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MBBR Bank: loans for households on favorable terms

MBBR is a bank providing financial services to the population since 1993. In 2012, the credit institution underwent some changes, including - the name changed. For 4 years, the Bank for Reconstruction and Development has been known to consumers as MTS Bank.

Today, a financial institution makes it possible to obtain a mortgage loan or credit card, deposit money, open a debit or salary card, and much more. The bank selects customers very carefully, putting forward stringent requirements.

How to get a "credit card"?

Clients of a financial institution have the opportunity to leave an application for an MBBR card online. You should not count on the fact that anyone can get a credit card at MTS Bank. A financial institution provides a credit card only to regular customers, in particular salary ones.

To obtain plastic, it is enough to present a passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation. No other documents required. However, the borrower has a number of additional requirements:

The minimum age is 23 years, the maximum is 60 years.
The presence of a permanent registration.
At least three months of work in last place.
An income statement is not needed precisely because the MBBR Bank works only with salary clients, employees can easily track the receipt of funds on the card.

Tariffs and conditions for cards

How profitable is it to draw up a card at MTS Bank? Salary clients can count on the following conditions:

The limit is up to 400 thousand rubles.
Maintenance - 900 rubles per year.
The rate is 24-29% per annum.
A financial institution offers Platinum cards connected to a Visa or MasterCard. Accordingly, the holder will receive all bonuses and privileges of payment systems (discounts in various retail chains, restaurants and so on).

MBBR card allows you to use funds for 51 days on preferential terms - during this period you do not need to pay anything. One of the main advantages is cashback. When paying for the first purchase with a new card, the bank will return 10% of its value to the account. And for all subsequent expenses, the return will be 1%. Of course, there is a limitation. For the first operation, the client will receive no more than 1000 rubles, for the rest - no more than 3000 rubles.

It takes literally a few minutes to draw up a card. The client must contact the office of the financial organization with a passport. You can also leave an application for an MBBR card online. 

Consumer loans - destiny of the elite?

A financial institution offers several consumer lending programs. One of them was created in collaboration with the Medsi Clinic and is available to all consumers. We are talking about the possibility of undergoing a full course of treatment on credit with a 5% discount and an overpayment for the provided medical services of only 0.5% of their cost.

Under the program, you can get up to 200 thousand rubles per year at 21% per annum. To get a loan, you need to provide a passport and a second document (for example - rights or a passport), to be a citizen of Russia and has work experience of six months in last place.

MBBR Bank offers 2 consumer lending programs for salaries or clients with a positive history directly in a financial institution. A loan is provided for any purpose.

Salary clients can count on:

The amount of up to three million rubles.
The rate is from 14.99% per annum.
The term is up to 5 years.
The interest rate directly depends on the amount of the loan. For a maximum loan of 3 million rubles, issued for 1 year, the bank offers only 14.99% per annum, but for a loan of up to 250 thousand rubles when applying for 1 year, the minimum rate is almost 21% per annum.

The MBBR card for salary clients allows you to get about 400 thousand rubles, but customers who have a positive credit history at the bank but dont receive a salary can expect a maximum of 600 thousand rubles as part of a consumer loan. Moreover, for customers who need only 15 thousand rubles (minimum) for up to 12 months, the bank offers an overpayment of almost 42% per annum. The most “loyal” rate for those who take the maximum (up to 600 thousand rubles) for a minimum period of up to 1 year. The rate for such loans is set at 23% per annum.

Another difference between the programs is the age of the borrower. MBBR salary clients can get a loan from the age of 18, people with a positive history - only from 23 years. It is not clear how one can become a client of a bank if he gives out loans only to those who have already issued a loan at this financial institution. The bank is likely to approve loans to new customers who are able to provide collateral or confirm income levels. Everyone can try to leave an application, the approval period is from 15 minutes to two days.

Mortgage available to all

Currently, the financial institution offers 3 mortgage lending programs - with state support, in the secondary market and in the new building. Consumers can apply for an MBBR loan online or at the nearest branch.

Not all mortgage programs are available to new clients of a financial institution. They can only rely on a mortgage with state support. The program provides the following conditions:

The rate of 12% per annum.
Amount up to 8 million rubles.
The term is up to 25 years.
The program operates only within the framework of Moscow, St. Petersburg, as well as the Leningrad and Moscow regions. The borrower must contribute at least 20% of the value of the acquired property. The bank does not require collateral - the apartment for which the loan is issued is used as collateral.

MBBR Bank will issue a loan to customers older than 18 years and under 65 years of age (at the time of repayment of the loan). Of course, the credited must provide proof of solvency - certificate 2-NDFL.

In the other two programs, only salary clients or employees of enterprises belonging to AFK Sistema group can participate. Buying an apartment on the secondary market is possible in the amount of up to 15 million rubles at a rate of 13.5% per annum. The amount of the overpayment directly depends on the down payment and the loan term. For example, when issuing a loan with a first payment of 50 to 85% of the cost of housing for up to 10 years, the MBBR offers only 13.5% per annum. But with a minimum contribution (20%) and a maximum period (25 years), you can only count on 15% per annum. A financial institution does not hide additional fees. In particular, if the client refuses personal insurance, the bank adds 4% per annum to any of the rates. The mortgage program for the purchase of real estate in a new building is identical in terms.

A financial institution offers fairly favorable rates on deposits. The bank has 8 deposit programs that allow you to accumulate savings quite efficiently. The credit institution also offers debit, student, gift and other MBBR cards, by which you can get all the privileges of the Visa and MasterCard payment systems. The Bank is part of a group of financial companies that provide customers with the opportunity to draw up a card of the national payment system Mir with free issue and account maintenance.