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Google Checkouth

Google Checkouth

Google has developed the Google Checkouth service, whose functions include processing online payments. Its main goal is to make payment for purchases in online stores more accessible and easier. When making a payment, users of the service no longer need to constantly enter credit card details.


Link credit card to Google Checkouth

The functions of this service are to link the users bank card to a Google account. Now the buyer can much easier to make a purchase on the resources that this service supports.

On the official Google Checkouth website, credit card details are entered, after which you can pay for purchases. This is a reliable defense against fraud attempts. The payment is received by Google, the recipient is not aware of the consumers card number, he is satisfied only with the receipt of funds.

This service allows you to make payments in dollars and British pounds.


Purpose of the Google Checkouth billing network

The Google Checkouth system (Google Wallet) is a resource for fulfilling internal needs, in particular, for receiving money transfers for using services: Google Earth, Google Video, Picasa.

Unfortunately, Russia is not included in the list of countries where it can use the Google Checkouth service.

A cash transaction is made by credit card; there is no need to open a special account. Payment is made without charging a commission.

The service does not allow accepting payments, its functions are limited only by mediation in payment for purchases in virtual retail outlets, payments for services provided via the Internet.


Google Checkouth privacy and security

To obtain an account on the service, you must specify personal data, address of residence and bank card details. All user information remains the property of Google Checkouth. To pay for the purchase, the user only enters the username and password and product information, all other actions are performed by Google.

The seller does not know the detailed information about the buyer, since it does not fall into his database. The service also provides seller ratings. This information will help the buyer to navigate and make a choice of a more reliable store, which enhances the safety of the funds of the user, who is thus protected from an unreliable seller.

The Google Checkouth security system allows you to track illegal money transactions. Citizens of Russia and while there is no way to use this resource.


Deposits, withdrawals, fees and charges on Google Checkouth

The service does not provide for the storage of funds, so there is no need to create an electronic wallet, as in most payment services. It is only a link between the subjects of trade: the buyer and seller.

Charges for services on the site are not provided. The buyer can track the progress of all payments made by him in various online stores.


Cons and Benefits of Google Checkouth

Among the main disadvantages, Russia is not included in the list of countries where you can use the Google Checkouth service. Clients of this resource cannot use it for mutual settlements, only unilaterally. The system has a limited field of activity; it cannot be used at eBay online auctions.

Indisputable advantages of the service:

The company reimburses losses for an illegal purchase.
Multilingual interface.
Storage of transaction information.
The ability to use the services that serves
Google Checkouth service greatly simplifies the process of making payments for purchased goods in virtual retail chains and for online services.