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Today, every second store offers a system of discounts so that the attention of customers remains at the proper level, because the income of the outlet depends on this.

The average resident of the country has several discount cards offering bonus accumulation systems, or discounts that increase over time. It is sometimes difficult to figure out what a particular store offers, and it turns out that a person uses at best only two or three cards, and the rest just take up space in your wallet.

IntellectMoney service is an e-commerce system that helps not only to combine all discount and bonus cards into one network, but also to receive a good cash back (partial refund). The system cooperates with a large number of outlets throughout the country, which gives customers the opportunity to buy goods on the most favorable terms.


ItellectMoney: how does it work?

After registration in the system, the new user receives one IntellectMoney discount card, which combines bonuses, discounts, special offers of all partners of the system. A service card is presented upon purchase at a point of sale that is an IntellectMoney partner. Based on the current tariffs and special offers at the time of the purchase, the client receives a certain percentage of the amount spent on his account in the IntellectMoney system (cash back).

In some outlets, cash back can reach up to 50% of the amount spent. It depends on the bonus policy of the store. But even 10-20% of the cashback is also a good bonus, given that money can then be spent on buying goods on the Internet, paying for services, or simply withdrawing them in affordable ways. What can IntellectMoney offer its customers:

Cashback up to 50% to the internal account of the system.
Direct withdrawal to a plastic card, electronic wallet or current bank account.
Opportunity to purchase Intellect money (system title units) using a network of terminals, bank payment instruments, transfers, electronic payment systems.
Safety of all operations.
Nice and intuitive interface.
There is an application for mobile devices based on the iOS operating system.
As you can see, with its functioning the system resembles the work of most electronic payment systems, but there is one thing that fundamentally distinguishes it from others - a discount system with a cashback of up to 50%, no one has ever proposed this.


IntellectMoney Service Partners

Someone may ask a question, where to look for IntellectMoney partners, and how many? At the moment, the system cooperates with 33 stores, each of which offers its own percentage of cashback. For example, the online store offers customers up to 10% cashback to the IntellectMoney service account for purchased goods. The same discount awaits visitors of the Donatto mens clothing chain.

The user is also offered a 20% cashback for visiting one of the Planet Sushi restaurants. Or maybe you like to travel, then the Russian tour operator Rustravelcard will provide a 5% discount on all tours, but only for customers of the service. Using a debit system in everyday life is convenient, profitable and pleasant. IntellectMoney service is the only resource capable of offering its customers such wide opportunities.


What to spend the money accumulated in the IntellectMoney system

In addition to the developed incentive system in the form of a cashback for the money spent in the network of partners, the service offers customers the opportunity to pay for services and goods in online stores. Currently, the system works with more than 750 outlets and other enterprises. It is enough for the user to choose a company or a trading platform from the list, indicate the necessary payment details and confirm the operation.

What can be done with the accumulated money:

Spend them to pay for services.
Spend Intellect money to buy goods in online stores.
Use the service for instant money transfer between bank cards.
Transfer funds to other users of the service.
Withdraw money using available methods, as an option, using the payment system.
The user has a wide range of options for managing electronic money. In addition, there is a unique debit system for returning a certain amount from purchases. Not for nothing that the system is gaining more and more popularity every day.

Deposit and withdrawal of money in the IntellectMoney system

Of course, the system involves the ability to deposit money into your internal electronic account. And there are more than enough ways to do this:

Bank card The IntellectMoney service has the function of linking bank cards to the users account, which allows you to pay for services or buy goods on the Internet safely and profitably (0% for using the card).
Account replenishment is also possible through a network of terminals, which can be found in any more or less large store.
You can use the bank transfer system. To do this, you need to come to any Russian bank and fill out the transfer form, indicating the necessary information about the electronic account in the IntellectMoney system. The translation processing time is from 2 to 5 days.
It is also possible to use Western Union, MoneyGram or Crown money transfer systems.
You can buy Intellect money using electronic payment systems. For example, using
Use online banking.
The last option is with an ATM.
As for the ability to withdraw funds, the service owners decided to limit the list of methods to two options:

Direct transfer to a current bank account. It is necessary to indicate the account number, fill out the questionnaire and confirm the financial transaction.
Or directly to a plastic card.
Against the background of an actively developing turnover of electronic money, plastic cards are gradually starting to replace real money, as evidenced by the growing demand of the population for bank payment instruments. The IntellectMoney system appeared as a response to the growing demand of users. No service can boast such a wide list of features like the IntellectMoney debit system.