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Bank Saint Petersburg - a civilized business

Банк Санкт Петербург

The founding year of PJSC Bank Saint Petersburg is 1990. It is one of the largest regional banks in the Russian Federation. In the service area are:

St. Petersburg.
Settlements of the Leningrad region.
The results, published every year of the financial statements, indicate that the activities carried out by St. Petersburg Bank over the past ten years are stable and have a high level of stability.
The areas considered priority for the activity are:

Credit Services.
Cash settlement operations.
Work with legal entities.
The provision of services to individuals.
Participation in the activities of the currency market.
Carrying out operations related to loans between banks.
Purchase and sale of securities.
The bank has its own processing center. Due to this, plastic cards of Bank Saint Petersburg are maintained and maintained at a very high level. For a long time, the bank maintains a reputation as a strong partner, distinguished by reliability. This was made possible thanks to a well-chosen strategy based on the consistent implementation of the selected financial policy. Loyalty to the values associated with the civilized conduct of business is the credo of PJSC Bank Saint Petersburg.


What accounts are opened in St. Petersburg Bank

Opening an account in rubles and foreign currency is available to residents of the Russian Federation as well as non-residents.
The right to open a special suppliers bank account is reserved for organizations engaged in either the supply of goods or the provision of services. They use it to credit transactions carried out by payment agents.
To open a special bank account of a paying agent, the organization must engage in activities related to the acceptance of payments made by individuals. Organizations specializing in notarial activities have access to open a notary deposit account. And those who have to go through bankruptcy are given the opportunity to open a special debtor bank account.

Bank St. Petersburg credit cards - maximum convenience for customers
The availability of credit cards allows you to:

Settle for purchases, not bothering with the issue of available cash with you.
Withdraw cash from an ATM if you still need it after hours.
Without a doubt, go to any country, so St. Petersburg Bank credit cards are accepted almost everywhere.

Credit card recipient may be:

Those who have salary cards.
Customers with a mortgage, consumer or car loan.
Employees of enterprises that are partners of the bank.
Customers who opened an active bank account no earlier than 6 months ago.
Users who were later than six months issued cards of the class "Preschool" or "Childrens".

Varieties of bank cards offered by the Bank Saint Petersburg
It is customary to call a bank card a modern means by which cashless payments are made. With their help, customer safety and maximum convenience are ensured for them, thanks to the wide range of applications. Bank St. Petersburg cards are offered in a fairly wide range:

Pension plastic card with the following advantages:
It is served throughout the year for free.
There is no commission for issuing a card.
The residual amount is charged about 5.0% per annum.
Each purchase brings bonuses in the range of 3.0%.
During the first three months, SMS service is provided for free.
Accident insurance is provided free of charge.
The ability to pay financial transactions in one touch.
“Bright” (MasterCard World), which is offered to customers who prefer to actively use non-cash payment in the process of purchases made either in real stores or in their online counterparts. Each “Bright” card issuer is given the opportunity to receive additional income of up to 10.0% per annum accrued on the balance of money on the card.
Beautiful Money (MasterCard Prepaid) is a prepaid card, which means it is an alternative to a material gift.
VisaVirtual - using this card you can make purchases on the Internet and pay for services there. The security of this card is guaranteed by the fact that there is no way to steal it, or to obtain information about its data.
VISA Classic Unembossed, MasterCard Unembossed is considered an entry-level credit card. Without spending a lot of money to pay for annual services, its owner has the following options:

Receive fiat currency units at ATMs.
Settle payments for goods and various services, moreover, it can be done both on the territory of the Russian Federation and outside its borders;
To resort to the services of the Bank of St. Petersburg online.
VISAClassic, MasterCardStandard in these cards combines the highest level of reliability and ease of use. Owners of cards of this class have the opportunity:
Cash withdrawals at ATMs and bank cash desks around the world.
Payment for purchases at any retail outlets.
Booking tickets for all types of passenger traffic.
Make a reservation for hotel rooms.
VISAGold, MasterCardGold are among the prestigious cards of a very high level, with the help of which, in addition to the generally accepted set of services, their owners are provided with a fairly large number of additional privileges.

VISAPlatinum, MasterCardPlatinum - is provided exclusively to those affluent customers who are distinguished by the exacting quality of the services provided by the bank. The presence of such cards indicates the high status of their owner.
Premium Black Card— has the following privileges:
Service by a personal manager.
Accrual of 5.0% per annum on the balance of financial assets in the account.
The addition of a 1.0% “BRIGHT” bonus after each acquisition.
Free access not only to the SMS service, but also to the Bank of St. Petersburg online.
The provision of concierge services.
Availability of an insurance program.
At airports of the Priority Pass international program access to VIP lounges.
Emergency support services.
The “Salary” personal card is issued to customers who wish to receive their salaries at bank branches. It is issued in cases where there is no salary contract with the clients employer.
A childrens card is issued to those who have rights to receive compensation payments and live in St. Petersburg at the same time.
With an individual design - this service is offered by PJSC Bank Saint Petersburg for those who want to become the owner of a unique bank card, the surface of which is drawn up in accordance with the wishes of the client.
Credit card with grace period.

Grace period

We are talking about the period during which the bank does not accrue interest on the use of credit funds, if the transaction is classified as preferential. At the same time, timely payment is exempt from interest at all. Credit cards of St. Petersburg Bank provide 51 days (unlike similar banking products, with a period of 55 days), which are called the grace period. It starts to count from the day on which the purchase was made. At the end of the month, the entire amount of debt is recorded on the borrowers account - the amount recommended for payment. If its repayment was made no later than the 20th day of the coming month, then interest will not be charged from the client for the use of the loan.
The grace period covers only those operations for payment of services or making purchases in which the cards of the Bank of St. Petersburg were used for settlements with enterprises related to trade and service. Accordingly, the grace period does not apply to operations carried out in the Internet bank or related to cash withdrawals.