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MTS Bank

Банк МТС

The Moscow Bank for Reconstruction and Development - this is the name that until 2012 was owned by MTS Bank. The brand of the institution is recognizable far beyond the borders of Russia. The purpose of the leadership, reaching a high level of development and consolidating the status of a leading bank in the country. At his services he makes high demands. The introduction of innovative technologies and the compliance of services with modern standards, the main challenges of the financial and credit institution, popular in Russia and abroad. So, what services does MTS Bank provide to its real and potential customers? Lets consider them in more detail.


MTS and private clients

A banking institution offers a full range of services to both private and corporate clients in Russia and the CIS countries. He did not pass by and small business. The institution consists of 40 branches located in different regions of the country, including the most remote from the center. MTS Bank offers mortgage and consumer loans, deposits and savings, bank cards, remote services and other services.

Private customers can find a fairly long list of offers. Consider some of them that are especially popular. These include:

Connection of an online service.
Getting an MTS Smart Money Card.
Rental of individual safe.
Cash deposits.
Online banking services include Internet banking for mobile units using the operating system iOS, Android, WindowsFon. How to order a MTS Bank card popular among customers, we will consider below. And for starters, lets pay attention to installing the application on a mobile phone. It is enough to enter the AppStore or PlayMarket and in the search bar indicate “MTS”. You can also download the program using a scanner of QR codes, which are located on the official page of a banking institution in the "Online Services" section.

What is this resource good for? By the fact that it provides monitoring on all plastic cards, deposits, accounts and loans. It is easy to make transfers between cards, replenish a deposit, unlock, or block your card, pay for services of various services. Regarding money transfers from MTS Bank, the institution holds regular promotions for its customers. Such transactions between MTS cardholders are free of charge.

In case of payment to the account of another banking institution, the commission fee will vary from 20 to 150 rubles. The maximum transfer amount can reach 100 thousand rubles. The term for crediting funds does not exceed 5 days, although usually funds are credited to the account instantly. There is one prerequisite for making transfers - you must have a service connected to the card called 3D Secure. This technology is an additional protection of the MTS card from fraudulent account operations.

To purchase an MTS Smart Money card, you need to fill out an application in the nearest MTS salon. The procedure does not take more than 15 minutes. Mandatory condition: registration and passport of an adult citizen of the country. If the client is located in Russia, he needs to dial 8-800-2500890. If the user is located outside the country, it will be possible to reach the number 8-495-7660166. In the ATM you need to select the "Money" section, then click on the function to receive or change the PIN code.

MTS Bank will send a one-time SMS code to the users mobile phone. Next, you need to come up with a new pin. In order to finally complete the registration process, you need to provide a specialist with a CVC2 code. The Smart Money card is a debit card and belongs to the Platinum category. Thanks to the introduction of the PayWave chip in it, you can pay for your purchases with one touch.

When replenishing the card with any convenient option, there is no commission fee. Over 90 thousand ATMs are installed throughout the country. Withdrawing money into them using a Smart Money card is a non-commissioned way. The advantages of the MTS Bank card are that it supports remote services (“mobile application”, “Internet banking”).

The Bank does not provide for any payments in its favor for servicing this card. It also includes SMS alerts about all operations performed on the account. Being a MTS client is profitable. If the user of another operator wishes to purchase this card, the amount of the subscription fee will be only 99 rubles per month.

But the MTS Bank subscriber is provided with a unique safe rental service. This is convenient for those who are leaving on a long trip or business trip. You can store money, expensive jewelry, precious stones, important legal information, flash drives, relics and other valuables in the MTS banks cell. The rental period starts from 24 hours and does not have an upper threshold. When renting more than 1 cell, the company provides a discount that leaves 10%.

To use this service, you need to take documents, come to the office of a banking institution, conclude an agreement and get your keys to the rented safe. Everything is made out quite simply and comfortably for the interested party. No person but a client is granted access to a bank cell. Naturally, it is forbidden to store illegal substances and various weapons at MTS.

Deposits and Savings is another popular service. At the moment, there are several varieties of it. These include: “Profitable”, “Free deposit”, “Pension”, “Available” account and several other popular offers.

Consider the merits of an account called "Affordable." It is a flexible tool that is designed specifically for managing user tools. The advantage is an unlimited minimum amount and term for placing funds. The interest rate is charged on the lowest balance at the end of the month. You can replenish and withdraw money from MTS Bank at a time convenient for the client. It is possible to make a deposit at any bank office or using the application for a cell phone.


MTS and its corporate clients

For corporate clients and small businesses, the institution provides a wide range of offers: from lending and remote services to salary projects and acquiring.

Acquiring services for small businesses are to arrange reliable settlements for payment for goods and services, taking into account the use of plastic cards. This type of offer is suitable for trade and service institutions. The banking company is developing an individual approach to each of its customers, especially to cardholders of MTS Bank.

For a public tariff, the monthly payment is 1.69%. Each month you also need to pay a fixed amount of 1499 rubles. To connect a public tariff, you need to collect the necessary package of documents and bring it to the office, where they will be asked to write the appropriate statement. In a short time, a businessman will be able to accept cards of payment services such as Mir, Visa, MasterCard, Union Pay and AmericanExpress to pay for goods.

MTS offices offer corporate customers cash settlement services. When you first visit the company, a person will be able to get comprehensive information about all the services of the bank. If you use this offer, you can open various cash accounts of MTS Bank, such as: a special brokerage account, debtor account, accumulative for a legal entity. The company as part of the service offers customers non-cash payments based on payment orders, letters of credit, payment requirements or collection orders.

As one could see, MTS Bank already now occupies a leading position among all banking institutions, offering all existing and potential customers the most favorable conditions for mutually beneficial cooperation.