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In 2000, the Elecsnet service company appeared on the Russian market, which provides its customers with services to pay for goods, loans and makes money transfers. It has a network of ATMs located in 50 regions of the Russian Federation and working in real time with billing systems of mobile operators, which allows you to instantly make payments.


Registration in Elecsnet service

Registering a wallet in the system allows users to instantly make payments using Elecsnet terminals or a computer. The wallet number is assigned based on the cell phone number. If the wallet is registered at an ATM, then with the first replenishment a check with payment data is issued - this, username and password. If registration passes through the official website of the company, then send SMS with a password to your mobile phone.

The Notebook service is directly related to the wallet. It is possible to save payment details in it, and carry out further payments based on saved templates. This greatly simplifies the work. The company gives its users the opportunity to purchase a “customer card” in which an RFID chip is originally built. You can order it on the website or through the Elecsnet ATM. The owners of such cards do not need to log in, just bring the card to the reader. Before you start using it, you need to make a binding to the "notebook". You can use an ATM for this. Also, other cards are tied to the “notebook”.


Recharge at Elecsnet terminals

It is made in cash at Elecsnet terminals. Percentage, while not charged. You can use the card of a banking institution. Such a service is provided in partner banks:

- Credit Europe Bank.


- MDM.

- "My bank".

- Uralsib.

The number of partners is constantly increasing. Resource customers can use the service - replenishment in the Internet terminals of Ocean Bank. Having a card of this credit institution, you can carry out payment transactions with 0% commission, for cards of other banks it is - 2.5% of the payment amount. For quick payment, on the site Payment.RU you should select the “e-money” tab, and then “replenish e-wallet”. The translation arrives instantly. The maximum replenishment amount is 15,000 rubles. You can use the HandyBank system. The commission in this case will be 3%

A convenient way is to replenish the e-wallet of the Elecsnet system through ATMs of the Bank of Moscow, Uralsib and VPB.

The advantage of using the Wallet is that the exact amount needed to pay for certain services can be divided into several transactions. And ATMs accept not only banknotes, but also coins in denominations of 1,2,5,10 rubles. This is evidenced by a special sticker on the device.

Withdraw funds to a bank card

You can withdraw funds to the card of any bank. To carry out such an operation, just go to the companys website or use the terminal.

The non-bank credit organization Mosklingringcenter concludes agreements with banking institutions so that in the future the user can make transfers from Elecsnet Wallet. The interest rate for the transfer directly depends on the agreement between the bank and the Elecsnet service. It varies 0-3%.

In cases where no agreement has been concluded between the bank and the company, then there are certain conditions under which the withdrawal of funds is possible:

- The card must be a Visa payment system.

- The card must be issued by any bank of the Russian Federation. Cards issued by other countries are not accepted.

If replenishment occurs through the Visa tab, then 2% of the amount is withdrawn. Even regardless of whether the bank issued this card, and whether there is an agreement between it and the Elecsnet system.

In Elecsnet ATMs and on the official website, it is possible to repay consumer loans online using an E-wallet. Partner banks that have the ability to conduct operations:

- Renaissance Credit accepts deposits and cards without visiting a bank branch. Payment of loans - 1.4%, no commission is charged on other payments. The receipt of funds occurs the next day. At ATMs are paid: deposits at 0% commission.

- Citibank and Tinkoff - credited, funds instantly and no commission charged.

- Credit Europe Bank - credits funds instantly with a set commission of 1.8% of the payment amount, at least 40 rubles.

- RNKB - funds are credited instantly with a commission of 1.9%.

- Russian Standard Bank - charges a commission of 1.5%, funds arrive instantly.

- Payment system Visa - transfers funds the next day and charges 2% of the amount.

Also, payments can be made at Elecsnet terminals. For each separately taken region, the amount of the commission will be different. A significant plus for MDM Bank customers. Now it is possible to make payments through ATMs without any commission. The interest for repayment at bank branches does not exceed 1.5% of the amount.

Using the Elecsnet service, each user is given the opportunity to maximize the entire functionality of the system. Starting from the quick payment of mobile communications to fines and utilities. Thanks to terminals located in public places, customers can replenish card accounts of the Visa payment system and bank accounts through Elecsnet wallet, repay loans and make money transfers without visiting bank branches. The Elecsnet system, interacting with various banks, ensures the complete safety of the payment.

When paying for selected services through Elecsnet ATMs, you should pay attention to the commission. In different regions, the percentage of the payment may vary. For users who plan to use ATMs for payment on a regular basis, it is necessary to undergo mandatory registration and start a “notebook”. Working with it will significantly reduce the time you pay for services.

The priority of using the Elecsnet self-service terminal is its round-the-clock operation.