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Wallet One W1

Единый кошелёк W1

Every day the virtual space is filled with new means of payment, which gives Internet users more opportunities to use electronic currency in real life. W1 Wallet One is a convenient tool for making money transactions. It can be easily controlled not only using a computer, but also a mobile phone, tablet, smartphone, laptop, with Internet access.


How to become a user of the Wallet One?

People who have an idea of the virtual financial market are well versed in it, they can compare, analyze and evaluate various payment systems. See in them some similarities, positive characteristics and disadvantages. As for the virtual payment system W1 Wallet One, becoming its user is extremely simple. You only need to enter a mobile phone number and have an Internet connection. As soon as the data is activated, an SMS will be sent to the phone with the number of a new virtual wallet and a password, through which you can subsequently go to your page.


History of the Wallet One

The company was established in 2007. Its owner is ZAO "CPI". The payment resource has in its arsenal a huge range of commercial offers based on the X-Plat payment system.

From a legal point of view, the electronic wallet W1 belongs to the Russian Federation.

Since 2008, this resource has reached a higher level of development and has stepped up its activities in many countries of the former Soviet Union.

Over the period of a few years of activity, over 200 providers were connected to the system. Users of the Wallet One Wallet network can purchase goods in 4000 online stores and make instant payment for a purchase.


Privileges of participants of the payment system W1 Wallet One

Payment resource W1 Wallet allows its customers to feel special attention to themselves, providing them with services with zero or minimal commission. For example, if money transfers are made between the participants of the Single Wallet, payments for the transaction are not made.

The system offers users a full range of standard services: payment for purchases, making payments on loans, all kinds of mutual settlements.

If you urgently need cash, the user can quickly transfer electronic money in various ways to regular currency:

Postal transfer.
Bank payment systems, including Contact.
Bank card.
Online exchangers, in particular
W1 users of a single Wallet get the opportunity to significantly save time. That is why, many people prefer more mobile services, characterized by a high speed of money transactions, which this online platform belongs to.

The Single Wallet payment system provides an invaluable benefit - the ability to rationally manage the savings on the account and exercise complete control over them.

In matters of time saving, not only the moment of high speed of money transfer is important, but also the ability to make transactions through the electronic W1 Wallet at any time of the day or night, day off or holiday. All transactions are triggered instantly on a 24/7/365 basis.

Interaction with electronic payment companies

The appearance of a huge variety of different payment services does not mean that they are developing in isolation from each other. Many of them collaborate, interact with each other, thereby expanding their functions and opening up new opportunities for customers. W1 Wallet has a financial relationship with such virtual payment systems:

Yandex money.
RBK Money.
If the user has several electronic wallets (from the list), he can transfer funds from one account to another on favorable terms (without commission).

Service W1 Wallet One also has partnerships with many mobile companies, credit and financial enterprises and organizations of various departments. More than 450 companies are partners of this system, which indicates the scale of its activities.


Reasons for demand

The wide client base of the W1 electronic wallet eloquently speaks about the popularity level. Simplicity of registration, speed of transactions and high level of security system impress people.

Accessibility of the service provides a simple intuitive interface, a minimum of required personal information and efficiency.


Enhanced security in the hands of users

Everything that is required from the service, it performs. The client is protected by SMS confirmations every time you enter the electronic wallet. But there are nuances that the user must take into account. Under no circumstances should you give your username and password to a third party. If someone sends an SMS with a request to provide this data, it means that these are intruders who came up with a believable story on behalf of the administration or technical support service. In fact, the administration of the service never makes such requests. These are elementary attempts to fetch confidential information in order to illegally get to someone elses wallet and “profit” from its contents. Therefore, the user should not lose vigilance and follow the recommended precautions.

The service offers additional security measures: double authentication, digital signatures. The secret data of each user is transmitted exclusively through a secure (encrypted) channel, which will prevent the possibility of its declassification.


affiliate program

Many payment services use an affiliate program; Wallet One is no exception. Such a program has two goals: to attract new customers and provide users with the opportunity to earn extra money. Indeed, for each attracted client, the system pays bonuses.