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Okpays payment system is relatively young. However, due to the quality of work and the number of services provided, it is rapidly gaining popularity and increasing the number of users. We will get acquainted with the main advantages of this system, its capabilities and tariffs.


Benefits of Okpay

The system is currently registered in Cyprus and serves users in more than two hundred countries of the world. What is the reason for the rapidly growing popularity and attractiveness of this service?

The site has a very simple and user friendly interface. You can choose the language, including Russian. Account settings allow automatic transactions and bulk payments.
The Okpay payment system has a large number of points in various countries of the world, including in the territory of the CIS countries.
The service works with various world currencies: euros, dollars, Russian rubles, Swiss francs and many others.
The simplicity and speed of transfers and payments, as well as very low fees, are rapidly increasing the number of fans of the service.
The system allows you to use various currency accounts, and for storing money on them accrues certain interest. Therefore, the use of this service allows you to receive additional passive income.
Own payment cards with the Okpay system, tied to an electronic wallet, allow you to withdraw funds or make payments for goods and services in various countries. In addition to a MasterCard debit payment card, you can order an additional virtual card for online payments and transfers. A maximum of $ 2,000 is allowed to be withdrawn per day through an ATM system, and no more than $ 5,000 per week.
Affiliate program to attract referrals can also bring additional income. The user will receive a bonus of 20% of the commission for each transaction carried out by referrals. Moreover, income from referrals of the second level is provided, which is equal to about half the earnings from referrals of the first level.
In addition to the variety of possible methods of depositing and withdrawing money, the service offers additional features, for example, exchange checks, OkPay payment cards, exchanges of various electronic systems.
It is possible to instantly transfer money to any user registered in the Okpay payment system using a message with a special link sent by e-mail.
A quick exchange of currencies at the most current rate can be carried out through any partner exchange service.
A high degree of service protection is provided by the latest cybermethods. In addition, it is possible to bind an electronic account to a mobile phone number to confirm operations using SMS messages.
Guaranteed capital held in the offshore accounts of the parent company provides a sufficient amount of funds in the customer accounts.
Bonus program. After registration in the exchange point of the Okpay system, you need to click on the “bonus” link in the site header. After entering the requested data (euro to dollar exchange rate in the service exchanger, email address) and captcha, the bonus amount will drop to the users account. She goes to the dollar wallet and is 1-2 cents. You can win such a bonus once a day.
The privacy policy guarantees the privacy of users personal and financial information.

Registration on the service

The registration process on the service is very simple. In order to become a full user of the system, you must perform the following steps.

First you need to fill out a special electronic form on the Okpay website. It must indicate the country of residence, email address, personal information and mobile phone number. It is important to come up with a strong password, which will consist of various characters.
Then you should study the user agreement and privacy policy, and click the "Agree" button.
After registration, the user can go to your personal account and pass a simple verification. To do this, you will first need to confirm your identity by providing a scan of the corresponding document, best of all, a passport. And then confirm the authenticity of the indicated address of residence with a receipt for payment of utility bills, Internet access or other similar payments. Confirmation of the mobile number in the Okpay payment system is a paid and optional service. A message will be sent to the e-mail specified during registration, which will contain a link to confirm the email address. After clicking on it, the verification procedure will be completed. The administration of the service promises to check the documents for three days. However, in practice, this procedure takes much less time.

Service Rates

The service provides various tariffs for private clients and business users. Moreover, tariffs may vary depending on the type of currency chosen.

The main rates of the Okpay system are as follows:

Transfer of funds within the service 0.5% of the amount, but not more than 2.99 euros / dollar or 100 rubles.
Top-up by bank transfer 0–3%.
Account replenishment through the terminal 3%.
Topping up an account with electronic wallets of various payment systems 2-10%.
Money transfer crediting 0%.
Input and output of cryptocurrencies 0%.
Currency withdrawal to electronic wallets of various systems 0-3%.
Withdrawal of funds from the account, mobile payments, money transfers 1%.
Withdrawal check 2.5%.
For withdrawing money to Visa & MasterCard cards, a commission of 3-4% + a fixed amount in currency.
For non-verified accounts, there is no possibility of withdrawing money from the account, and the limit on money transfer is 300 euros per month. A currency exchange service is available through various certified exchangers.

For verified users, money transfers through the Contact system are available.

Despite the fact that while a relatively small number of people use the Okpay system, experts predict a great future for it. The comfort and profitability of using this service are attracting an increasing number of users.