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A relatively new payment service on the market called is used to conduct financial transactions on the network. Resource users can use it to pay for purchased goods or consumed services, transfer money, and also exchange cryptocurrencies for cash. In principle, this is the usual "gentlemans set" of each such system. But the new service has its own highlight - a rather voluminous section of games and entertainment, in which Russian and foreign casinos and poker rooms are represented.

The resource was created more than ten years ago. Cooperation with the financial organization WebDollar made it possible to bring the quality of customer service to the European level. Then the service provided its customers with the opportunity to link several bank accounts to the profile at once. In the future, all improvements to the resource related to improving its security. Today, the service cooperates with leading banking institutions and payment systems.


Registration Features

The registration procedure for the service is carried out in two stages. At first, the user is required to indicate an email address, and come up with a password. You also need to enter the answer to the secret question, the value of which will be used to restore access to the account. Then the system will redirect the visitor to the next page, where he should indicate his preferred security settings and currency type. Three types of currency units are available to service participants: rubles (selected by default), US dollars and euros.

Any operation in the system is confirmed using a special password consisting of five digits. The user can invent this value independently or the system will generate it. In the future, every time you need to enter a password to make a payment transaction. The user can also configure security settings using a specific IP. If he uses this option, he will be able to conduct operations with the account in only from the specified computer.

If all the actions are completed correctly, then an activation link comes to the users mail. You must go through it to complete the process. Upon registration, an account is opened for the new member. Its number can be transferred to other participants in the system for transferring funds. But the payment password is confidential information, access to which should be strictly limited.


What is the difference between an authenticated and private account?

A new user does not have to answer all questions without exception during the registration process on the service. But if the participant omits some answers, then he will be assigned a private status. In the future, the users account will have a number of restrictions, the most serious of which is the inability to withdraw money to a bank account or card.

To take full advantage of the system, the participant must have a verified account. To receive it, you must fill out a special form in which you must specify the following data:

Your first name, middle name and last name.
Passport details.
Registration address.
Next, you need to download a scan of a document proving the identity of the user into the system. After verification, the status of the participant changes to verified. This gives him the right to transfer money to a card, and withdrawal limits are also significantly increased.

System Security Features

When developing the service, special attention was paid to the security system. In addition, it is constantly being improved taking into account modern technologies. In general, there are two ways to protect users cash. So, a payment transaction in is carried out only upon the user entering a payment password.

In addition, the protection of a money transfer, which is carried out by time or code, is considered an additional security measure. When applying it, the payee cannot withdraw money until a special code is entered or before a certain time expires. It should be noted that funds are returned to the senders account if the addressee has not indicated or entered the protection code incorrectly. But if the time limit is set, then the money will not be returned.

In addition, the service practices the following ways to protect user accounts:

Data encryption.
Limited access to the account by IP.
Two-level password protection (using a password to access the account, as well as to carry out payment transactions).

Pros and cons

The payment system is convenient and functional. Resource visitors who use it as a tool for making payments do not need to create accounts in other systems. Processing payment transactions is carried out using modern equipment. This approach provides a high level of protection in parallel with the optimal payment processing speed.

The system cooperates with foreign payment resources, so that its participants can easily transfer money to user accounts in other countries. This is very convenient for companies that cooperate with foreign partners, as well as for ordinary users who shop at foreign trading platforms. The fee for depositing and withdrawing money is a small amount, and the registration procedure is simple.

The disadvantages should include a sufficiently large amount of personal information that you need to enter to the user during the registration process. A private account has a number of restrictions associated with the withdrawal of money to a bank card or account. In addition, until now, the payment system has not received wide distribution among users. Therefore, a sufficiently large number of companies and services do not work with it.