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CyberPlat payment system is one of the first domestic resources for electronic payments. Due to its potential and functionality, it received the status of “Multi-banking system”. The project was launched in 1998. CyberPlat has been operating for 18 years. During this time, the company has become one of the largest structures of its kind operating on the markets of the Russian Federation and the CIS.

The number of payment acceptance points of the system is more than 900,000. The terminals accept cash in favor of the main telecom operators, Internet, television and other services. All CyberPlat terminals accept payments in favor of the Treasury and the Tax Service of the Russian Federation. A feature of the system is the right to make budget payments. Similar opportunities are absent from competitors.

However, coverage of the territory and services is not the most important advantage of the organization. What distinguishes CyberPlat from its competitors is the reliability of transactions and the smooth functioning of the payment mechanism.

Even with significant work experience, the company continues to maintain and strengthen its position in the online payment market. The most important area is the improvement of partnerships with companies that seek to develop the infrastructure of financial transactions on the Internet. CyberPlats top priority is making payments in real time. The task is partially realized, however, development and improvement continues.


About system

The creators of the system are Platina Bank and Inist. The resource is one of the first that supports the implementation of money transactions on the World Wide Web.

CyberPlat has a convenient and simple interface. It has a minimum level of workflow, high speed calculations.

During transactions between consumers and sellers, an agreement is concluded that acts in accordance with the laws of the Russian Federation. It is a prerequisite for the implementation of financial settlements.

To ensure maximum security of the payment transaction, the CyberPlat system uses an electronic digital signature that is not falsified. This functionality eliminates system fraud. It is simply unprofitable for online scammers to fake a digital signature for a long time, since it takes a considerable amount of time.

It is guaranteed that an electronic signature is almost impossible to fake. However, the system and the partner bank take into account the possibility of hacking and guarantee compensation for possible losses.

Another security feature of CyberPlat is the presence of a personal code. Upon completion of the transaction, each of the parties has a document that is able to confirm the payment.


Payment for services through terminals

Clients of the system are able to pay for any services through CyberPlat terminals. An extensive network of payment devices is another advantage of the resource. On the official website you can find the addresses of all cash points located in different cities of the country. You can also get the necessary information by calling the payment system hotline.

It is simple and convenient to pay for services or replenish a personal account using the terminal. The deposit process takes only a few minutes.

CyberPlat offers its customers high-quality self-service machines. The priorities of this service are safety, reliability and ease of use. The companys specialists have worked out the functionality of the terminals as much as possible so that they are available to a wide range of users.

You can pay for the necessary services as follows:

On the main page, click the "Search" button.
In the search bar, type the name of the organization you want to pay for and click next.
The next page will be a field designed to enter your account or account number.
After checking the payment details, pay in cash.
When making a payment, all CyberPlat terminals show the amount of service. The size of the commission may be different and depends on the type of terminal.

check in

In order to become a client of the system, you should register in it. To start working, you need to install the company application on the PC. Currently there are several types of software:

"User" - is required in order to make purchases on the World Wide Web.
“Corporate” - they are used by organizations that provide employees or workers with the opportunity to pay for their needs on the Internet. The CyberPlat payment system receives a certain money transfer from organizations. In the future, there is a redistribution of funds between employee accounts. Employees have the opportunity to pay online goods and services in the range of the amount transferred.
“Shop-settlements” - is used to carry out financial transactions using CyberPlat in the online store. After signing the contract, the corresponding software is installed on the stores resource. Employees of the company independently install the necessary applications on customer resources.
The CyberPlat system divides all payment transactions into 2 categories based on the status of a customer-buyer:

Payments for business - payments are made by a legal entity.
Payments for customers - payments are made by an individual who is an ordinary participant in the system.
All transactions are carried out using a single technology. However, there is a difference in security. Also, if necessary, additional protection modules can be introduced.


Purchase process through the system

To start financial transactions through CyberPlat, you need to get a bank account at Platina Bank. If you have an account, it must have a certain amount to make a payment.

For the user, the next step will be the formation of their order. After the user has chosen the necessary direction of the transaction, he turns to the seller for invoicing.

The seller provides the necessary account. It contains all the data on the goods, cost, number of issuance of the invoice. The issued invoice has a personal electronic signature of the seller, which was issued by the CyberPlat system. From now on, the account is a contract.

After receiving the invoice, the buyer also signs it. By signing, he agrees to the contract. Next, the invoice is sent back to the seller.

In turn, the online store redirects the account to the bank for authorization. The banking organization verifies the data of the participants in the operation. The main point of the check is the presence of money from the buyer.

If all the requirements are met, the bank transfers the funds to the seller. The check is saved in the bank system. A copy is sent to the seller for the vacation of paid goods or services.

If there are any problems during the payment process, the CyberPlat payment system sends information about the reason for the refusal to the online store.

Another way to carry out operations is to use plastic cards. However, the system does not support all types of plastic. So, the main world payment systems VISA and MasterCard work. If you wish to pay by credit card, you do not need to open an account.