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Alfa Bank


Alfa-Bank began operations in 1991, and in December 2004 introduced a deposit insurance service. After another 10 years, the Bank of Russia ordered the reorganization of the Baltic Bank with the participation of Alfa Bank. Today it is the core of the Alfa Bank group, which includes subsidiaries located in Cyprus, the UK, USA, the Netherlands, Belarus, Ukraine and Kazakhstan. This is a universal banking institution, in the arsenal of which financial services for corporate clients and individuals, as well as investment activities.


Alfa-Click: Internet Banking Leader

The leading position of Alfa-Click in the field of Internet banking is confirmed by a huge number of customers, quality and a wide selection of services. Its safety and multifunctionality is much higher than that of analogues.

Any Alfa-Bank client can become a user of Alfa-Click online services. This requires a computer, tablet or laptop with an Internet connection. Turning to the bank branch with a request to connect to banking, the client receives a username and password. From this moment you can consider yourself a full user of network services.

Upon entering the service, a confirmation code via SMS will be sent to the phone number indicated during registration. To work with Internet banking, various browsers that support 128-bit encryption are used. Having become a user of such a service, you can easily see how convenient and versatile it is in comparison with any of Alfa-Bank cards.

In the event of a problem, qualified technical support service specialists are at the clients service, which is efficient and works around the clock.


The most popular services of Alfa-Klika

The main advantage of Internet banking is the ease of obtaining services that require a minimum of documents. Alfa-Bank has more than two thousand partners: mobile operators, trading establishments, air and railway companies, housing and communal services enterprises, insurance companies, and government services. This makes it possible to make utility bills, transfer contributions to various funds, pay for purchases, and replenish deposits.

A popular service is the possibility of cooperation with electronic payment systems WebMoney, Yandex.Money, Qiwi. This opens up a wide field of activity for the user with financial flows. If one or several wallets of virtual payment systems are tied to Alfa-Click Internet banking, this will make it possible to make monetary settlements using virtual currency. On the other hand, it is an opportunity to turn digital currency into ordinary fiat money by withdrawing it to Alfa-Banks account. This may be necessary, if necessary, to pay for a product or service, in a company where electronic money is not accepted. In addition, you can also transfer digital currency from WebMoney or Yandex-wallet to Alfa Banks account, and withdraw cash from it.

Especially popular among customers of a financial institution are cards of Alfa-Bank MasterCard Virtual. Together with a convenient tariff policy, they provide enhanced protection for money transfers. Very convenient for VIP clients who carry out large-scale transactions.

Deposits that can be opened in online banking provide for high interest charges. However, you cannot receive a deposit instantly; you will need to fill out an application and wait 2-3 days.

Alfa-Click: a reliable security system

The bank administration is constantly working to improve the system of protection of cash deposits and operations. Alfa-Bank takes into account that it is this moment that is motivating to attract new customers. With the widest choice of banking institutions, a person naturally chooses the most reliable. A secure HTTPS connection, the presence of a mechanism for applying SMS confirmations - all this is a powerful defense against cyber attacks. A user who is interested in protecting his funds can acquire a set of new passwords twice a month, the creation of which service specialists are constantly working on.

Given the huge list of services provided, plus a modern protection system, we can say that Alfa-Click is one of the better and safer services, users are guaranteed complete safety of their contributions.


Alfa Bank cards

A multifunctional financial instrument is a debit card. It makes it possible to complete the whole range of monetary operations. With this plastic card, you can pay transportation costs, receive interest on the funds contained in it, and also accumulate points, for which the bank pays bonuses. To become the owner of such a convenient means for financial settlements, you should contact the bank office directly, but with the same success you can arrange it through online banking. To get an Alfa-Bank card, you will not have to experience any difficulties and spend a lot of time. After filling in the personal data in the application form, it is necessary to contact the consultant, answer additional questions and receive recommendations on subsequent actions. The user will receive a message about the time and place of receiving the card.

As part of the co-branding project, a mens card was developed. It can be used by a male audience. In addition to the main banking operations, Alfa-Bank customers are given discounts, unique offers for participating in promotions and all kinds of public events.

The salary card is issued free of charge. To obtain it, it is enough to provide a passport, fill in the fields with information about personal data. The employer will not be required to sign a special agreement. The client becomes a full user of corporate services. In addition to the main card, you can apply for three additional cards that allow you to open deposits, loans, and activate Alfa-Click remote service.

The co-branded product of S7 Airlines is Alfa-Banks S7 Priority Green credit card. This is a unique option to save money on air travel. A participant in the project to create this type of card, S7 Airlines offers preferential terms for air travel. Using this service, the user receives points that accumulate over a certain period of time. People who often fly: businessmen, tourists, are active users of this type of "plastic." The “Extension of Warranties” and “Purchase Protection” programs are connected to it. Through such an Alfa-Bank card, you can pay on credit through an ATM.

The scope of Alfa-Bank is so wide that there is no doubt in its solvency and reliability. A multifaceted range of services is able to satisfy users of various categories, therefore, the banks client base is estimated in millions (about 200 thousand corporate customers and more than 12 million private) and every day there are more. The volumes of total capital and loan portfolio make it possible to maintain the status of a leader, focus on quality, modern technologies and business integration.