fact, we are talking about compulsory residence in the place where the loan is made out.
Citizenship of Russia, which must be confirmed by an appropriate document
Age 21–69 years.
If the funds are provided at a point of sale, it is enough to have a document proving citizenship with you. Further, it remains to gradually repay the existing debt, adhering to the existing schedule. It is possible to control the debt balance and make payments through the OTP Bank online system. So act faster and more profitable.

Accounts and deposits from OTP Bank

Getting a loan is only one side of the services provided by a banking institution. There is another side that allows you to get good income - the opening of deposits and accounts. It is worth highlighting the following popular services:

Savings account. Each client of the bank can open a personal account for an unlimited period. In this case, the minimum amount is not limited. The rate is up to 7 percent (in national currency). Withdraw funds are allowed without restrictions. Pluses - instant transfer of funds to the OTP bank card, the ability to withdraw and replenish an account without restrictions, daily interest calculation, as well as monthly accrual of earned funds. This service is considered one of the best for adding a budget in the short term.
Maximum deposit - a popular deposit, which is characterized by high rates, interest accrual upon completion of the contract, the impossibility of partial withdrawal and replenishment, as well as a wide choice of terms of deposit deposits. If you wish, you can invest for a period of 3 to 12 months. As for the interest rate for this OTP Bank service, it depends on two main factors - the period for which funds are invested in the account, as well as the amount. So, the minimum rate is 8 percent and it is typical for a 3-month deposit in the amount of 30-100 thousand rubles. The maximum rate is 9.4 percent, but for this it is necessary to put from 300 thousand rubles for 6 months. More precisely, interest rates can be found directly at the bank branch.
Pension contribution. OTP Bank offers an excellent service for pensioners - the Pension deposit. Its advantages are the possibility of early termination with the preservation of a certain part of interest, the possibility of replenishment by small amounts (from a thousand rubles), as well as a convenient approach to capitalization of interest. The owner of the deposit has the right to choose the "fate" for the accrued interest - whether they will be capitalized on the deposit or transferred to a bank card.
As in the previous case, the interest on the deposit depends on the term and size of the investments. The minimum rate is 7.45%, and the maximum is 8.65%. If desired, the deposit can be opened in US dollars or euros. In the first case, the rate is 0.4-1.71%, and in the second - 0.6-0.8%.

Flexible - a contribution that in terms of comfort when using something resembles an OTP bank card. The advantages of the service are obvious - the ability to replenish or partially withdraw a deposit at any time when necessary. Interest rates in national currency - 7.12-7.93%, in US dollars - 0.7-1.0 percent, and in euros - 0.3-0.5%.

Bank cards from OTP Bank

In conclusion, it is worth noting a wide selection of bank cards, which are replenished in various ways, including through the service OTB Bank online. Most popular cards:

MasterCard Standard - ruble card, requires a full package of securities. The price for the service is 600 rubles. When withdrawing credit funds, the interest rate is from 24 percent.
MasterCard Gold - ruble card, requires a full package of securities. Unlike the previous card, the cost of service is higher here - 1.8 thousand rubles. The cardholder can rely on certain privileges.
MasterCard Standard (minimum package of securities) - the best option for a card in national currency. The price for maintenance (per year) is 600 rubles. The rate for the use of credit funds is 29.9%.
MasterCard Gold (minimum package of securities). The conditions are the same as for the card, which is considered above. The only difference is the availability of privileges and, accordingly, a higher cost of service - 1.8 thousand rubles.
So OTP Bank has something to offer customers. It remains only to make the right choice.