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Advanced cash

Advanced cash

Advanced cash is one of the popular payment services that provide a range of financial services. The system is offshore, which means that users can not worry about the safety of their money. Account information is not shared with various services. The service cooperates with MasterCard, withdraws money to bank accounts and cards, is multicurrency and makes it possible to make transfers even to those users who do not yet have an account in the system. This is just a short list of benefits.


What is advanced cash?

If you do not know what Advanced cash is, then you should look into the history. Compared to the largest payment systems, Advakesh is just starting its way. The service was created 2 years ago and has not yet managed to gain the trust of many users. But in order to enter the top 10 leaders, the system has everything you need:

Debugged security system according to the “latest technology”.
Multi-currency wallet - today 4 currencies are available. Users can store money in pounds, rubles, dollars and euros.
Convenient exchange. Customers can convert the currency directly in their wallet, while paying 2% service for the operation.
Adv cash plans to create mobile applications for iOS and Android platforms. Close negotiations are underway to activate the WebMoney service (for the possibility of tying wallets and unhindered exchange).
Free registration, which takes only 2 minutes, simplifies the work with the service. Users (namely private individuals) will not have to pay for account maintenance.
The ability to withdraw and deposit funds in many ways. Users can use cards, exchangers, payment systems. Even cryptocurrency is available.
Advanced cash card is a unique tool that allows you to pay in all parts of the world with a minimum commission. The product can be issued to users of all countries in which Advakesh is represented.
It is worth noting once again the desire of the service to provide maximum security to its customers. Users can use two-step authorization for their peace of mind. The service is connected in your account. There are also control functions by IP, unique payment passwords, a code card and so on.


Registration in Adv cash

To get started, the user needs to go to the official website of the service. Advanced cash payment system on the services main page offers “Create an account for free”. By clicking on the green button, the user automatically goes to the registration page, where he is asked to enter:

Name and surname.
Email address and password.
The system offers 2 registration options for new users - Personal and Business. In the case of registering an account for a company, you will have to provide more detailed information. Be sure to enter the legal address of the company, the name of the authorized person, country and company name. Many enterprises already know what Advanced cash is and have been successfully working with the service for a long time.

The system guarantees the security of personal data, so it is better for users to enter the correct information immediately, because the service offers to pass account verification (at the request of the client). Please note - you must enter information during registration only in English, as indicated in the users passport.


Why is verification necessary?

Account verification pretty tired users of electronic payment systems. True, far from everywhere it takes place under duress. Advanced cash service offers three types of verification at will. You can identify:

This can be done after registration. In the personal account, on the right panel (under the users photo) there is a button “Not verified”. By clicking on it, the user sees a new window in which he can select one of the above options. The easiest way is to identify the phone. The specified number will receive an SMS message that you need to enter in a special window. Verifying the address is a bit more complicated. The Advanced cash payment system offers to send a scan of utility bills, a tax certificate, an extract from the house book or another document to choose from. Verification of identity is carried out in a standard way - the user uploads a scan of a passport or drivers license. As a rule, verification will take a maximum of 7 days.

Why pass verification? Users who care about the reputation in the system and who plan to settle accounts with suppliers and partners should definitely pass a test. Firstly, this will remove the limit of $ 2,500 per month for all operations, and secondly, it will increase the degree of trust on the part of clients to the enterprise. Individuals planning to use Adv cash only for personal purposes and several times a month - may not be tested. Just remember the limit of $ 2,500.

Advanced Cash: virtual or plastic card - what to choose?

Each user, regardless of the country of residence, can draw up a personal offshore card. The service offers to receive a card in dollars or euros. The issue is carried out by the Bank of England. With such a card, the user can pay for purchases anywhere in the world, the main thing is that the store or restaurant supports MasterCard. But this is not all - service customers can become owners of virtual Advanced cash cards in seconds. How to do it:

In the personal account of each user, in the menu on the left (where all accounts are), there is an item “Create a map”. By clicking on the tab, a new window opens.
It offers 2 options: instant release card for 1 dollar and a plastic card for only 4.99 US dollars.
The first card allows you to pay for purchases on the Internet without risking your real bank account. The second is an absolute analogue of classic banking products with the same capabilities, but with direct access to the users account in the Advanced cash system.
In neither the first nor the second case, the service does not charge a fee for servicing the card, and currency exchange will cost the user 2.95% of the amount.

Those who plan to release a real plastic card should hurry up. Immediately after registration and within 7 days after it, issuing a card will cost only 4.99 US dollars, this is a kind of promotional offer. After a week of using the account, ordering a card will cost the client $ 14.99. Therefore, either do not rush to create an account before the opportunity arises to pay for the card issue, or order it right away so as not to overpay 10 US dollars for nothing.

Advanced cash payment system will deliver a plastic card to the specified address (by the way, the address for card delivery does not have to coincide with the address specified during registration and verification). After receiving, the user can use all the features of the card:

Pay for purchases in all stores with zero commission.
Withdraw cash up to $ 3,000 per day at any ATM.
Transfer to the cards of any banks no more than 10 thousand dollars a day.
The service provides a commission for withdrawing cash - the user will have to pay $ 1.99 for each withdrawal.

Before leaving a request, please note that Advanced cash card is issued only for verified users. Therefore, immediately after registration, submit documents for identification.


What is the most profitable way to withdraw money from your wallet?

There are several ways to withdraw money from Advakesh. The service provided the possibility of direct replenishment of cards, but if the user did not order either a virtual or a plastic card, then you can withdraw money using a direct transfer to a bank account or to a Visa MasterCard user personal card. Commissions may seem high - for a transfer to a card you need to pay the service 5.99 dollars or euros + 1% of the amount. For small amounts, this is too expensive, but very profitable for withdrawing amounts from $ 500 and above.

Adv cash provides the ability to directly withdraw to Perfect Money without a commission and to other payment systems with a commission of up to 3%. But do not flatter yourself - neither WebMoney, nor Qiwi, nor Yandex.Money is listed.

What should I do if there is money in the account in Advakesh, and the user needs the WebMoney, Qiwi or other title units (for example, direct withdrawal to the Sberbank card)? The answer is transparent - use exchangers. The network has many sites that produce direct and quick exchange of one currency to another.

In our exchanger, you can exchange Advakesh for any currency - the user will be able to purchase electronic money or transfer personal funds to the accounts of the largest banks in Russia with a minimum commission, without registration and “unnecessary questions”. Exchange will not take much time. And it will be much more profitable than paying a commission to the system. Also, with the help of exchangers, you can directly purchase the Bitcoin cryptocurrency, which has recently become more and more promising and popular.

Now you know what Advanced cash is and you can use all the features of the service to the maximum. If you still plan to work with this payment system for a long time, then spend no more than an hour on passing account verification and issuing cards. So you can easily pay for purchases anywhere in the world directly from your wallet, as well as easily restore access to your account with the loss of registration data!