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Vozrozhdenie: a bank for those who value stability

Vozrozhdenie is a financial institution that has been providing credit services to the public since 1991. The bank works in several areas: customers can apply for a mortgage, car and consumer credit, a card or open a deposit on very favorable terms. There are a number of proposals for small and medium-sized businesses.

Bank cards Vozrozhdenie: what to choose?

The leadership of a financial organization, unlike its competitors, relied on simplicity and convenience, rather than diversity. Here, the client will not be able to issue a card with a unique logo or design. Consumers are offered classic products.

Vozrozhdenie bank cards can be issued from MasterCard and Visa payment systems with program support:

For each card, special conditions are developed, but, in general, it is clear what category of consumers each type of product is designed for. The bank offers 3 tariff plans.

Under the Privilege program, the base rate is 18% per annum. The client can receive an amount of up to 500 thousand rubles. This tariff is valid for salary clients of the bank. But it can be connected to the owners of deposits in the same financial institution.

For the Loyal tariff, Vozrozhdenie Bank established other payment conditions - a rate of 19% per annum, but a consumer can issue a loan on a card up to 1 million rubles.

The leadership of the financial organization has limited the circle of those who can get plastic on such conditions. The card will be issued to: bank customers; those who previously had a deposit worth more than 300 thousand rubles; employees of partner organizations and so on.

The “basic” tariff is valid for people with a positive history in other financial organizations, state employees and employees of joint-stock companies. The rate reaches 26% per annum, and the maximum amount is 500 thousand rubles. You can issue any card on the Vozrozhdenie website online or at the nearest bank branch. 

How much will you have to pay?

Issuing cards with any loyalty program and tariff is not free. The client will have to pay:

For classic cards - 750 rubles.
For gold cards - 2000 rubles.
For premium class cards - 6000 rubles.
The service fee directly depends on how actively the customer uses the card. For example, if a consumer spends less than 15 thousand rubles a month on a standard card, then he will have to pay 100 rubles for the service. If the expenses are higher, then the bank does not charge a commission. Not only the amount of spending is taken into account, but also the amount of funds credited to the card. The situation is also with gold cards of Vozrozhdenie Bank, where for expenses or credits of less than a certain amount (less than 10 and 25 thousand rubles, respectively), 200 rubles will be charged, and in platinum cards - 300 rubles (thresholds for expenses are higher).

You will also have to pay 50 rubles for depositing funds into the account. For withdrawing money from the card (own funds) at the ATMs of the network, the client gives 0.2% of the amount, at ATMs of other financial organizations you will have to pay 1% + 100 rubles of the amount.

If the user wants to track the receipt of funds on the card or the balance on the account, then for the SMS-informing service you will need to pay 60 rubles one-time upon connection, and Vozrozhdenie will also withdraw the same amount every month.

A financial institution issues credit cards only to residents of Russia when they reach the age of 21. To establish a small credit limit within 50 thousand rubles, the provision of an income statement is not a prerequisite. Those customers who want to get a limit of 1 million rubles will have to confirm their solvency. All cards have a grace period of almost 2 months (55 days) on renewable terms. The client can return all the borrowed funds, and the period will again be prolonged by almost 2 months (at this time the client of Vozrozhdenie Bank does not make a monthly payment).

Mortgages: buy your dream apartment right now!

Mortgage - in 65% of cases, the only option for a young family is to become owners of their own real estate. A financial institution provides favorable conditions. You can become an owner of real estate both in new buildings and in the secondary market. General terms:

The rate is from 13% per annum.
Amount - up to 30 million rubles.
The term is up to 30 years.
The client needs to prepare at least 20%, which will be used as a down payment. Getting a card at Vozrozhdenie Bank is much easier than getting a mortgage. The requirements for borrowers are extremely strict. By the time of actual repayment of the loan, the borrower must be less than 65 years old, experience in the last place of work at least 6 months. If the loan is executed by an entrepreneur, then the length of service must exceed 2 years.

The borrower must be ready for additional commissions, for example, he will have to pay 2% of the transaction amount for collecting information about the client, but not more than 100 thousand rubles. Insurance is also a mandatory point of interaction. The consumer is also forced to pay for insurance from his own pocket.

You can apply for a mortgage on the Vozrozhdenie website online. After "acquaintance" with the information provided, an employee of the organization will contact the client and invite him to the department, voicing the preliminary decision. 

Profitable car loan program

The bank offers everyone to become the owner of their own vehicle, moreover, on very favorable terms. The program "Car loan at a car dealership" operates on the following principles:

Amount up to two million rubles.
The term is up to 5 years.
Rate - from 17% per annum (calculated individually for each client).
The consumer must provide at least 15% of the full value of the vehicle as a down payment. Vozrozhdenie Bank does not require collateral - the purchased machine acts as a guarantee.

Vozrozhdenie restrictions for loan recipients similar to mortgages. At the time of repayment of the loan, the client must be no older than 65 years, at the time of loan processing - no less than 21 years. 

Should you trust your own money to the bank?

In 2016, a financial institution celebrates its 25th anniversary. Several financial crises did not lead the bank to default, but rather increased its customer base. You can familiarize yourself with the current deposit rates at Vozrozhdenie Bank online.

On ruble deposits, a financial institution offers up to 8.67% per annum at an average rate in the country of 6.8%. Of course, we are talking about long-term deposits. For short-term investments of 181 days or more, the client can count on a rate of 7.9% per annum.

With dollar deposits, the situation looks just as optimistic. The bank offers 2.11% per annum for long-term deposits, 1.5% per annum for short-term deposits. The rate on deposits in euros reaches 1% per annum.

Vozrozhdenie is a financial institution with many years of experience. The bank offers various loan programs on favorable terms so that each client can choose the most profitable product for their needs. On the official website of the organization there is complete information about all tariff plans.