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Money Mail.Ru

Деньги Mail.Ru

The online payment service Money Mail was created back in 2005, as part of a project to provide users of the My World social network with the necessary capabilities to pay for gaming applications. In fact, the dominant task was just gaming commerce, but as the project progressed, new opportunities appeared that were largely similar to the offers of other electronic payment systems operating in Russia.

In 2013, the service owners signed a cooperation agreement with the MasterCard payment system, which allowed issuing branded payment cards tied to an electronic wallet. But after only a year, the card from the Money Mail system was no longer the only one, since they decided to sell the service. The largest Russian payment system Qiwi responded to the offer, respectively, the service Money Money.Ru began to offer its customers a Qiwi Visa Virtual card.

The combination of two giants in the domestic market of electronic payments has created ideal conditions for attracting new customers, offering interesting and innovative technical solutions. After buying the mail Money service, Qiwi decided to limit the list of system capabilities, focusing on several areas:

Transfers between cards of any Russian banks.
Payment of a large number of games from the service.
Payment for internet services.
Purchase of goods in online stores working with the system.
It is noteworthy that some games allow you to earn Money Mail, but in small quantities.


Registration in the service Money mail

To register, just create an electronic mailbox in the system. After that, the user is given access to the My World social network and the Electronic Money.Ru electronic payment service. Account Creation Procedure:

We go to the site and press the button "open a new mailbox".
In a new window, the user is presented with a registration form, where you need to enter the name, surname, date of birth, city, gender, name of the mailbox, password and place of residence.
Next, you must agree to the terms of use of the service and confirm the registration.
After that, access to the Money Mail service, the My World social network and other system projects is opened.
The electronic payment system Dengi Mail.Ru abandoned the practice of working with electronic wallets, which is dictated by the new owners in the person of Qiwi. All payments are made using bank payment cards, that is, the system acts as an intermediary between the seller and the buyer, guaranteeing the speed and security of payments.


Transfer from card to card using the Money Mail service

As already mentioned, one of the functions of the system is the ability to instantly transfer money from card to card of any bank of Russia on favorable terms. The card can also be ordered on the Mail Money service, but soon the company owners will refuse to issue their own cards. From the point of view of simplifying the functioning of the system, this is correct, since making a payment or credit card in any Russian bank today is not a big problem.

How can I transfer money? Interestingly, the transfer from card to card can only be done through a special mobile application installed on your smartphone. It seems that Qiwi decided to experiment with new technologies involving the use of a mobile platform for making payments.

Owning smartphones is at hand, because the mobile application from Money Mail is convenient and profitable to use. There are two options for applications, depending on which operating program is installed on the smartphone - Android or iOS. You can download applications from the Apple Store or the Google Play Market. Links to direct download can be found on the service Money. Mail.Ru itself. Advantages of working with mobile applications:

Mobility. No need to go anywhere, all processes are performed through the application in the smartphone.
The commission of the system is only 1.3% of the transfer amount.
High security transaction confirmation.
Instant money transfer between bank cards.
A special option - you can not enter the details of the sender card, just take a picture of the card.
For those who know how to earn money and value their time, the Money Mail service will be a real discovery due to the convenience of using the electronic payment and transfer resource.

Payment for games in the Money Mail system

The company is known for having a number of unique games with a total number of players over 50 million people. These are browser-based online games, client-side MMORPGs, mini-games, flash games, arcades, shooters, shooters, MMOs and many others. All of them work on the free-to-play system, which means a free game with the ability to deposit real money to buy unique game items.

Many believe that the need to serve such a large number of players was the primary reason for creating the Money Mail service. It is sometimes very difficult to earn game gold, because many players add extra money to make the gameplay more interesting. To enter money into the game, you need:

Go to the website (Money Mail.Ru).
Select the category of "games".
Enter the name of the game in the search box, or select from the list manually.
Indicate your email address and transfer amount.
Bankcard number.
Confirm the transfer request.
In addition to games, the service allows you to pay for the services of Internet providers, providing a list of almost all companies operating in Russia. You can pay for Internet services in the same way as you transfer money to the game.

We should also say about the possibilities of paying for goods using the Money Mail service. A bank card is always used to pay for goods or services in some online store. The service acts as an intermediary, creating favorable and safe conditions for making payments.