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Nomos Bank: Overview of Online Products and Credit Cards


Nomos Bank, which used to focus primarily on corporate clients, today expands the list of services provided to individuals. In an effort to increase the number of users, the bank is actively introducing new online products that make it possible to use the services of a financial and credit institution even to people from remote corners of the country where there are no branches and departments of this institution.



Commercial Financial Institute Nomos Bank has its history since 1993. The main customers of the bank were large enterprises of the gold mining industry and the defense complex. The banks services also included the sale of precious metal bullion.

During its existence, Nomos Bank has constantly expanded its regional network, opening up new branches and merging with other credit structures. As the network developed, the bank opened a number of programs for small and medium-sized enterprises, as well as loan products for individuals.

In 2014, a controlling stake was consolidated by Otkritie Financial Group, after which the bank changed its name.

International rating agencies highly value the financial performance of the bank. He is listed in the ratings of Moodys and Fitch Ratings. In addition, it is one of the ten largest financial institutions in Russia, due to the large number of online services offered by Nomos Bank.


Online Services

In order to take advantage of the opportunities offered by the bank, it is not necessary to visit the branch every time and stand in line. For the convenience of users, the company developed remote products:

Internet Bank Link.
SMS banking.
Mobile Bank Link.
ATM service.
Consider the opportunities that provide financial institution customers with the use of Internet banking Link. By connecting to this type of banking, the client of Nomos-Bank can:

Transfer money between accounts.
Order virtual cards for making payments on the Internet.
Convert currencies.
Monitor the status and movement of accounts, deposits and credit lines.
Pay for telephony, utilities, Internet and others.
Replenish electronic wallets of various payment systems.
Apply for a credit card.
Acquire and sell precious metals.
Open deposits or apply for loans.
Change the limits set on the card, block the card.
Change the settings of the SMS informing system.
Make payments to the budget without paying a commission.

Credit cards

Nomos Bank credit card provides its owner with a wide range of opportunities, while ensuring the reliability and security of operations.

With a credit card, a bank client can carry out the following actions:

Pay for goods in online stores and retail chains around the world.
Pay via the Internet for telephony, utilities, satellite television and many others.
Receive money transfers, salaries and other payments on the card.
Monitor bank account operations using the WAP or Link service.
Make money transfers between accounts.
Pay off loans to Nomos Bank online.
Replenish deposits or savings accounts through terminals with the function of accepting cash banknotes.
Due to the high quality of service issued by the bank cards and the presence of its own processing center, this financial institution received the highest rating from Visa and MasterCard payment systems.

Customers who have ordered a bank card of this bank, when using it, get a number of unconditional advantages.

The release of a chip card with an integrated microprocessor provides a higher degree of reliability and security of transactions than with conventional cards.
The ability to open accounts in various currencies at Nomos Bank and transfer money between them with automatic conversion.
Connection of several cards of different payment systems or categories to one bank account.
The ability to conduct various operations through WAP services or Internet banking: money transfers, replenishment of deposits and savings accounts, repayment of credit debts, payment of telecommunications and utilities, payment of various goods, charitable payments and other payments.
The latest cryptographic techniques ensure complete security of all operations conducted through Nomos Bank online.

Types of credit cards

Depending on their own priorities, bank customers can choose for themselves cards with the most suitable terms of service, limits and tariffs. Cards of this bank can be issued in three currencies: Russian rubles, euros or US dollars.

Today, bank customers can order these types of credit cards:

MasterCard Standart and Visa Classic. For these cards, the interest rate is set at 26% per annum for the national currency and 23% for foreign currency units. The following limits are provided for them: up to 300 thousand rubles, 10 thousand dollars or 7.5 thousand euros. The cost of servicing this type of card by Nomos Bank is 800 rubles for one year or 600 rubles for two years.
MasterCard Gold and Visa Gold. The interest rate for these cards is reduced to 24% in rubles and 22% in foreign currency. Credit limits on them have been significantly increased and amount to 750 thousand rubles, 25 thousand dollars or 18.75 thousand euros. Maintenance of such a card will cost the owner 2,900 rubles a year or 2,100 rubles for two years. Cards of this type are considered very prestigious and guarantee their owners high status throughout the world.
Czech Airlines. This card is useful for those who travel a lot and often to different countries and continents. The owner of this Nomos Bank card will be able to receive discounts and additional bonuses when paying for air tickets. Since this card is of the Visa Classic type, the interest rate and credit limits set for it correspond to the conditions of this type of convenient financial instrument.
Czech Airlines Gold. Such cards also give their holders the opportunity to buy airline tickets with discounts and bonuses, however, on more favorable terms than Czech Airlines card holders. These cards are of the Visa Gold type, therefore the commission on them is lower, and credit limits are higher than for simple plastics.
Transaero. Holders of this card can profitably purchase business class Transaero airline tickets. The card is of the Visa Classic type, therefore, the rate for using money and the maximum limits for various currencies correspond to the conditions of this type of card.
Transaero Gold. This Nomos Bank card combines the advantages of two cards at once: Transaero and Visa Gold. In addition, she is pleased with the increased number of bonuses and discounts that will make the trip more profitable and comfortable.
All of these cards have a preferential interest-free period of up to 50 days and 24-hour online support. The Bank reserves the right to independently set the maximum credit limit for all types of credit cards. Usually, it is initially set at five average monthly salaries, however, it can be increased with documentary evidence of additional income.

Nomos Bank takes care of its customers, striving to provide them with the highest quality, profitable and comfortable banking products. That is why he continues to be one of the largest financial institutions in the country.