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JSC Citibank: Reliability and High Profit

АО КБ «Ситибанк»

JSC Citibank was founded in 1992 as one of the first Russian international financial institutions. Last year, he ranked seventh in the country among the most profitable and 15th in the ranking of the most solvent banking organizations. This rating was compiled by Interfax.

JSC Citibank is part of Citi Corporation, which has been operating in the global financial market for over 200 years. Bank City Bank serves approximately 200 million customer accounts in 160 countries. The banking institution provides the following services:

Investment banking.
Credit offers.
Support for commercial operations.
Assistance in wealth management.
Other tasks.
About 50 employees of the organization work in 50 branches, which are located in 11 cities. The bank serves over 800 thousand Russians.


Priorities in the work of City Bank

Citi Bank is one of the largest banking institutions in Russia. He is both a consultant and a cash manager. The organization cooperates with 3000 financial institutions and companies operating in Russia. Citibank provides services through ATMs, branches, modern offices and affordable Citibank Online and CitiPhone services. The company constantly introduces modern service technologies so that financial and banking services are accessible to the public and business.

An important part of the organizations work is social responsibility. The efforts of the employees of the institution are combined with a single goal - to open up a lot of opportunities for customers, give them a chance to improve their lives and develop their business. City online bank feels social responsibility, which has become part of the operational and mass work, as well as the companys business strategy. Thanks to the corporate charity foundation, many long-term projects have been created and are supported. The main objective of the bank in this activity is to increase accessibility, financial literacy, help entrepreneurship and promote employment.


Citibank Credit Cards

Citi PremierMiles is a credit card that includes hotel reservations, vehicle rental and other types of travel services. Thanks to the card, purchases at shopping centers and other transactions anywhere in the world are available. As a result of using the card, miles are accumulated, which in the future can be used for travel, or converted in the form of a currency into the account.
Just a credit card - the ability to conduct financial transactions is simple and convenient. Ideal for those who have just started using the services of Citibank. It differs in the most transparent tariffs and provides the opportunity for preferential use of services and services. There are special bonuses associated with shopping. No interest is charged for withdrawing funds from ATMs.
Citi Select - a credit card that combines a lot of features. Each purchase brings bonuses (selects) to the owner, which can be exchanged for promotional codes and points of loyalty programs of partner stores.
Miles & More - combines the capabilities of a profitable card and customer support programs, which often fly by plane. With each purchase with a credit card, “flight” bonuses are accumulated, which can be used with Lufthansa and other partners.
Aeroflot-Citibank - suitable for customers who use the services of Aeroflot aircraft. Additionally, the Aeroflot-Bonus privilege program is connected. You can pay by card anywhere in the world. It is relevant for flights with Aeroflot and other members of the Sky Team.

Bank City Bank - time-tested reliability

When choosing a bank, people always pay attention to the reliability of a financial institution. The latter includes experience in the domestic market. Has a positive business reputation. It gives customers confidence and ensures the safety of deposits and transactions. Assessing the totality of these factors, you can easily determine the degree of trust in the organization. Getting a Citibank card is the right choice, because:

Since 2013, the institution has been constantly among the leaders in the domestic banking sector.
Retail Finance magazine recognized Citi as one of the most affordable and efficient banks with high quality services.
Euromoney has repeatedly recognized the institution as a leader in Eastern Europe.
According to the magazine Global Finance, the institution was recognized as the leader in the items “Online Banking”, “Bank Helping to Manage Investments”, “Leading Online Banking in the Field of Settlement and Cash Services” in the country.
The authoritative magazine Forbes considers City Bank the second most reliable in Russia, while in 2013 and 2014 it was the leader in this indicator.
The Forbes magazine, which has gained authority in the financial world, in evaluating each institution takes as a basis the information received by rating companies Moodys, Fitch and S&P. The position of banks is affected by financial values:

Credit risks.
Amounts of assets and total capital of a credit institution.
Volumes of deposits of individuals.
Profitability and number of contributions.
The Central Bank of the Russian Federation compiles its own rating of banking institutions, evaluating the state of their activities - assets and capital. In the domestic rating, Citibank is among the 50 best financial organizations in Russia. By evaluating this data, you can identify banks with high liquidity. Therefore, you can confidently leave a deposit at Citibank and use other services of the institution.


City Development Prospects Online Banking

By 2018, Citibank plans to transfer about ¾ of all active customers online, which will make it possible to close several branches as unnecessary. All other offices will be reformatted to high-tech, which will make the work of the institution accessible to everyone. First of all, they plan to stimulate the increase in the number of remote clients through a special mobile application. As a result, City online banking will sell about 80% of banking products via the Internet.

Every day, mobile banking is becoming increasingly popular. From 2012 to 2016, the number of users of the application increased from 40 to 51% of the total number of partners of the institution. The role of familiar banking operations has declined significantly.

Bank City Bank - customer care

Citibank guarantees 24/7 customer security 365 days a year. A reliable security system monitors all suspicious activity on the account and credit card. There is feedback around the clock, so you can always contact the manager. This will protect Citibank cards and prevent fraud attempts. Each transaction with the clients money will not be possible without his consent. Citibank sends free SMS messages from number 9278, where bank partners will be notified of the fact and amount of the requested transaction.

Before connecting SMS banking, make sure that the phone does not have messages blocked from short numbers. For complete reliability, you can use the following features:

Mobile fraud protection (call).
Protection against SMS scammers.
Protection against scammers using email.
Citibank has launched the 3D Secure service, which allows you to buy goods online using a debit card. Credit card purchases have received an additional degree of reliability. Customer financial information is protected by three levels of protection. The banks security service has also developed a special system for protecting ATM users.


Fight Fraud

The main objective of the bank is to save the clients money from fraudsters. For each case of the abusive use of partner money, Citibank conducts its own investigation. In addition, the financial institution operates in conjunction with law enforcement agencies. This allows you to minimize customer damage or prevent fraud altogether.

There is a special email address to which you can send suspicious messages arriving to your mail. If suspicious people called you, you should contact a bank employee to make sure the call is authentic. In any case, if you suspect fraud in the City online bank, report this to the employees of the financial institution. The response will be immediate. The companys specialists will help you not only to avoid financial losses, but also to use the banks services again in the shortest possible time.

Citibank has transferred more than half of its customers to online collaboration. Providing the highest level of security, a financial institution guarantees customers the safety of money. Convenient and advantageous offers make the lucky holders of City Bank cards.