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Baltic Bank - a profitable way to solve complex problems

Baltic Bank is a financial and credit institution, characterized by versatility and reliability. This is one of the oldest banks, which began its journey back in 1989. Since 2005, a banking institution has become part of the general deposit guarantee system. Since 2014, the structure has entered the Alfa-Bank group.

Today, the Baltic Bank Bank serves more than 7.5 thousand business customers and more than one and a half million private individuals. The network of a banking institution includes dozens of branches located in many cities of the Russian Federation - Vyborg, Kirishakh, Pskov, St. Petersburg and others.

Baltic Bank services for individuals

As mentioned, the main clients of the institution are individuals. It is on them that the main focus is the financial and credit organization. Of the most profitable services it is worth highlighting:

Deposit offers. Today the bank offers a wide selection of deposits. For example, the “Premium” deposit is popular with individuals. Its features are the monthly payment of accrued interest, the ability to pay for purchases with a received card, the availability of funds at an ATM. A contribution called “A +” is no less in demand. It is distinguished by the ability to receive interest even with early termination. Control and replenishment of the deposit is possible using the Baltic Bank Online service.
Lending. Private clients can always count on obtaining a profitable loan for the implementation of the most important tasks. Specialists of a financial and credit organization are ready to assist in choosing the right offer, taking into account the interests of customers. Today, the institution provides a wide range of services in the field of lending - issuing a loan on a personal or affiliate program, as well as providing a Baltic Bank credit card for verified customers. A loan is also available for refinancing an existing debt, which opens up ways to reduce the financial burden.
Insurance. Individuals can count on beneficial services in the insurance sector, which gives confidence in the safety of capital. The proposed programs are thought out and developed with the participation of the most experienced insurers, which guarantees the safety of the client and his personal interests. Today, with the help of the bank, you can insure personal belongings and securities, funds on a bank card, property and liability (CS). There are also programs that are effective when traveling abroad.
Car leasing is a service that paves the way for buying a car on a long-term lease with the right to buy. The Baltic Bank puts forward the most loyal conditions to its customers - citizenship, coming of age and permanent residence in Moscow or the region. At the same time, new cars, used cars and even light commercial vehicles are available for leasing.
Bank cards. When opening an account, many Baltic Bank customers will necessarily open a personal card. This is due to the ease of design and ease of use. The advantages of using a card are the availability of funds at any time, the convenience of paying for the purchase of goods or services abroad, the safety and ease of settlement transactions. In addition, the current tariffs are thought out in such a way that the client would be able to use the services of the bank as conveniently and comfortably as possible.
Internet banking. Internet banking is available to individuals. This online service of the Baltic Bank greatly simplifies the life of customers. With its help it is easier to control the status of a personal account, make transfers, replenish a card or repay a loan.
SMS informing. SMS informing is gaining more and more popularity, with the help of which you can automatically receive messages about the expiration of a card, about spending transactions, about the receipt of money in an account, and so on. This information service allows you to keep your finger on the pulse and keep your savings under control. Together with the Baltic Bank-online service, the client has almost unlimited possibilities.
The above proposals for individuals are far from the only ones. The following services are available to customers:

Getting safe deposit boxes for rent.
Conducting operations with securities and money of other countries.
The implementation of money transfers.
Making payments for services using one of the many ATMs of the institution and so on.

Bank offers Baltic Bank for legal entities

The Baltic Bank is a reliable assistant for entrepreneurs. With its help, many legal entities got on their feet and achieved success in their endeavors. Of the most popular services for business clients, it is worth highlighting:

RKO in rubles. Thanks to the huge network of correspondent banks, it is possible to quickly make any payments in national currency, subject to minimum commission costs.
RKO in currency. Since 1993, the Baltic Bank Bank has been conducting transactions in the international SWIFT system. At the same time, the institution guarantees a high speed of transactions and minimization of costs for commission payments.
Deposits and debt securities. Legal entities have access not only to receive funds for business development, but also to place free capital for subsequent profit. At the same time, deposits are available today with interest paid upon completion of the agreement and with a monthly payment of funds. In addition, the bank is engaged in the issuance of its own debt securities (bills), which can be purchased by customers for additional profit and repayment of economic debts.
Insurance of civil defense and property. Such a service is the ability to protect a store or office, to insure a restaurant or exhibition hall. The advantages of the service are the high speed of registration and the absence of strict requirements for customers (the presence of registration, property valuation, and so on).
Baltic Bank online. As mentioned, legal entities also have access to a convenient online banking service. The following options are available here - debit control, remote signature, account control and much more.
Leasing is a service that opens up almost unlimited possibilities in the acquisition of equipment, machinery and replenishment of the company is fleet. The peculiarity of leasing in a bank is a personal approach when choosing conditions, favorable terms of agreements, the ability to carry out any transactions.
The list of bank services for legal entities should be supplemented with the following features:

Documentary transactions.
Providing a bank guarantee.
Control of dividend payments.
Carrying out complex transactions in the interbank financial market.
Providing corporate cards of the Baltic Bank for any company.
Work with securities and so on.
A feature of the bank in question is its customer focus, desire to provide comfort and the best deals. Special attention should be paid to the reliability of the financial and credit organization, thanks to which each client can be confident in the future.