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Avangard bank

Авангард Банк

Avangard Bank entered the Russian financial market more than 20 years ago and stood in the first cohort of national credit institutions founded after the collapse of the USSR. Such a long period spent in the market, without radical changes in strategy and leadership, allows us to call the bank one of the most stable in its sector. The financial institution serves more than 100 thousand corporate and 1 million private clients. There are several profitable lending programs, including a car loan, as well as different credit and deposit card options designed and adapted for the needs of each client.


Car loan Avangard-Bank: a car for every family!

A financial institution offers a profitable car loan program. Avangard provides:

A loan can be issued for a period of 1 to 5 years; for commercial vehicles, the term is limited to two years.
The rate is up to 23%, but at the same time, all persons who work with the bank for a long time can count on 21%.
A mandatory requirement is a down payment of at least 30% of the cost of the purchased car.
The Bank has established rather stringent requirements for borrowers - there is an age limit (at least 23 years) and the need to provide a loan (optional - a guarantee, a pledge in the form of a purchased vehicle or another pledge).


Favorable plastic cards of Avangard-bank: we choose the suitable option

Avangard-Bank offers its customers several cards, including credit and settlement, transport and joint, contactless and with a display. In each of the categories there are several products with special programs. Such an extensive assortment allows you to work in an individual approach, drawing up a really necessary and useful card for each client.

Basic conditions for all credit cards:

The main advantage of a financial institution is that it provides 200 days of grace period in the first and 50 days in the second and subsequent times. In fact, the client can spend all the money on the day the card is received and for more than half a year does not care about interest or deductions.
Avangard Bank issues any card for 3 years. During this period, everyone will be able to repay the loan debt, and if for objective reasons this is not possible, then the card will be re-made on the same conditions.
The rate on credit cards ranges from 12-24% per annum. All the nuances are taken into account - overdraft, timely repayment of the mandatory minimum payment, and so on.
The mandatory amount of the monthly payment at the end of the grace period is 10% of the amount owed.
The minimum cost of annual maintenance is 600 rubles. Avangard Bank for the servicing of gold and platinum cards charges 3 and 5 thousand rubles a year, respectively. But elite World Elite or Infinite cards from Mastercard and Visa, respectively, will cost even more - 30 thousand rubles a year.

In most cases, the credit limit on cards reaches 1 million rubles, and there are no restrictions at all in VIP programs. The only restriction is that you can get no more than 50 thousand rubles on a Cashback card from MasterCard. If a limit is declared without restrictions, it means that it is set individually for each client, depending on his needs and solvency.

Credit Card Benefits

Avangard provides certain benefits for each card. Better conditions:

For Airbonus series cards, bonus miles are awarded for purchases. Spent 30 rubles? Got 1 mile. In a VIP card, you need to spend only 20 rubles to get 1 mile. So you can save up for tickets to a distant country in a year.
For a Cash back cardholder, a financial institution returns 1% of the amount of purchases spent.
The World card makes it possible to receive a refund of 1% of the amount for payment at airports, gas stations, services of travel agencies and so on. In general, for everything that is somehow connected with travel.
Avangard Bank allows customers to withdraw money from the card with a commission of 0% (we are talking about our own funds).
A financial organization enables free use of Internet banking, automatically connects free SMS alerts, and also allows you to participate in discount programs of partner banks.
Owners of the Metro card can use it not only as a way to get borrowed funds, but also as a card for paying for travel in all the metro of the world. The service automatically debits the money from the account. Bank customers who constantly use the metro have already appreciated all the advantages of this product.


Additional privileges to cardholders

Avangard has included in the list of programs and cards, the so-called, joint cards. Using them, customers receive double privileges - the ability to access the credit limit and discount (or club) cards from different projects.

For example, World InterZet from Mastercard is ideal for residents of St. Petersburg who use the services of the InterZet provider. The cardholder will receive discounts of up to 50% on services or products in more than 600 partner stores of the network, and the Visa OUT-CLUB card is an ideal solution for car enthusiasts and car owners MITSUBISHI, which allows you to receive discounts of up to 50% in the partner stores of the project.

Payment cards are distributed according to the same principle as credit cards. Here, users can issue both classic products and VIP cards (gold, platinum). Customers can use cards with a refund for payment of goods and purchases, or with the accumulation of miles for travel. Moreover, in most cases, excluding gold and platinum cards, service will be free. Avangard-Bank took care not only about the profitability of the offers, but also about the aesthetic side of the issue - each card has a unique bright design that emphasizes the unique style of a particular client. By contacting a financial institution, users can be sure that they will be selected the best card or other type of loan product with conditions selected according to individual standards.