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Binbank is a large bank of the Russian Federation. The main activity is aimed at servicing credit programs for corporate clients and individuals, as well as at attracting deposits from individuals. It is active in the foreign exchange and stock markets.

The year of foundation of this financial institution is 1993. Initially, it was conceived as an operator of an offshore zone in the Republic of Ingushetia. Later, from 2000 to 2002, he serviced the financial activities of Slavneft and RussNeft. Currently, he is actively continuing his activities in the banking sector, increasing his authorized capital from year to year.


Bank services

In recent years, the bank has significantly increased the level of quality of customer service. At the moment, the company offers a wide range of financial instruments. A diverse selection of services, combined with many years of experience, gives the right to say about Binbank that the quality of the services provided is beyond doubt.

The main services of the bank are:

Credit service. Private and legal entities are serviced, loans are issued to expand the business. Becoming an owner of a loan from Binbank is simple. This will require a minimum package of documents.
Bank deposits. Customers are offered several profitable investment programs. Each of the programs has its own characteristics, which leaves its mark on the interest rate level. All credit lines are designed to meet the needs and capabilities of various groups of citizens.
Money transfers. Support for international standards of world payment systems makes it possible to transfer funds anywhere in the world without much effort. Using a bank transfer, a client can transfer funds to an account or withdraw money from this account.
Payment of various services. Binbank Bank gives its customers the opportunity to pay utility bills, payments on free details and the like.
Currency exchange. The company organizes currency exchange at the rate established by the Central Bank. Customers can always exchange in the right volumes with the best conditions.
Bank cells. The bank provides safe boxes for storing valuables or documentation. All cells are covered by a safety guarantee.
The list below is far from complete. The client can obtain the most detailed information on each product and directly about Binbank on the official resource on the Internet or by contacting the nearest branch. It is possible to solve the arisen questions even without contacting the office. To do this, just make a call on the hot line.


Bank deposits

At the moment, the company offers the following programs for opening a deposit account.

Retirement programs

Decent retirement. The deposit is drawn up for up to 1095 days. The interest rate is 7.5–9.25% per annum. Perhaps replenishment of the deposit. Payment of accrued interest - either every month, or accumulation.
Account "Pension". It gives the client the right to store funds at a fixed interest rate of 5% per annum. The accrual process takes place on the last day of the month.
Programs for all categories

Contribution to the Future Account. For the opening of which, Binbank has set a minimum threshold of 150,000 rubles. It is allowed to replenish the account. Validity is 181 days. Interest rate - 12.7% per annum. Payment is made at the end of the contract.
Account "Maximum income". The minimum payment upon opening is 10,000 rubles. The possibility of additional replenishment of the account is determined by the client. Validity from 31 to 1095 days. The annual interest rate of 6.2-10.25%. Payments are made upon expiration.
“Monthly income” contribution. It has similar characteristics with the previous deposit, but allows you to take profits on a monthly basis. The interest rate is lower - 9.55%.
For those who wish to determine the level of their income received from a deposit, Binbank Bank provides the option of calculating on an online calculator. It can be found on the official resource of the company. Also, all the necessary information can be obtained by calling the hotline.

Lending to individuals

Currently, the bank is dividing loan products into various categories of customers. The division is carried out by users of already credited, budget categories, having salary programs and those who apply for the first time. The following are the differences and advantages of all options.

Corporate and payroll clients. Binbank provides an opportunity to obtain a loan of up to 3 million rubles. The loan term can reach 60 months. The annual rate fluctuates at the level of 20-29.9%. The review process takes up to 3 days. At registration, guarantors are not required.
First time applicants. The terms of the loan and the amount are the same as in the previous version. The difference is the interest rate from 22 to 42% per annum.
Employees of budget enterprises. The size and duration of lending is similar. The level of the annual interest rate has also been changed - from 20 to 30.9% per annum.
In order to apply for a loan, it is enough to come to Binbank bank with an identity document, labor certificate and 2-NDFL certificate. In addition, the client can submit an application for registration and receipt on the companys website.


Bank cards

The financial institution works with all types of plastic and credit cards. Customers are offered the following set of bank cards.

Card "Platinum". It has a credit limit up to 300,000 rubles. Grace period up to 55 days. The client becomes a member of the loyalty program.
Junior card. Designed for use by children aged 6-17 years. The program includes free maintenance. Interest-free receipt of funds. Uncommissioned transfer of money from the card. The balance of the account is charged up to 7% per annum.
Payer card. Designed for continuous payment of necessary services at ATMs, online banking without charging a commission. You can find out about Binbank with its terms of payment for services through terminals and ATMs by calling the hotline.
In addition, the bank offers to issue a pension and salary card for regular customers. Such cards have preferential terms of service and withdrawal of funds. The company also regularly holds promotions and special offers for each product.