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Soyuz Bank: features of services and lending programs provided to customers

No one is safe from unforeseen expenses. It is very good if the available savings make it possible to quickly solve a financial problem. Otherwise, you have to resort to a loan. Today, many organizations work in the credit market, but not all of them offer a profitable option for cooperation. Unlike unscrupulous lenders, the soyuz banking institution offers its customers optimal lending conditions.

Foundation History

Currently, the bank is a universal commercial institution. It first appeared on the market in 1993 under the name Alina-Moscow. A few years later, the controlling stake was acquired by the insurance company Ingosstrakh, and the financial institution was accordingly renamed Ingosstrakh soyuz. The next reorganization was carried out in 2003, after the merger of three small organizations - Sibregionbank, Avtogazbank, and also the national savings bank. The newly-formed association became known as Bank “soyuz”.

During the crisis of 2008, the financial stability of the credit institution was greatly shaken, in connection with which, a decision was made on its subsequent reorganization. This procedure was carried out with the participation of the DIA, the holding of Finansresurs and Gazprom. Financial recovery benefited the bank, and by 2010 its stability was restored. Currently, the institution is a fairly large player in the credit market. The Bank is especially active in investments and private clients.

What are the conditions for obtaining a loan?

In the field of consumer lending, three products are immediately available to customers, which soyuz offers. An online application can be issued directly on the site. All loans are provided for a period of one to five years. Requirements for potential borrowers are quite stringent. So, he should have a permanent job, for which he was employed at least three months ago. In addition, the bank begins cooperation only with people who have a positive credit history. Moreover, the employees of the lending department take into account the positive experience of cooperation not only with soyuz, but also with other credit institutions.

So, if a person who is interested in obtaining a loan already has a soyuz card, according to which he conscientiously fulfills his obligations, then with a high degree of probability he will not be denied a new loan. If only the financial capabilities of the client allow him to repay two loans at once. Also a mandatory requirement is the availability of a permanent residence permit. The age of the borrower can range from twenty two to sixty five years.

Currently, the bank has the following lending programs:

"Opportunities." The minimum amount starts from one hundred thousand rubles. As for the maximum value, it depends on the availability of guarantors. If the client can provide a guarantor, then he has the right to expect to receive 1.5 million. Otherwise, soyuz is limited to issuing 750 thousand rubles. The interest rate is 27% provided that the borrower has insured his life and 29% if he has refused to purchase the policy.
"Your rules." The loan amount varies from fifty thousand to one million rubles. The standard annual rate is 33%. But for regular customers there is a discount up to 11%.
"Shared values." Under this program, the borrower can get a loan in the amount of from fifty thousand to half a million rubles. Moreover, no additional security in the form of a guarantee is required.
A feature of lending at soyuz is the financial institutions focus on Ingosstrakh customers. Also, the bank is actively working with an already formed customer base. Therefore, it is quite difficult for a person from the street to get a loan from this credit institution.

How to get a Soyuz credit card

Loans in the range of forty to three hundred thousand rubles are available to customers who have expressed a desire to get a credit card. Moreover, they can get a loan at their discretion in Russian, American or European currency. The interest rate is set depending on the choice of currency. So, for rubles it will be 24%, for dollars - 20% and 18% for the euro. A Soyuz card is issued to individuals who are at least twenty-two and not older than sixty years. At the same time, the potential borrower must have at least one year of work experience, and at least three months work at the last place of work. The client needs to confirm the amount of his income with documents using the personal income tax certificate.

Each month, the borrower must repay at least ten percent of his debt. He also has access to early repayment of the loan, which at his discretion is carried out in certain parts or one-time. For cash withdrawals, you will have to pay an additional fee in the amount of one and a half percent. In most cases, the Soyuz card does not have a grace period. An exception is made only for regular customers for whom individual conditions are drawn up. Benefits include a reduced interest rate, as well as a simplified procedure for registration. So, regular customers with a positive credit history can receive a credit card only on the basis of a passport.

In addition, increased credit limits are set for this category of borrowers. The client can take advantage of the grace period, the duration of which is fifty-five days. During this period, he uses borrowed funds completely free of charge. Regular customers of Soyuz have the right to make an application for a card online. Preferential conditions also provide for exemption from the card service fee during the first year.

What documents are needed to get a loan

To get a loan, a potential borrower must submit the following package of documents to the bank:

A completed application.
Passport of a Russian citizen.
Military ID (this rule applies only to men of military age).
A document confirming employment, as well as a certificate of the amount of income received. If the borrower is a salary client of Soyuz Bank, then he is exempted from submitting these documents.
If the loan amount exceeds seven hundred fifty thousand, then an additional certificate of pension insurance must be submitted.
It should be borne in mind that if the income of the husband or wife is taken into account in the process of calculating the loan amount, the spouse must also draw up a package of documents. These include a questionnaire, passport, certificates of employment.

Advantages and disadvantages of working with Soyuz

The advantages of obtaining a loan through this banking institution are completely obvious. First of all, this is a significant loan amount, thanks to which the client can solve almost any financial problem. In addition, Soyuz provides long-term loans, including online. Recall that the maximum duration is five years. Moreover, the interest rate is considered quite loyal. Money on the terms of consumer lending can get a person engaged in entrepreneurial activities.

The main disadvantage of this financial institution is the rather voluminous package of documents that must be submitted to the bank in order to gain access to borrowed funds. And people working informally, in fact, can not count on getting a loan. In addition, Soyuz limits its circle of borrowers to salary clients and individuals who collaborate with Ingosstrakh.