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What services does the national trust bank offer?

The year of foundation of a large retail bank Trust was 1995. In 2014, the interim administration of a financial institution ceased to function. The Otkritie Holding organization and the Otkritie Financial Corporation Bank decided to become at the head of the process of financial rehabilitation of the credit institution. Since 2015, the National Trust Bank has been part of the financial holding Otkrytie. For the first half of last year, the banks income exceeded 3 billion rubles. Since the reorganization, the banking organization has implemented an updated risk policy strategy and has developed a full line of offers for individuals, small business entrepreneurs and VIP clients.

Individuals - Bank Specialization

The financial institution offers private clients more than 40 convenient services. These include:

Payments Western Union money transfers and transactions at the National Trust Bank without opening an account are available to customers. More than 20 thousand branches of Western Union are open in the Russian Federation. Translation in Russia will cost 100 rubles, abroad - from 250 rubles / 10 US dollars. Payments to the CIS countries are subject to 1% of the transaction amount. The funds arrive at the recipients account almost instantly.
The institute also allows you to make transactions, bypassing the opening of an account, in domestic or world currency. An individual can receive a transfer under the same conditions. To send or receive a transfer, you must contact the nearest office of a financial institution. You need to have a passport or ID with you.

Bank cards of the National Bank of Trust. You can apply for and receive a card within 5 minutes at any branch of a credit institution. Customer service is available around the clock using the contact center. The banking tool has an EMV chip and uses 3D-Secure anti-fraud technology. Connection to the Internet and mobile banking is provided free of charge.
Cards are issued in four types of MasterCard: Standard, Gold, Platinum, Black Edition. Each of them has its own advantages. For example, MasterCard Standard card holders can use the tool to pay bills and purchases through the Internet banking service of National Trust Bank online. It is also possible to make purchases by cashless transfer at ATMs, self-service devices or the Internet. The service is valid in the Russian Federation and abroad.

Deposits. The bank offers 11 types of deposits for various purposes. Among them there are VIP deposits. Set rates apply in case of early withdrawal of a deposit, or withdrawal of a partial amount. Almost all types of money multiplication are available in Trust-Online online banking. For example, the “Generous Interest” deposit provides for high interest rates ranging from 9.5 to 10.5%. The terms of deposits on the account of the National Bank of Trust vary from 3 to 18 months. Advantages: auto-prolongation.
The “Maximum Pluses 2016” deposit allows you to partially withdraw funds or replenish your account throughout the entire time. Payments can be made monthly. The interest rate is from 9.1 to 10%.

Insurance covers several areas: life, medicine and the protection of the whole family. The Family Protection program is designed to ensure the financial security of the family in the event of an accident. 6 people can be included in one policy: 2 adults and 4 children. Risks also include hospitalization.
The insurance premium of the National Trust Bank for basic protection of 1 adult and 4 children is 1099 rubles, extended protection in the same composition will cost 4199 rubles. There is also a growth factor investment program for life insurance. With its help, you can earn money, both during the period of market growth, and with the instability of the economy.

RBS. The institute offers remote service. It includes the services of Internet banking, SMS-help on the account, the use of ATMs and voice IVR. Trust-Online allows private clients to conduct instant transactions with minimal commission fees. You can view information on loans and deposits, as well as block the card of the National Trust Bank remotely. The Trust Mobile is intended for mobile devices on the iPhone or Android platform.
Trust find. The service is an innovative solution for saving precious things of the client. The kit consists of a sticker and a key fob, which has a customer identification number and organization phone number. The lost thing will quickly return to the owner. The offer is completely confidential. Cost - 950 rubles.
The service "My lawyer." Professional legal assistance at a convenient time in any situation. It is enough to choose a suitable tariff plan and issue a client certificate.
Travel online service of the National Bank of Trust. The innovative Travel card allows you to accumulate funds in domestic currency and travel around the Russian Federation or anywhere in the world. The card is attached to the site, which allows you to make instant purchases.

Bank sets benchmark for successful business

Small business owners can take advantage of the advantageous offers of a financial institution. These include:

RKO. The Bank offers settlement and cash services, foreign economic activity, SMS-informing, the Trust-Online-Business program. SMS informing is intended to increase the level of protection when working with settlement accounts of the National Trust Bank. It includes: debiting and crediting money, as well as the cancellation of erroneous transactions. You can activate the service at the place of customer service.
Trust-Online-Business for legal entities allows you to receive daily account statements and exchange information with accounting software. It is possible to connect to the service in the department of the institute. A demo version of the program is available on the official page of the site.

Placement of free funds. There are several types of deposits that are selected for each client individually. High rates of the Bank National Trust Bank allow additional income to companies with any type of activity. The entrepreneur will be able to choose the best type of placement of funds. For example, "Business Capital" allows you to replenish the account and carry out interest capitalization every month. Deposits are available in the ruble, dollar, and euro currencies. The down payment amount must not be less than 100 thousand rubles or 3 thousand dollars. Deposit term: from 1 month to 1 year. Extension is not provided. “Deposit for SRO” is intended for management companies. There is a possibility of early replenishment or withdrawal of funds. Payments are made at the end of the deposit period.
Other features. These include: salary projects, corporate cards of the National Trust Bank and acquiring. Corporate plastic cards are designed to conduct business activities of the company and pay employees expenses. Advantages: setting a limit, blocking and simultaneously replenishing the account of all cards.
Lending. The financial institution offers ample opportunity to repay loans: through bank branches, Qiwi system, Trust Online wire transfer or postal order.
Offers of a banking institution comply with international standards and advanced technologies in the field of servicing individuals and legal entities. The National Trust Bank is available online, which greatly facilitates the management of small business executives.