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ING Bank: European level of service for legal entities

About 15 years ING Bank has been providing financial services to legal entities. Economic stability is achieved through the attraction of foreign capital - this is a subsidiary of the Dutch holding. The Bank does not work with individuals, the main activity is corporate clients.

Development spectrum:

Financing all forms of business, including trade and design.
Cash management (including customer assets). A financial institution provides services for the selection of products for investment.
Depository services. ING Bank provides storage and accounting of securities.
To date, the financial institution has entered the TOP-10 list of banks with foreign capital. The customer base includes more than 1000 legal entities and is constantly expanding.

Interaction with individuals

To replenish current assets, the organization interacts with individuals on issues of investing funds in deposit accounts. Individuals can make a contribution in any size on favorable terms. The main specialization is short-term deposits, for long-term financial institutions calculates the rate on an individual basis and not always on favorable terms. ING Bank does not issue cards with a credit limit to individuals.

Deposits available:

In rubles up to 9%;
In dollars up to 1%;
In euros up to 0.8%.
The maximum rates can only be expected when investing for a period of six months to a year. In other cases, the payment will be 0.5-1% less, which will significantly affect large amounts. For deposits issued for an indefinite term on demand, interest is not charged.

The rest of the bank interacts with private individuals only on condition that they are employees of client organizations of a credit institution. They can also open a deposit; rates can be viewed at ING Bank-online or found out at the nearest branch.

Work with corporate clients

Legal entities can count on a full range of banking services. Clients have access to Internet banking with the ability to track the status of an account, make transfers and other transactions, and pay off debts to a financial institution.

The Bank grants short-term loans when it is necessary to replenish working capital. For regular customers an overdraft is provided on favorable terms. The loan can be issued in four currencies - the financial institution added pounds to standard dollars, euros and rubles.

ING Bank works with organizations on fairly favorable terms. Basic rates:

You will have to pay 6000 rubles per month for account maintenance. The same amount must be paid when opening an account. If the client needs a personal bank account “right here and now”, then he should prepare 24 thousand rubles.
Cash withdrawals in all currencies will cost 0.5% of the amount. The same amount will have to be paid for replenishing the ruble account.
For issuing a corporate card you should pay $ 20, and for service - $ 75 per year.
Other rates can be found on the ING Bank-online website. A financial institution does not charge interest on balances of customer accounts. If a legal entity plans to pay salaries to its employees through a bank, it is necessary to conclude an additional agreement.

A financial institution offers employees of its customers cards of the Visa international payment system. Of course, all the benefits, in the form of discounts and bonuses in various retail chains that Visa opens, will be available to every plastic holder. Moreover, the bank issues a non-standard (classic) card. The ING Banks gold card opens up even more possibilities.

A financial institution is not only involved in providing services to corporate clients. The bank is one of the brokers in the Forex market. Developers of a financial organization offer their customers appropriate software that allows them to engage in online trading. You can download programs on the official website of the bank.

ING-online: cost control

The financial organization uses advanced web technologies in its work, significantly simplifying the life of corporate clients. ING-online is a convenient and versatile service. When using technology, ING Bank guarantees more efficient business activities. Due to its wide functionality, each user of the service is able to track receipts and write-offs of funds with an accuracy of 1 cent. Additional benefits include:

Easy integration. Installation takes a matter of seconds and is carried out by importing information from accounts and exporting orders from work time accounting programs, profit ratio, and so on.
Personalization option. Users can change the name of accounts in ING Bank-online, create templates for automatic payment, distribute accounts into groups for convenient use. The developers also made it possible to change the color schemes of the system and change the locations of the folders.
Safety. Access to the users personal account is fully protected from any unauthorized access attempts. When creating the program, developers used advanced technologies.
The bank provides fairly detailed instructions for working with the service. However, the unique technology is provided to users absolutely not for free. ING Bank offers an access card to the system for 1,500 rubles (1 unit). Given that several people can use the service on equal terms, then each of them needs a separate plastic. You will also have to pay 1,500 rubles for a device that allows you to read information from a card. The bank charges 5000 rubles per month for self-service of the system. A specialist visit to configure the equipment or troubleshoot will cost 15 thousand rubles.

But with the help of ING online, bank customers will be able to save up to 3,000 rubles by receiving account statements from the system for free. Ing Bank allows you to transfer funds within the system and to the accounts of other organizations. For each operation a fee of 30 rubles is charged. Creating templates for paying off credit or utility debts, payroll, transfers to accounts of other users will greatly simplify life.

Not every financial institution can provide customers with a full range of banking services, equipment for trading and specialized programs for managing accounts of all forms of business. The Bank does not issue loans to individuals, but it has taken a more advantageous position, serving large customers. The credit institution is developing successfully, despite the pre-default ratings put forward by the well-known rating agency at the level of “BBB-” at the end of 2015. ING Bank has earned a positive reputation among representatives of various companies; it is almost impossible to find negative reviews about the work of a financial organization.