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Bank of Russia

In the early summer of 1990, the registration of the joint-stock company Bank Russia was carried out. In the current Russian reality, he became one of the first. Initially, the bank served the territory, which included the entire northwestern Russian region. However, in 2010, a merger was carried out with CJSC Gazenergoprombank. As a result of the reorganization, there was a change in geography, which covered the space from the Kursk and Belgorod regions to Bashkiria and Perm Territory. In this regard, by 2013, the number of branches has grown to 20 and continues to increase.


The Bank controls assets in various sectors of the economy. Thanks to IC Abros LLC, a 100% subsidiary, it owns a 51% stake in Sogaz, which is one of the largest insurance companies in Russia. Bank Russia is a bank that owns a 100% stake in Zest. In the National Media Group, the bank owns 27.6%. The bank owns an effective stake of 38.3% in the management company CJSC Leader through Sogaz. And the joint-stock company manages the non-state pension fund Gazfond.

In the spring of 2014, the members of the Supervisory Board of NP Market Council decided to choose Bank of Russia as a credit organization, whose authority is to conduct settlements between individual entities in the wholesale energy market.

Bank Russia-online

Internet banking is a system through which it becomes possible to monitor and manage a bank account. All this is carried out remotely. Thanks to the presence of this service, customers have the opportunity to save their own time. Indeed, at the same time, there is no need to resort to services near a located ATM or get to any branch of the bank. The client simply goes into his office, using for this purpose either any computer or mobile device connected to the Internet.

The procedure for connecting to the services of Internet banking Russia

In order to activate the Bank of Russia Online service, a person must have an account or a card in this financial institution. If there are any, the client is obliged to sign an agreement on remote servicing at one of the banks offices.

In this case, you should have with you an authentic document that allows you to verify the identity of the applicant. After completing all the formalities by the operator, the client is given a password, as well as a login. With their help, the user has the opportunity to enter his personal account. The login along with the password is entered into the columns of the specialized form, which is available at

A client who first logs into his personal account, opened with Bank Russia-online, is immediately prompted to change his password. This must be done without fail in order to be completely confident in the safety of your funds. The operation is confirmed by entering a one-time use code, which is sent via SMS to the clients phone. The latter is indicated in the text of the banking service agreement.


The presence of a personal account with the ability to work in it online opens up the following opportunities for customers:

• A client, Bank of Russia online, can request and receive a statement of the operation conducted on the account for any length of time. But no later than the beginning of 2013.
• It is possible to open deposits and carry out such operations as managing them, such as partial withdrawal of funds, renewal, closure, and replenishment of the account in accordance with the conditions for depositing.
• View the schedule of loan payments, as well as the presence of debts on them.
• Transfer fiduciary money from a clients account opened in one of the branches of the Bank of Russia, to his own accounts with other banks or to accounts owned by any individuals in financial institutions in Russia.
• Transfer money to accounts of legal entities.
• Pay payments to the tax office, state fees fines.
• Make payments for services such as utilities, cable or satellite TV, Internet access, mobile communications or landlines and much more.
• Set up templates that allow you to perform regular operations.
• Communicate through correspondence with bank employees on any issues.

Bank Russia is a bank whose originality is the presence of information widgets. With their help, the user has the ability to quickly view a large amount of important information. Removing or adding widgets is carried out in the settings section of your personal account.

Cards of JSC AB Russia

Bank card is a generally accepted means of payment that meets all modern requirements. And it is becoming increasingly difficult to replace it in everyday life. The Bank of Russia card saves the holder from having to carry significant amounts of money in those cases when a serious purchase is planned. In addition, stealing a card is more difficult than a jam-packed wallet.

A ruble card account can be used to receive cashless transfers. Moreover, their senders can be both individuals and legal entities. This also applies to wages transferred by the enterprise. In addition, replenishment of the card can be done by depositing cash.

For those who have a Bank of Russia card, operations such as transferring money, making payments, and depositing using ABR DIRECT (remote banking system) are available. They can also control the balance using the SMS service.

Salary cards

AB Russia has a proposal to organizations pay salaries to their employees through the use of plastic bank cards. The organization that signed the contract for the use of this scheme, is able to achieve significant cost reductions, both organizational and financial:
• There is an optimization of the payroll operation. At the same time, a decrease in administrative expenses occurs due to a reduction in the accounting staff.
• Bank of Russia card allows you to reduce costs and eliminate risks that arise when receiving money, their collection and storage.
• Problems associated with the availability of requirements related to the cash desk limit and the transfer of funds to depositors are automatically eliminated.

Card blocking in an emergency

If a situation arises when a card is lost or an attempt is made to conduct an unauthorized transaction using it, you must immediately contact the bank. For this purpose, a round-the-clock telephone is indicated on the back of the card. On it you can contact the staff of the Unified support service for cardholders. The card will be locked immediately after the call.

Bank Russia is a bank participating in the Mir payment systems (NSPK), the United Settlement System (OPC), and the Universal Electronic Card (UEC PRO100).