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HFK Bank is a modern credit institution that makes financial life brighter and easier.

HFK Bank was formed with the collapse of the USSR in 1990 under the name "Innovation Bank Technopolis". After 12 years, Home Credit bought a financial institution to give him a reputation and a new life. In July 2002, Home Credit issued its first loan in the Russian Federation. At the same time, the first retail outlet and bank branch are opened.

Since 2003, the bank has been operating for the first time outside Moscow, opening branches in other Russian cities, and a year later it closes the year with a profit. Soon, the institution opens its branches in every Russian federal district, except for the Far East. In the future, HFK Bank is constantly improving its own activities by launching a mortgage lending program and providing universal services to customers.

After the crisis of 2008, the financial institution changed its strategy, starting to act more cautiously in the Russian market. Car loans and mortgage programs were discontinued, but at the same time, a network of ATMs and Internet banking developed. After 2010, car loans are again issued, and profits increase significantly. Subsequently, the bank acquired a branch in Kazakhstan and entered the top ten best financial institutions in Russia in terms of individual deposits.


HFK Bank-Online provides a large number of services, which makes it one of the most progressive in Russia. In order to apply for a loan without leaving your own home, just go to the official website of the institution, select the “Online Application” tab, where you should open the “Application for loan” item. In the pop-up window, enter your personal data, email and mobile phone so that employees can contact you in the near future regarding a positive or negative response to the request. After filling out a similar form, you can order a credit card.

Directly on the banks website you can see all the information about the loan conditions. There you can read all the data in order to receive a plastic card with an approved limit from the HFK bank. The site will offer you three options for loans - mortgage, cash and loans for the purchase of goods. The bank offers loans for the purchase of apartments from 11.5 percent in national currency. In addition, he supports the following mortgage lending programs:

New house.
Apartment or share.
Ready house.
The construction of the house.
Garage / parking place.
Improving living conditions.
Within three days after making your proposal, representatives of the institution will respond to the request. In order to obtain such a loan, HFK Bank will require you to have a minimum work experience at the last place of employment for at least one year. All financial loans are granted only after the provision of a passport.

You can get a loan for the purchase of goods, which offers several options for spending money:

Clothing and jewelry.
On the site you can see offers from each partner. For example, a financial institution collaborates with travel agencies: Ross Tour, Geography, Bank of Last Minute Tours and Chain of Last Minute Vacation Stores. Agreements were concluded with each of them in the form: “20-0-6.” That is, 1/5 of the total cost of the tour must be paid to the HFK Bank, and the remaining amount must be paid within six months, without overpayments. You can get funds in the range from 1.5 to 200 thousand rubles.

Some stores offer the opportunity to purchase goods or order a service without a down payment. Lending terms, down payments and other parameters of the transaction may vary depending on which partner company the bank entered into a transaction with. HFK managers are ready, if necessary, to talk about all the intricacies of lending. If you wish, you can use a loan calculator to immediately understand through the HFK Bank-online how much you will have to pay.

Bank Cards

You can apply for three types of credit cards:

Gold Card.
Platinum Card.
Quick shopping.
For registration of each of them you will need a passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation. When withdrawing cash, you will have to pay a rate of up to 49.9 percent per annum. The bank provides an opportunity to use the cash limit of up to 300 thousand rubles. There is a grace period for 51 days, and 4.9 percent of the amount must be paid for cash withdrawals. When you receive a card from a HFK bank, you will receive the following conditions of cooperation:

Gold - from 1 to 3 percent of purchases are returned to the users bonus account, in online stores the bonus increases to 30%. The annual fee for using the card is 990 rubles. The annual rate is 34.9%.
Platinum - Bonuses for purchases can reach 1.5-5% of the purchase at an annual rate of 29.9%. In online stores, up to 30% of the purchase price can be returned to the account. The annual fee for using the card is 4990 rubles.
Quick purchases - There is no fee for accompanying the commission, and the annual rate reaches 34.9 percent. There are no fees for using a payment card.
HFK Bank may provide you with the opportunity to use debit cards in national currency or dollars. The conditions for using the cards will be as follows:

“Key” - a ruble card at which the interest rate on the balance is not charged. It allows you to make free transfers in your online bank, and transactions to accounts in other institutions account for 10% of the transaction. Transfers to Mastercard and Visa will take at least 1% of the transaction amount from you.
Good News is a ruble card in which 7 percent per annum is charged on the balance sheet amount. The premium offer has terms of use similar to the Key card.
Bank HFK Bank offers the following dollar debit cards:

Visa / Mastercard Classic - a free card in which the annual amount is not charged. There is no commission for withdrawing money at a bank ATM; at other peoples ATMs, 3% of the required amount.
Visa Gold - the cost of the card is $ 25, a daily bonus balance of 1% is given per annum. The cash withdrawal fee is the same with the Classic card.
Mastercard Gold - for issuing a card you need to pay 25 euros. The amount in the account is replenished by 0.5% per annum. For withdrawals at bank cash desks, the percentage is not withdrawn, but when using other peoples cash desks and ATMs, 3% of the requested amount is charged.
Platinum debit and credit premium cards with special terms of cooperation are also offered to customers.

other services

HFK Bank-online provides customers with a number of services:

Information applications.
Financial protection.
Salary projects.
Other services related to lending and other financial transactions and opportunities.
Thanks to a number of banking services, partnership with the institution is becoming accessible and informative. Clients are provided with individual terms of cooperation, which will simplify your financial life.


HFK is a modern banking institution that monitors global trends and constantly meets modern challenges. The security of the organization is excellent, and customers have the opportunity to receive special conditions of cooperation that will be beneficial to them. A plastic card issued through HKF Bank will be serviced at any bank or ATM in Russia. Debit and credit payment instruments will allow you to spend and increase funds on favorable terms.