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Ak Bars Bank is a universal financial and credit institution, which is a significant banking structure of federal significance. One of the main shareholders is the state. The Bank began its activities in 1993 in the Republic of Tatarstan. Since 1997, he becomes an authorized organization responsible for the maintenance of the gold and foreign exchange reserves of the Republic. In addition, the bank acts as a management structure in the community of 15 organizations included in the industrial group. This group includes structures that are part of the agricultural, construction, and processing sectors. Attention should be paid to the financial unit of this association, including insurance, leasing, credit and other structures.

The bank began to develop especially intensively in the new millennium. Since 2001, the active introduction of modern technologies and the expansion of areas of activity has begun. At the moment, the bank, the leader in terms of capitalization in the Volga Federal District, has established a subsidiary in the Saratov region - LLC Naratbank.

Ak Bars Bank has an impressive list of branches and divisions. The bulk is located within the Republic of Tatarstan. However, the development of additional offices in the regions of Russia is ongoing and effective. Currently, the financial and credit institution serves about a million plastic cards, and the number of ATMs is more than a thousand.

According to official statistics, the number of customers (individuals and legal entities) is 3 million and continues to grow steadily. The number of corporate clients engaged in entrepreneurial activities in the oil and gas sector is more than 50,000. Of particular importance is the servicing of settlement accounts of the republican government.

Private customers choose this bank for the availability of credit, convenient online banking. In offices it is possible to get a plastic card of any type. So, the presence of Ak Bars Bank card allows you to transfer funds to a savings account or to make an investment. Among the possible operations in the bank there are individual safe depositories, remote customer service, operations with various kinds of securities and precious metals. Among other things, the bank provides brokerage services to work on the domestic stock exchange.


Ak Bars Bank loans - information

Ak Bars Bank is one of the largest banking structures in modern Russia with a predominant state participation. The leader in the field of lending to individuals and corporate customers of the Republic of Tatarstan.

The banks net assets amount to more than 360 billion rubles, its authorized capital is over 50 billion rubles, and private deposits are 70 billion rubles. By the level of its loan portfolio, AK Bars is one of the leaders in the lending market - over 220 billion rubles.

The organization has an extensive list of consumer loans. Most of these are loan offers against the availability of collateral, as well as confirmation of the income received. The currency of the loan is selected by the client. A loan can be obtained both in Russian rubles and in American or European currency. For customers who have Ak Bars Banks salary card, a reward program is in place and lower interest rates on loans are offered. Many of the programs are available through the functionality of Internet banking. People who have come of age and have a favorable credit history can count on getting a loan.

The bank offers to issue various kinds of loan programs. Among them are car loans, consumer loans with cash disbursements, mortgage lending in both the primary and secondary housing markets, credit cards with individual interest rates.

Credit card Ak Bars Bank is an excellent opportunity to get an updated credit line. The use of borrowed funds has a grace period during which interest is not charged.

Deposits of Ak Bars Bank

For individuals, the bank provides services for opening bank deposits. So, for work, savings certificates, deposits valid on demand and term deposits are offered. Ak Bars Bank constantly holds various types of promotions and special offers for its customers. Actual current programs can always be found on the official website of the organization - akbars.ru.

Fixed-term deposits are placed for a certain period of time. The choice of deposit currency is left to the client. Interest on invested funds begins to accrue from the day after the deposit. Calculated as interest per annum.

A great gift can be a savings certificate. The advantage is the absence of additional contributions and the possibility of changing the owner without completing additional documents.

In order to become an owner of a deposit, you must do the following:

Come to the nearest bank branch with an identity document and TIN.
Make an application for opening a deposit.
To issue a service contract for individuals. It is drawn up either initially or tied to a previously concluded contract.
Replenish your deposit with cash.

You can deposit money into a deposit account in several ways.

By cash at the bank cash desk.
Cashless transfers.
In addition, it is possible to deposit in different currencies. If necessary, Ak Bars Bank allows you to convert from one deposit to another based on the type of deposit currency.

As well as with loan offers, the bank constantly provides promotional offers on deposits for individuals. So, one cannot fail to note the proposals on opening deposits for persons under the age of majority or incapable citizens.

The bank withholds a monthly fee for servicing your account. The size and procedure for collection is defined in the tariffs of the organization. You can familiarize yourself with them at additional offices or on the official resource.

All bank deposits of Ak Bars Bank are insured through the state deposit insurance system. The presence of this mandatory system ensures guaranteed security of invested funds.


Bank cards

Ak Bars Bank offers its customers a wide selection of bank cards. The client, at his discretion, can order a debit, credit or prepaid option. All cards are issued under the control of Visa or MasterCard payment systems. Currently, the banking structure is actively involved in the implementation of the plastic card of the national payment system "Mir".

Promotions are constantly held on the official resource and special offers for processing and receiving cards appear. There, customers can take advantage of a convenient service for selecting the most convenient cards for you.

Owners of Ak Bars Bank cards become participants in the loyalty program. Thanks to which, customers receive discounts when paying for goods and services. In addition, there is an accumulation of bonus points, which can also be used for payment. To enter the loyalty program, simply register on the companys website in the appropriate section.

The current service tariffs and lists of documents required to obtain a specific service can be found on the official resource of the bank in the "Bank Cards - Documents and Tariffs" section.