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Tinkoff Bank

Банк Тинькофф

People do not have enough information about the services provided by Tinkoff Bank. Some heard the advertisement on TV, others visited the official page of the Tinkoff site, but did not dare to become a client of this multidisciplinary financial and credit institution. So what is this company good for? What range of services does it provide to current and potential users?


A bit of history

Tinkoff Credit Systems Bank CJSC is the official name of this company. Year of foundation - 1994. The main specialization is the issuance of credit cards by post. It is noteworthy that this bank is the only one in Russia that provides remote services remotely. If you rely on the name of the bank, then it seems that Tinkoff Bank specializes only in issuing loans.

In fact, a remote bank provides a huge range of services. His prerogative includes: assistance in placing cash deposits and issuing a debit card, as well as insurance programs.


Range of Tinkoff Bank services

The bank works by remote form. There are no branches and regional institutions on the territory of Russia. How can I use banking services? You can view them on specially created websites for this. The creator of the bank is Oleg Tinkov. Tinkoff Bank responds to reviews from almost every client. The main services provided by the bank are the issuance of credit cards and the popular system of cash deposits by individuals. Bank for a short period has earned the trust of customers. Several thousand people get loans at this company every day.

Credit programs of the company are divided into:

Consumer loans.
Credit cards.
Micro loans.
Mortgage loans.
Car loan.
All services are available online. The conditions for issuing cards are very beneficial. There are 4 types of Tinkoff Bank credit cards that are provided by a well-known financial institution in Russia. Different conditions for the provision and borrowing play an important role in the selection of a certain type of bank card by the client.

Despite the difference in capabilities and functionality, all credit cards have the following characteristics:

Almost instant review of the application, which does not take more than a few minutes.
The term for issuing a plastic card does not exceed 24 hours.
Home delivery by courier or post office.
A minimum set of documents is required (without proof of income).
The opportunity to take a long grace period and restore the credit limit at Tinkoff.
Profitable bonus and affiliate programs.
It turns out that all credit cards of TCS Bank will help out in any difficult financial situation. The presence of such a card allows the client to carry out loans without a second visit to the bank. It is enough to have positive credit information.

Rates on bank loans are directly proportional to the totality of some factors, therefore, they are approved based on an individual case. There is a real possibility of obtaining a profitable loan with a minimum interest rate. The growing popularity of Tinkoff proves this. A loan can be obtained by pre-filing an online application without inquiries and guarantors. The loan amount at Tinkoff Bank varies from 10 to 500 thousand rubles for a period of six months to 2.5 years.

Customers can also make cash deposits remotely. In order to put money into a personal account opened with a credit institution, you must first call or place an application directly on the site. After receiving such a card, you need to replenish its account.

It is interesting that a client who wants to become a contributor has a number of important and very attractive advantages, such as:

A contribution can be profitable up to 10.75% per year.
From 1 year to 3 years, money can be stored in the account. According to Tinkoff reviews, this is the most profitable period.
The minimum deposit amount is 30,000 rubles.
If desired, it is possible to deposit additional funds on deposit.
You can take interest every month and carry out capitalization.
A partial withdrawal of money from a deposit is allowed.

Tinkoff Bank has developed a client deposit insurance program. This allows you to reliably protect deposits from any unforeseen situations. The company offers its users a Tinkoff Bank card. It is a debit and belongs to the Platinum category. This is a Tinkoff Black card.

If available, the owner receives a refund of at least 5% of the money spent on the purchase. It works on a cashback basis. A pleasant surprise is the accrual of up to 8% per annum on the cash balance.

It turns out that if 40 thousand rubles are left on the card every month for accumulation, and the user withdraws about 20 thousand, then a card balance of 7800 rubles can be added per year. The more money will remain on the card, the more interest can be withdrawn at the end of the year. If you transfer wages to it, you can get an additional bonus on the Tinkoff card.

Card payment service is MasterCard. It is multicurrency, as it allows you to store savings in currencies such as rubles, dollars and euros. The card has a built-in chip that allows you to pay for purchases using the contactless method of PayPass. Service for the year will be free of charge subject to the availability of invested money in Tinkoff or the balance on the card account of more than 30 thousand rubles, as well as if the client has a loan for the specified amount. When the cardholder does not use the services of the bank, the commission for the year of service will be 1188 rubles per year. SMS banking works, the cost of the message is 39 rubles.

Tinkoff Bank cards can be withdrawn in cash worldwide. If the withdrawal amount is more than 3 thousand rubles, and the total withdrawal amount per month is 149 thousand rubles - no commission fees. With a total withdrawal amount that exceeds 150 thousand rubles per month, a commission fee of 2% is set, but not less than 90 rubles. An application for a card issue can be left on the website.

Tinkoff Bank now comes to the aid of entrepreneurs. He offers advice when opening an account within 1 day, remote and round-the-clock support, a minimum package of documents. Fast payments, mobile and online banking enjoy positive reviews and testify to the high quality of Tinkoff Banks services. The company does not stop there and is constantly expanding its range of services.

For example, a credit card called “Tinkoff Kanobu” was issued specifically for gamers. With its help, you can accumulate bonuses and pay with it in online games. And 1.5% of the perfect payment will be returned to the client. Purchases on Steam, XBox Games, PlayStation sites will add 5% to their owner on the balance of the money spent. The credit limit is set within 700 thousand rubles, preferential service lasts no more than 55 days, and annual card maintenance will cost 990 rubles. There is an opportunity to use PayWave services for contactless payment of purchases. Thus, the Tinkoff Bank card is a reliable friend of each client.

Some time ago, Tinkoff began to accept applications for mortgage lending. The Bank acts as a broker of such a service, which selects the most suitable personal conditions for each client. The service is provided free of charge. A discount at a mortgage bank through Tinkoff can be obtained in the amount of 0.25–1% of the rate. The minimum rate is 11.9% per annum.

Summing up, we can only emphasize the wide range of remote banking services. To become his client or to stand aside while others enjoy various bonuses is the business of each potential user.