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KMB Bank - time-honored business reputation

KMB Bank was established in 1992 as a ZAO. It was established by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, whose main function is to support financial projects in the CIS and Eastern Europe. Thus, the Europeans supported the development of individual entrepreneurship in the CIS countries. After 1998, the institution shifted from large projects to lending to small entrepreneurs, and a year later it went beyond Moscow, opening the first branch in Nizhny Novgorod. A year later, the bank has already opened branches in 15 regions of the country.

Since 2002, KMB Bank has been placing its bills and then bonds on the domestic market. Since then, the bank has been repeatedly recognized by the authoritative communities as the best foreign financial organization that contributes to the development of the Russian economy. Since 2005, the Italian company Intesa Sanpaolo bought 75 percent of the shares, and in 2010, it bought the remaining 25% from the EBRD.

Since 2008, the banking institution has undergone rebranding, becoming a universal bank. Already in the winter of 2010, KMB was merged with Intesa Bank, and the association received the common name Intesa Bank. Today he implements a strategy for the development of new areas of activity, including KMB Bank online and other products. Modern services provide for the simplification of financial activities of corporate customers and individuals.

Bank Services KMB Bank

KMB Bank lends to medium and small enterprises, but one of the main tasks of the organization is to support corporate clients. Bank managers provide support and services to large businesses, fulfilling the diverse tasks facing customers. Intesa Bank supports all types of trade finance, lending, and provides investment and advisory services. Specialists are actively working in capital markets, dealing with implementation and merger transactions.

Thanks to KMB Bank, the financial card of the world is becoming much closer and more accessible. The Russian-Italian partnership is a catalyst for the implementation of numerous international innovations. Intesa accompanies a number of commercial and investment projects in Italy and Russia.

Services designed for individuals include consumer and mortgage financing. Specialists perform cash management services, use programs of the all-Russian and regional levels, apply international payment cards. A banking institution is constantly introducing modern technologies, so remote service methods are already being used. The programs created for regular customers of KMB Bank are being implemented.

KMB Bank: international estimates

Intesa Bank holds high positions in the domestic market, which is facilitated by the reliability of its work and stable performance indicators. At the moment, Moodys rating agency evaluates the work of the company as follows:

Rating of short-term deposits made in rubles or dollars: Not Prime.
Sustainability rating: D - stable reputation.
Long-term investment rating in rubles and dollars: Ba1.
Over the three quarters of 2014, Expert RA conducted an analysis of the domestic lending market working with small and medium businesses. According to the rating, KMB Bank holds the following positions:

Third place in terms of investment and loans paid to SMEs.
Ninth in terms of loan portfolio.
Fifteenth position in the number of loans issued.
Forbes magazine lists Intesa financial institution among the top 100 banks. Moreover, it occupies the 20th position in it. As of the beginning of 2014, the bank was in the top five in terms of lending to individual entrepreneurs. In the TOP-100 of Russian financial institutions, specialists gave KMB the 35th position in terms of the size of capital of the first level.

Making loans KMB Bank online

Clients have the opportunity to apply for one of the many loan offers of KMB Bank online:

Mortgage credit lending.
Consumer loan.
The "Traveler" service is a series of financial products that are designed for comfortable lending to people who have gone on a tourist trip. The consumer loan rate is 18% per annum. Guarantors and insurance will not be required of you, a minimum package of documents will be required. KMB Bank offers tourists such services as: savings program, insurance policies and the service “Tax Free”.

According to the Traveler program, you can order cards:

Credit - no subscription fee is paid in the first year. The rate of such cards is 22% per annum, and the grace period is designed for 55 days.
Inspire - an opportunity to withdraw money in terminals of 12 countries of the world is provided without commissions. Partner companies in Italy offer large discounts to cardholders, and the option of a simplified Visa payWave payment procedure is also connected.
Travel Credit - a card offered by KMB Bank, which is issued instantly after a customer request. According to the Travel Miles program, extra miles are offered for purchases made. A free Sim card is handed over to tourists as a gift.
The details of each program and its own credit history at KMB Bank can be found on the official website of the bank and in each of its branches.

Registration of debit and credit cards at KMB Bank

You can apply for two types of credit cards at a banking institution:

Visa Classic.
Visa Gold.
The holder of a Visa Classic card gets the opportunity to withdraw up to 100 thousand rubles at an interest rate of 25% per annum. It can be calculated both in Russia and far beyond its borders. Worldwide Visa cards serve about 1.4 million ATMs.

The grace period when the loan is not subject to additional interest is 55 days. KMB Bank offers similar benefits to Visa Gold cardholders, but in this case the credit limit is increased to 200 thousand, and the rate is reduced by 3 percent.

Intesa Bank customers are offered 7 types of debit cards:

Inspire is a classic currency card that offers free cash withdrawals. On the account, money can be stored in rubles, euros and dollars.
Travel Card is a classic card that offers bonuses for travelers (Travel Miles). You can store money in rubles and euros, and you can get such a card instantly in each bank branch.
Intesa Top Manager - a premium card of the bank KMB Bank, designed to store rubles. Bonuses are accrued in the form of 5% per annum of the deposit amount. No monthly fee.
Intesa Super is a premium card, for the maintenance of which you need to pay 2990 rubles annually. Allows you to store funds in euros, dollars and rubles.
Intesa Tax Free Card - in the first year of service it does not require a monthly fee, and an accrual of 5% per annum is provided on the balance of the account. It is proposed to store currency in euros or rubles.
Deposit Inspire - a premium card that is awarded to customers who have made a deposit of $ 4,500 or 300 thousand rubles. A card is provided from KMB for a period of 181 days. It involves a lot of salary bonuses and is served in 12 countries.
Intesa Super Deposit - allows you to store money in rubles and euros and is awarded to customers who have made a deposit of 700 thousand rubles or 10 thousand dollars. The premium card is handed over for a period of 181 days and offers one-touch Visa payWave payment. Thanks to her, many services become free.


Today KMB Bank holds a high position in the rating of Russian financial institutions. He is constantly improving technology for providing services. Customers now do not have to go to the institution for advice and various services, because many operations are carried out remotely. In KMB Bank online you can get information about each program and offer, and if you do not find information on the site, you can find out by calling the hotline 8 800 2008 008.