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UniCredit Bank - an financial institution with an enviable rating

ЮниКредит Банк

UniCredit Bank is the top financial institution in the Russian market according to the statistics of our exchanger and financial organizations collecting the rating. One of the top ten banks. The Financial and Credit Institute has been providing services to the population for over 25 years. Foreign capital helps the bank easily overcome all kinds of economic crises, and the trust of citizens encourages the creation of even more profitable lending programs. Today, the bank can apply for consumer and car loans, mortgages, several types of credit and debit cards, as well as open a deposit.


Buy what you like - consumer lending slogan

In UniCredit Bank online, you can not only get a loan, but also calculate its value. Consumer lending is one of the main activities of a financial organization. The program is really profitable, you can get a loan on the following conditions:

Amount - up to 1.2 million rubles.
The rate is from 19.9% per annum.
The term is up to 84 months.
At the same time, for regular customers, a financial institution offers a reduced rate of 16.9% per annum (for salary card holders). Also, the bank can make a personal offer to the client, for example, if he repaid previous loans without a single comment. As part of the proposal, UniCredit Bank will reduce the rate to 15.9%. The Bank is very loyal to customers, does not require third-party guarantees or collateral, even in the case of a maximum loan amount.


We buy both an apartment and a car with Unicredit Bank

A financial institution does everything possible to ensure that customers are satisfied. Today the bank offers 6 mortgage programs and 8 car loan programs, plus a loan refinancing program. Choosing the right option will be quite simple - each of the loans has its own characteristics.

For example, buying an apartment in a new building can be arranged at UniCredit Bank for up to 9 million rubles, with an initial payment of at least 20% of the cost, at a rate of 13% per annum. In the secondary market, you can purchase housing worth up to 15 million, the down payment will be 15% for bank customers and 20% for new customers, the rate is the same. But at the same time, if the credited is able to make 50% of the down payment - the amount will be increased, if necessary, to 30 million. Loan term - from 1 year to 30 years.

A loan to buy a new car can be obtained in the amount of up to 6.5 million rubles at 16.5% per annum for up to 5 years. For used cars, the amount is reduced to 4 million, the rate is increased to 23% per annum. An application can be submitted on the UniCredit Bank website online or at the nearest branch of a financial institution. Those who want to get a loan must prepare 15% of the cost of the car as a down payment.

Unicredit Bank card - unlimited opportunities and favorable conditions

A financial institution offers a choice of one of 10 credit cards with personal terms. General requirements for borrowers are quite loyal:

Credit must be over 21 and under 52 years old.
Work experience at the last place of work from 1 year.
Citizenship of Russia.
A business can also apply for a loan. To do this, they need to have a certificate of registration, a 3-personal income tax certificate and any other document, in addition to the passport of a Russian citizen.

UniCredit Bank card can be connected both to the MasterCard payment system and to Visa. If you are not planning a trip around the world in the near future, then the choice of a payment system does not matter. For those who travel constantly, it is better to focus on the payment system that is actively used in the countries that they visit. This information can be obtained from a bank employee.


General terms

The advantages of credit cards are obvious - you can use the funds for several years, return the funds and withdraw again (renewable limit), the grace period reaches 55 days, payment is possible in all corners of the world. UniCredit Bank offers several cards, consider the conditions for the main and varieties:

MasterCard Standard - up to 300 thousand rubles limit, rate - up to 30% per annum. Issue - 700 rubles, maintenance - 350 rubles for the first and 700 rubles per year for subsequent ones.
Gold MasterCard - up to 600 thousand limit, rate up to 25.9% per annum. Issue of the main card - 2700 rubles, additional can be obtained cheaper - for 2200 rubles.
VisaGreen - card with miles. For spent 60 rubles, 1 mile will be credited to the bonus account. As a result, it will be possible to use bonuses for paying for air tickets. Issuing a card will cost 900 rubles. This card of UniCredit Bank provides an opportunity to receive up to 300 thousand of a limit at a rate of 29.9% per annum. For maintenance you will need to pay 450 rubles for 1 year and 900 rubles for subsequent years.
Visa Gold - allows you to accumulate 1.25 miles for spent 60 rubles and get a limit of up to 600 thousand rubles. By the way, the minimum limit is 100 thousand rubles. Issuing a card will cost 2,900 rubles, service in the first year - half this amount, and in the following - the same amount.
General conditions for all credit cards of a financial institution are:

UniCredit Bank has limited the credit withdrawal limit to 30% of the total amount per month for standard card holders and up to 40% for gold card holders.
For withdrawing cash from a card at ATMs of any network and at branches you will have to pay a minimum of 390 rubles (regardless of the amount) or 3.9% of the amount.
The grace period for all cards is 55 days.
The bank has several more cards, but the conditions are generally similar, only bonus programs and the size of credit limits vary. The rate can be reduced for all products in the event that the client opens a deposit or is the holder of a salary card of a financial organization.


Benefits for car owners

UniCredit Bank card can be issued not only with a bonus program in the form of miles accumulation, but also taking into account the desires and needs of car owners. The main advantages of such cards are the so-called “driver package”. This is a special service, within which the motorist will be rendered all possible assistance. Out of gas? They will bring 20 liters! Got into an accident? The car will be evacuated and a taxi will be called. The package is valid for Black Edition and Premium cards.

Another feature is a refund. In the standard card, cash back will be 2%, and in the premium - 3%. Cards can be issued at UniCredit Bank online or at branches of a financial institution. Given that the cards are connected to the MasterCard system, tariffs in most cases correspond to standard products. The same conditions for interest rates and credit limit.

A financial institution offers to open deposits on very favorable terms in comparison with the average market offers in this sector. The rate on ruble deposits reaches 7.25% for deposits for a period of 150 days and 9% for deposits for a period of two years. The rate on short-term dollar deposits is 0.5%, while long-term - 2%.

UniCredit Bank is popular due to its individual approach to each client. The number of programs is already quite large, but the financial institution continues to work to ensure that all customers are satisfied with the cooperation.